Christmas from Fashion's point of view

Monday, 22 December 2014

This Christmas, I had a spark of genius and decided to bring you a range of Christmas outfits from a bunch of fashion blogger's different posts; each of you are unique in your style, and so my posts alone are hardly going to be enough.
Just kidding, I got lazy and forgot to prepare things for a Christmas post (oops) and it's been far too long since I have last written. Anyway, enough of me waffling on, here's your very own favourite Fashionable Christmases. 

Tanya Burr's Christmas Nails This year we've seen the rise and the fall of the 'youtuber' -but mostly the rise- with the likes of Zoella, and of course Tanya Burr's cosmetics and toiletry ranges. This post by Tanya  introduces her new Christmassy glitter nail polishes, which she says she is "So excited to be launching" Well, I'm excited to be trying them out- Christmas present for moi, sorted.

All rights reserved to Tanya Burr Cosmetics
Left to Right: Dark Magic, Fairytale, Mini Marshmallows. Midnight Sparkles, Penguin Chick, Riding Hood. New York Night, Fireworks, Mischief Managed.

Four Mondays of Christmas by Nirina Plunkett Layout and appearance is a key aspect to any blog, and I have to say, Killer-Fashion have this spot on with a snowy effect. Setting the scene perfectly, as I'm sure you'll all agree. Now, this year (as with the previous year) Nirina Plunkett has been writing posts for the four Mondays of Christmas, which I was very excited to hear about. This post explores the preperations and excitement of Christmas shopping, wishlists, and all sorts more. 
All rights reserved to Killer-fashion
Feat Topshop by Betty This French beauty keeps it rolling with stunning  photography and an elegant and stylish, yet edgy look which I am definitely jealous of. In this post, Betty shows off her gorgeous outfit that she bought this weekend, and wishes us all a Merry Christmas. I want that outfit, and I want it now. 
All Rights reserved to Le blog de Betty (The blog of Betty, or, Betty's blog)
 Houndstooth by Atlantic-Pacific An all round magnificent blog, Atlantic-Pacific somehow seems to capture the very essence of photography with varied angles and poses, particularly in Houndstooth which was published on the 19th of this month. I love the contrast between a grunge background, and a simple yet effectively sophisticated outfit in this post; I'm taking notes, ladies.
All rights reserved to Atlantic-Pacific 
Oh Christmas Tree by Christine This gorgeous post by Christine shows an honest Christmas scene, with tips to the cliche Christmas, which we all love. It's not too fancy, it's not too glamourous, it just shows the simplicity of a Christmas that I'm sure the majority of us would be more than happy with. Thankyou, Christine! 
Photo’s by JessaKae 

The Gardelia

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Simple. Sometimes, simple can be beautiful. Like when you wake up in the morning, throw on some comfortable clothes that you like and look in the mirror, and smile. Or like when you look outside your window, and like what you see because you can’t change it anyway. Sometimes, simple is what you need.
In life, you can often find yourself in a place where you’re stressed, and you start to lash out on the people you love. But the ones who mind dont matter and the ones who matter dont mind, as the infamous Bernard M. Baruch puts it. The people who stick by you end up either being your family, or your best friends. Its in the midst of all the craziness of life that you find your simple place. The place where you can be a gardelia.
That takes me to the next place.. the gardelia. Above this writing you’ll find a picture of a beautiful, simple white flower. Look at it- it’s beautiful because it’s simple. What would it take for you to be that gardelia? The cliché motto of many is that less is more. But perhaps the sea of repetitive magazine titles has a hint of wisdom in it. Perhaps.
Now, to the part I bet you have all been waiting for- its all fine and dandy for me to talk about the deep simplicity of a perfect life; but how can you channel that into your closet? I hear you, believe me it’s been something that has been challenging me a lot recently. I guess, as in life, fashion comes with territory, and territory changes like the chapters of a book. As you keep moving forwards, you change, and as the world moves forwards fashion changes. But the simplicity of fashion, where you will find the place that people will admire you- its where you feel most comfortable.
For me, I wear wedged dressy shoes with trousers or converse with dresses. For my close friend, its all about the pretty tops. From one girl obsessed with her hair to another that falls head over heels for a bag, we all have the things that we adore. Fashion comes and goes, but the simplicity of a personal style is something that gains admiration.

A punk twist on mainstream casual

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

With self titled pop-punk band, 5 seconds of summer taking the lead in the music industry worldwide, many teenagers have began to recreate their appearance, and -as the title puts it quite clearly- a large number have decided to give the mainstream casual look a punk makeover. What exactly does this mean? Band shirts, ripped tops, black skinny jeans, minimal jewellery, dark nails... and don't you dare forget the iconic black leather jacket, staple item for any punk wannabe. But this season isn't just about being punk- it's about mixing this edgy look with what's already available in highstreet shops.
Europe for one, is way ahead of Britain, and I think it's time we caught up. Visiting Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic during my summer holiday was a real eye opener for me, because while I personally love the punk trend, it's not something I can usually pull off by being fashionable at the same time. But in my European adventure, I noticed a lot more punk items than I have ever seen before. They didn't stand out at first, but I noticed the odd top, leather jacket, or hightop converse mixed in with what most would otherwise call a mainstream outfit. Not only did this intrest me, but I also saw that in most popular highstreet shops I saw spin-offs of band tops, one of which I bought (Writing 'BANANA' with a yellow Nirvana logo) for 35zl in Polish money.
You don't always have to spend a lot of money on authentic band tops, and I for one as a 15 year old girl with not that much loose change, am always looking for a bargain. It's just up to you to find alternatives to the trends that come and go, and your clothes should always be what you like and things that you think you will wear, and which will last.

