13 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Happy Sunday!

It's 11pm as I write this and I've got work tomorrow, and I am REALLY regretting the two vanilla lattes I just drank in the past two hours. I don't think my brain has -ever- felt this switched on.

I've just taken part of a really lovely twitter chat hosted by @Bliss_Bloggers, and it got me thinking about just how much I have benefited because of the wonderful blogosphere... so here are 13 things I love about blogging!

1. It has encouraged me to set regular, achievable goals for myself

2. Which in turn has really boosted my motivation and constant eagerness to strive to do and be better

3. Through writing for this blog over the years, I have learnt so much about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise

4. And I have had a creative outlet that I'm passionate about

5. Not only have I improved my writing skills, but I have also had the perfect environment for discovering and nurturing my love for photography... 

7. In general, my presence and following on social media has rocketed because of my involvement in the blogger community

8. Which brings me to talk about how much I adore being a part of the blogger community; a community centered around supporting and helping each other

10. In return, I have had the pleasure and privilege of encouraging some of my favourite creative influencers, like Jemma from Dorkface!

11. And I couldn't mention the blogging community without noting how much FUN I've had being a part of multiple Twitter chats- especially over the past few months

12. One of the things I love the most about it is that I have my very own unique little space, where I control exactly what goes up and how it is presented

13. Finally, it's been an amazing, exciting journey; getting to see my little corner of the internet grow

Do you blog? What do you love about it?

Adios, xo

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5 Feel Goods

Sunday, 20 August 2017

I've always been a big believer of the idea that people inspire other people to do great things... and blogging is no exception to this ideal. I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the community of bloggers that I surround myself with; especially on Bloglovin.

About a month ago, A Balancing Peach published a post called '5 Feel Goods'- a series she has established on her blog in which she shines light to some of the good stuff that is going on in the world. Inspired by this, I decided to have my own take on things... and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Zoella recently released her Jelly & Gelato Beauty range, and I loved watching her Vlog about it! It's so uplifting and cheery.

And Buzzfeed have listed all the places you can order flowers online, because flowers make everyone's day better!!!

There's even a list of sloth products, and a witty sloth-related pun to go with it for the title. 

Strathclyde University have announced that they are hosting a night with the BGT showstopper Honey G during Freshers week.

I stumbled upon this article about Baa Baa Land the other day, and was in a fit of giggles with my flatmates about it.

What's made you feel good lately?

Adios, xo

Remembering Auschwitz... and The Lessons I Learnt

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hi loves... Just before I go on with this post, I would recommend you read up about my story- it'll help you understand a lot of where I'm coming from.

This morning, I woke up and went on twitter to promote the post I had just published- A Countdown To Uni. In the past few weeks, twitter has been a place of community for me- and it has given me a great platform to talk about my blog. 

But today, when I went on twitter and saw what people were saying, I cried. 

Because what I saw when I went on twitter was several people who I follow, talk about the fear they carry with them every day, because they are black in America. 

And what I saw when I went on twitter was that the President of the United States of America had failed to stand up for them and give them a voice- even when one of their own was killed.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality"

My Dad always taught me to speak up against things I don't agree on, and both of my parents taught me about the hardships that were faced by those who were oppressed in the second world war. 

One thing that always stuck with me was the concept that if you see wrong being done, and do not side against it, you too become a part of the community that does wrong.

When I was about 15 (or younger) my parents took me to Auschwitz. 

That was where I had my first panic attack. 

I remember it so clearly; an overwhelming feeling of panic, and a sudden need to escape. Through tears, and sporadic breaths, I begged my Dad to let me leave and wait for them in the car park. I didn't know what to do, and I was immensely afraid. At the time, I resented my Dad for not letting me leave- but now I realise he was teaching me a very important lesson.

Instead of letting me run away and forget about the whole event, he gently guided me towards a huge quote;

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again"

And as I stood there with tears streaming down both of my cheeks, he told me to remember this.

My Dad's hope for me was -just as anyone's hope for their children- that I would grow up in a world free of oppression. But he knew that many parents raise their children in the midst of oppression. 

I pray that I never have to face that- because the fear and panic I felt when I entered Auschwitz must have only been a TINY fraction of the fear and panic that its hostages felt.

So I can imagine, when there are people in America representing groups like the Nazis and White Supremacists, that there will be plenty of people experiencing complete and utter panic. And I can imagine that when your President does not defend what is right, that panic only heightens. 

Now, I'm not an American, but I know that when Donald Trump said that America was "a nation, founded on the truth that all of us are equal", he told a lie. Even I was taught in school of the hardships that were faced by the native American people. 

Instead, what Donald Trump would have said if he had remembered his history, is that America was founded on immense inequality of the grossest kind- but that it is time to rise above that. It is time for America to see the light; and stand up for what is right, and cast out what is bad.

Of course, he didn't say that.

Instead, he just said that both sides were just as bad as eachother.

Adios, xo

Top 10 Blog Photography Tips...

Sunday, 13 August 2017

...and Why I'm Not Investing In A Proper Camera Any Time Soon

Last Thursday I took part in a lovely Twitter chat hosted on @Cbeechat by @LadyEOnline, on the topic of Blog Photography. And while I don't count myself as a pro-photographer by any means, I am happy with the graphics I put on my blog...

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret... I don't have a fancy schmancy camera.

I used to have a great camera that I got given from my Dad for a school camera, which did just fine for my blog photography... until I discovered my iphone camera. Yes; I take all of my blog and instagram photos with my phone. 

And I don't think they're half bad. 

So no, I'm not going to be spending an additional £300 on a camera which to be frank, I don't need and I probably can't afford right now.

1. You don't need to spend all your dolla dolla bills to get a beautiful flat-lay
The most expensive thing in these two flat-lays (Not including my denim jacket) is my £12 liquid lipstick by Bare Minerals. 

2. In fact, rather than spending money on super cute and reasonably priced postcards from paperchase, download the 'Free Prints' app (the one with the butterfly on it) and you can order up to about 50 photos- paying only for postage! 
As long as you can design your own prints, it really is a great way to cut costs... and if you dont know how to design your own prints, watch this spot. I'll be uploading my own prints on this very blog, very soon.

3. Keep your theme in mind while choosing your props
This is especially important for blog photographers who have a colour scheme on their blog or instagram pages. For me, most of my blog photos will either have hints of white or pink, to go with my blog theme. 

4. Take lots and lots of photos, and experiment with the angles
I usually take about five to ten shots of the same flat-lay; altering the angle, lighting, brightness and contrast with each one. And usually by the end of all of that, I end up with a handful of images that I'm pleased with!

5. Remember that there is so much more to blogging than just marble flatlays and white backgrounds...
In fact, I rarely use my marble sheet as a background for my flatlays. I actually prefer using my dining table- it's just something that makes my blog a little bit different from all the rest!

6. A lot of the time, blog photography is hit and miss
Nobody really knows what they're doing- and anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something. Just go for whatever you think will look good, and somewhere along the way you'll figure out what works for you... and what doesn't.

7. Even the people who get their photos plastered over Vogue Magazine covers had to start somewhere
Don't be too harsh on yourself... if your photos aren't glossy magazine quality right away. As with everything in life, you have to start somewhere. Each photoshoot you take is an opportunity to learn!

8. You don't have to be a photoshop genius to get a good photo
Some of my blogger friends use photoshop -or VSCOcam- to touch up their photos before they post them anywhere. And that's absolutely fine; it works wonders for them. But I'm no tech wizard, and I personally wouldn't know where to start if I were to edit my photos. Instead, I bank on natural lighting and good angles to get the perfect photo for my blog.

9. Don't do what everyone else is doing, just because everyone else is doing it. Just because something works for one person (or even fifty people), doesn't mean it will work for you!
One of the most amazing things about the blogging community is that each and every one of our blogs are different. So the props that a beauty blogger uses, won't necessarily be the same as the ones a lifestyle blogger does. And even within the niches there are vast differences. Jemma and Hannah are in the same niche- but their blog themes and photos are worlds apart! Take inspiration from the people around you- but when you take photos, make sure you are in the photos. 

10. Above all, remember to just be you and be proud of what you create
You could be the most successful blogger in the world, but what really matters is that you are happy with the quality of content that you put out there in your name. Be proud of the hard work you have put in to the things you care about.

If you can't hack the whole photography scene (or just don't have the time), remember that I now have my very own blog photography service to help you out!

What's your top tip for blog photography?

Adios, xo

My Daily Blogging Schedule

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

One of the questions I get asked a lot (like, a lot a lot) by my 'non-blogger' friends is how I spend so much time blogging. I guess to them, all I do is take some pictures and write up posts every so often. 

But as you bloggers will know, it's never quite that simple.

I have a full time job at the moment and soon I'll be back at university, so it's super important that I keep on top of my blogging schedule. Whenever I get a day off work without any plans I like to spend time working on my blog; and I usually stick to roughly the same plan for those days. 


The first thing I do after having breakfast and getting ready for the day, is check the stats for my blog. I keep a document of my statistics in the morning and the evening of each day, so that I can see what helps grow my blog- and see the growth. I also take this time in the morning to go through my emails, and reply to any comments that have been left on my posts.

If I've got any relatively new content, I always make sure to give it a quick promo on Twitter.


"But first, coffee"

Before any of the real graft happens, I like to make myself a cup of coffee to get me through. Lately, I've been loving Nescafe's Vanilla Latte. Once I have my beloved coffee in hand, I set up for a day of blogging with my laptop, notebook, and phone, on the dining table (it has the most space and light). 

I always, always, always take time out of my day to view my favourite blogs, and discover new ones on Bloglovin'. It's always been really important to me to support the blogging community, and commenting on other blogs is a great source of traffic, too. 


The majority of my early afternoons are spent on social media... I'm super-active on all the facebook groups that I am part of; I really love being part of a platform that allows bloggers to connect and support each-other. I usually check my mentions on Twitter, and reply to everyone who has tweeted me!


There will always be room for improvement in my blog, and I enjoy making it better in any little way that I can. If I'm not working on my layout or checking that all my widget are working, I'll be going through my published posts and putting linkbacks in. 

Once I'm satisfied with how my blog is, I spend some time taking photos and creating/editing new content.


This is around the time I start utilising social media to share, share, SHARE. I'll usually be promoting my latest posts Sunday-Wednesday, and linking back to 'older' posts Thursday-Saturday. 

I start off by uploading little IG and SC stories, and if my faves have uploaded any pictures on IG I'm always amongst the first to give them a little bit of lovin'. I then go on to my Facebook groups, and Twitter to promo, using the classy #'s for my blogger support groups (@TheGirlGangHQ and @Bliss_Bloggers are a must). I've recently started to use the app Buffer to schedule tweets for when I'm to busy to tweet live.


As well as promoting myself, I like to give back by taking the time to engage with some blogger babes on their social media platforms. I reply to about 3 tweets, and like/comment on as many IG posts as possible.


On to the boring task of checking and replying to my emails again... I don't spend too much time on this though (Incase it sucks the life out of me), instead I look at my blog statistics and comments. 

On Mondays, I like to plan what my goals are; what I hope to achieve throughout the week, and how I plan to do so!


As the afternoon draws to a close, I break away from my makeshift desk. If it's nice weather I'll go on a walk down the river near my house, and if not I'll practice my guitar. Once I'm back from my walk, I start cooking dinner... lately I've really enjoyed making pies from scratch when I've got the time. This period is almost like a mini-detox, which is essential to refresh myself before I return to my blogging tasks with a fresh perspective.


Creative brainstorming time!!! I've always found that I'm full of ideas after my blogging breaks so straight after I do so, I plunge right into planning photo shoots, brainstorming blog post ideas, and browsing bloglovin' for some extra inspiration- should I need it. I use Buffer to schedule tweets throughout the night/morning when I'm asleep, since half of the world will still be awake... and it's cuppa tea time too!


I check blog statistics in the evening, so that I can document them and compare them to my morning stats. Daily Growth is a beautiful and exciting thing! When I do this, I also take the time to think about areas where there are rooms for improvement, and where I can boost traffic to my blog. 


And that's where I call it a wrap!

Adios, xo

August Bullet Journal Spread

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Last Tuesday I had a couple of hours between going to see Dunkirk at the cinema (It was amazing, by the way) and going to a very exciting conference for the Vegan Health and Beauty brand Arbonne. So -me being me- I naturally raided all the stationary shops in town. And after spending almost an hour in Paperchase and The Works, I spotted this little gem of a notebook.

Having -finally- made my purchase I headed to the nearest Starbucks and ordered my usual venti hazelnut latte, found a quiet little corner, and thought to myself damn. I just bought a notebook, and some new sharpies, and I have no idea what I'm actually going to do with them. But then (I kid you not, this actually happened) I remembered that I had published a post AAAAAAAAGES ago listing some things that you can do with your empty notebooks

One of those things was to start a bullet journal. 

I've seen bullet journals before. Bloody heck, pretty much every blogger out there has a bullet journal, but I've never really bothered with having one of my own up until now. 

After scouring through instagram and bloglovin, I decided on the layout and theme of my bullet journal, and got to work...

Can I just say, straight up, that I am no artist at all. See that brown thing in the middle? It was meant to be a crown. Yeah, a crown. I thought it would be super cute because my name translated from Hebrew means princess, but I got the angles wrong (goodness knows how) and it reaaally didnt work out for me.

I've seen a lot of people put really cute inspirational quotes on their bullet journals, but when I was looking for quotes I found this gem; "work hard... or you'll have to be a stripper" And I laughed so hard that I couldn't not put it in!! I think I'll carry on the theme of just having semi-inspirational, fully funny quotes... at least for this month. 

Another thing that I really liked the idea of was having a sleep and food tracker. For the sleep tracker I just used the data that's on my iphone, because it's probably the most accurate I'm going to get. I think it'll be interesting to compare the rest and nutrients I get on the days I'm working, and the days I'm not.

Recognising the beauty in every little achievement has become a bit of a blogger mantra lately, but I really do think it's super important to do so! Breakfast has always been a bit of an uphill battle for me- I'm not a big fan of breakfast foods, and eating before 10am makes me feel queasy... but I know it's the most important meal of the day, so I hope this will encourage me to eat breakfast more. 

What do you think? 

If you've posted your bullet journal spread, please leave a link below!

Adios, xo

5 Happy Things

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I've felt so inspired today... it honestly feels so good to finally get properly back into my groove. Sara Louisa is back with a BAM!

Over the past few years I've written a lot of '5 Happy Things' posts. Today I had the chance to look back over a few of the posts that I've published for Sara Louisa xo and honestly, my favourite posts to read were these ones. While they're not always super personal, these posts take me back to a different time and remind me of all the different reasons I have to be well and truly happy with my life. I'm going to leave a few links below of some of my favourite previous posts... if you like today's post I hope you will enjoy reading these ones too.

If you read the last post I uploaded, you'll know that I recently went to TRNSMT festival. There, I got to see Clean Cut Kid; the Liverpudlian indie band which -through music- have helped me get through a somewhat complicated break up (aren't all break-ups difficult?), and thus have quickly become one of my favourite bands of all time. But only recently I discovered something about this band that brought them even closer to my heart... Of the four-piece, two are married; Mike and Evelyn Hall- which is significant because one of my favourite songs by them is called (and obviously about) Evelyn. And I thought it couldn't get any cuter... until I found out that their whole album Felt is based around Mike and Evelyn's relationship

Parks and Walks
The weather today has been officially dubbed as 'cloudy with patchy bursts of sunshine' but I beg to differ. My close friend Katie and I went on a  really lovely walk down a park where she lives, and the sun shone the whole way. It was so great to just be able to do something as simple as walking, and talking away just like we used to all the time at school. I really need to do things like this more often.

A few years ago, I started watching Reign; a TV show that is a sort of modern account of the life of Mary Queen of Scotts. It sounds a bit dull, but it really isn't. I watched the first season way back then, and then stopped- but then the other week I saw it was on netflix. I have since binge watched it right up to the end... and yes, I cried a fuckload when it was finished. 

Mum, Dad and my little brother Daniel have went off to travel Belgium, France and Italy -without me- leaving me in the house completely alone for just over a month... and while I am moving out soon, I'm not going to be living alone. I've really not enjoyed being completely alone in the house at night, so because of the way my shifts have worked out, I've been able to book bus tickets to Liverpool to see my grandparents, cousins, auntie and uncle. And it comes at perfect timing- my cousin is having a baby shower during my stay! I absolutely cannot wait to see all the cute baby things!

St Judes & Light
Tomorrow is my work night out, and the love Island finale... and I'm not going to be missing either. I only really started watching Love Island because one of the girls at work recommended it to me, and a group of us have a facebook chat called 'After-Aftersun', with the beautiful Alex as the icon. He is gorgeous, isn't he? We found out that there's a bar in Glasgow -St Judes- which will be streaming the finale, so about 10 of us have booked seats to watch it, and pre-drink together before we go to Light, where our work night out will be!

What have you been happy about lately?

Adios, xo

A Week For Myself

Sunday, 16 July 2017

So... I vented quite a lot in my last post. (Sorry, not sorry) I promise this isn't just going to be another rant.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend three days with my best friend in the whole world, in one of the best places, surrounded by what was certainly then the best atmosphere I had ever been surrounded by.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I went to TRNSMT.

For those of you who aren't in the UK, or perhaps just aren't really into the whole indie/indie-rock music scene, TRNSMT is a three-day music festival that took place in Glasgow Green. It was kind-of known as the replacement for T In The Park, I guess.

I had booked it off as soon as I got my job- it was well and truly the highlight of my life. Check out my instagram (@Saralouisaxo) if you want to snoop and see what I was wearing, who I went to see ect.

I booked the Friday-Sunday off, as well as the Monday so that I would have some time to recover after a busy, tiring, and partly boozy weekend. But when I got my shifts in, I found out that the week after TRNSMT I wasn't due to work until Friday.

Of course, my initial reaction was shit, how am I going to have enough money to survive?!

But I don't move out for another month, so I still have a few more pay-days until I have to pay my first month of rent.

Now it's Thursday and I've almost had a week off of work, and boy am I glad that I have.

Don't get me wrong- this isn't an 'I hate my job' type of post... I really don't; my job isn't anything extraordinary, but I do love it. I work as a waitress in TGI Fridays, and it's honestly the most fun job I've ever had. Everyone there is so, so lovely- and when people say we work like a team, they mean it. Everyone has eachothers back, and they mean it.

But just because I love my job, doesn't go to say I don't love having some down-time.

In the past when I've had time off, I've always ended up spending all my money on going out to town, going on days out, or meeting up with friends- all things which I absolutely LOVE- but this time I just stayed in the house.

On Monday I hung out with my friends before they departed to Hong Kong, and did a bit of housework. On Tuesday I made a home-cooked meal for the first time in forever, and had my friend over to watch Love Island with me. On Wednesday the weather was beautiful so I actually got to spend the day outside sunbathing, and then went on a walk with another friend before we came home to watch Love Island- YES I adore Love Island. And today, I'm just doing some housework and deciding what movie I should watch... I really love movies like Dear John- any suggestions?

It's just been so good for me to be able to do whatever the heck I want- no strings attached.

What do you do when you've got some time for yourself?

Adios, xo

I Want To Go To The Beach

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Today, my friend Nikki flew back home to Hong Kong. My Mum, Dad, and brother drove from Germany -through Switzerland- to France. Another friend is having the time of his life in Magaluf... And another is spending time with her family while in Barcelona. 

I'm in my kitchen eating tomato and bacon pasta and watching Dear John.

And don't get me wrong, Dear John is one hell of a movie... it's just that I'd rather be in a beautiful resort on an exotic island, drinking some fancy fruity cocktail as I lounge by the pool in my Love-Island-worthy bikini. I'd rather be eating pasta in a proper Italian restaurant, thank you very much. Yes Mum, Dad, I'm jealous.

I'm getting sick of going on instagram and seeing my friends stories showing beautiful scenes of their holidays. Some of us still have work, you know!

In fact, I am so in need of some kind of getaway that my google search history has pretty much been taken over by searches like "Cheap Beach Holiday", or "Affordable Student Holidays". It's even gotten to the point where I started looking up holidays in the UK; glamping near Brighton anyone?

Sadly, this year I'm just not going to have a summer filled with pretty bikinis, beaches and booze- although I'll probably still have some booze, let's be honest. And as my Mum keeps reminding me, I did at least manage to fund myself a week away to Greater London last month, where I got to finally explore the capital, and spend time with much loved & missed family and friends. Next week I've even got four days off to visit family in Liverpool! Lucky me... Megabus, here I come!

But although I've got a bit of the 'lack of a holiday' blues, I need to remember that this is all for a reason. In a little more than a month, I move out to my swanky little city-centre flat, and I'm sure I'll need all the money I can get to make sure my transition to total self-sufficiency is as smooth as possible.

I've eaten all of my pasta now. Dear John is almost finished, and for the first time in the past few weeks the sun has actually come out. Don't get too excited though, there's still plenty of clouds in the sky; this is Scotland, not Mallorca, after all. I think I might go for a walk later, if it's still nice out. 

You Don't Have To Feel Bad About Rejecting Him/Her

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

One thing I've had to learn the tough way, is that rejection hurts everyone involved; but that sometimes... it's necessary.

I've been on both sides of the firing line, and I'm sure a lot of you reading this post will be able to relate. From experience, I know that being turned down can be one of the most difficult things you can face. It can cause you to question your worth and who you are as a person... But being on the other side can be just as painful; as you see someone you inevitably care for struggle because of a decision you have made. The immense guilt and empathy you experience can at times make the decision to reject or knock someone back, one of the hardest. 

Through it all though, it is so important to stay true to yourself.

I recently went through a relatively eventful break up, with enough ups and downs to fill up a full season in a Netflix drama. Being 'recently' single, I've realised how tough it is when you're knocked back by someone you care about.

Not to sound totally in love with myself, but on the flipside? I've also recently realised that being single means getting quite a bit of attention from the opposite gender. Sometimes that can be sweet and endearing, and it's definitely a bit of an ego boost. But I've had a few 'yikes' experiences too.

And the 'yikes' experiences have taught me that there are times that you just have to suck it up and tell it how it is; even if that means hurting someone- temporarily. When you reject somebody, often all you get to be a part of is their initial response; be it shock, surprise, hurt, or loneliness. And that can be really hard.

But what you have to remember is that the story doesn't end there.

That person you just rejected will go on to meet a whole host of different people. They will experience life in a way that they wouldn't have if you had just rolled with things, letting them believe whatever feeling they had were mutual. By knocking the other person back, you are really slingshotting them forward.

You don't always get to be a part of that person's recovery.

The majority of times that I've rejected others, I've only been around to see them hurt. But that doesn't mean that they don't pick themselves up after time. All it means is that I was a page in their story; a lesson well learned; an experience that will make it all the more special when they finally meet the one.
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