Pastle revelation (Part II)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

So here I am, scrolling we♥it pictures for inspiration of my next post. Pastle fashion in mind, I think to myself about how I might just sneak another sweet pastle sweater into my closet. That’s when I see this picture. The portrayal of a completely unique idea, I can’t help but fall in love. A skater skirt mashed with dungarees, and I can quite honestly say that I have never in my life ever seen anything remotely like it. And in pastle shades too! This is definitely something that is worth keeping an eye out for.. fingers crossed it will make the highstreet!

Aztec, body shapes, and skirt styles

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Most trends come and go with the seasons and the weather. But the same cannot be said for the Aztec trend, which is now more than a trend; it is a building block for the fashion of the future. I myself having rather mixed feelings about the Aztec highstreet explosion, I can admit to being surprised that it has lasted so long; almost 2 years!
While I have spotted a few aztec printed leggings and dresses, it is my personal opinion (This isn't a fact- so if you disagree then that's completely fine) that skirts are much, much prettier. I love statement skirts, so it just works perfectly for me!
I am slightly cautious when it comes to aztec, however. You see, although aztec is heavily patterned, it is still essentialy striped. And as with any striped piece, you have to be careful not to find something that insults your figure. So it all depends on your body shape what kind of style of skirts you should go for- of course, this does apply to all skirts, but if you go for a skirt that doesn't compliment your body shape, and it's pattern is based on stripes... well, let's just say that it will not look good.
But I'm not going to just leave you there, afraid of what suits your body type and wondering if you've got it right or wrong. Honestly on the most part it's a question on comfort. If you're into wearing skirts, you will know what your favorite style is, and if you don't know, then have a peek into your wardrobe and look for the shape which pops up the most. You will have subconsciously chosen a shape/style which you feel comfortable in, and you think you look best in. We're girls after all- we're smart!
But just in case you're a bit at loss in terms of the style or shape of skirt that would best suit you, I have left a few links at the bottom of this post to other blogs which have clear guides. 

Anna from Fash Boulevard explains body shapes, and goes through the different styles of skirts! I personally found this post really helpful, good detail, helpful advice, and easy to understand.
Glamour gives us a collection of views from several goddesses of the fashion industry. This was really interesting, and having pictures of the full outfits gave me a few ideas of how to reinvent the wheel when wearing skirts!
Alice dives in deep, with a brief guide to body styles, and real life examples, which helps you understand what body shapes are in the real world. Loved it!

Who's that girl?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

In my opinion, there are many great girls who deserve recognition. Whether they are a great best friend, whether they've worked hard to do something or get somewhere, or if they just have a great sense of style. That's where my new idea comes in to play.
You see, what I'm thinking, is doing a regular post (twice a week, once a month... we'll see) about who you, the reader, thinks deserves to be recognized for greatness. So what I'm going to ask you to do, is nominate someone for the Who's that girl project. You can nominate a sister, a friend, a celebrity.. anyone you want!
All you have to do to nominate someone is send me an email to detailing:
  • Your name, age, and where you're from
  • The nominee's name, age, and where she's from
  • A picture of the nominee, or something she's done
  • A short description of why you think she should be nominated

Flower crowns and festival preperations

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I'm going to start this post by being blatantly honest; I never liked flower crowns. I used to think that they would be a shortlived, unpopular statement accessory.
However, I have come to find that they are an acquired taste- much like salad is for children.

Having girly time has always been important to me- it's just part of being a girl, really. Going into shops, trying on things you like but won't buy, and buying heaps of things you don't need. Just having the chance to wind down and laugh away your stresses and worries. For me, when you're with your friends having a good time, nothing can ruin that.What does that have to do with flower crowns? Nothing in the slightest- I was just talking about the photo used. Anyway, enough of that digression. 
As festival season rolls in, making it's mark in Scotland with the radio 1 Big weekend (which is this weekend.. woop woop!), it's back to the shorts and band tops. It's all about being wild, so you let your hair down. That's how summer is every year, and not much has changed in that regard. However, headwear is changing ever so slightly- as we saw in the last post, fedoras are back. But now, another trend has washed ashore, although not quite literally. 
Of course, that is the flower crown. They aren't really new- flower crowns have always been lurking in the shallow water, popping up every so often on the occasional hipster. But this year is different. This year, the flower crown is making its big hit; emerging onto highstreet shops, this trend is one for the summer. The best thing about it is that it completes an outfit so well, and accents your facial features too- that is, if you get the right one. As with everything, you have to find originality in the mainstream trends. Not everyone will suit a pink flower crown, and not everyone will want a white one.. the ball is in your court now; how will you put your stamp on this seasons headwear?

Fedora fangirls

Monday, 19 May 2014

Whether you're dressed in shorts, or a dress, there is a hat that will keep your hair under control. Demi Lovato once said "who says I can't wear my converse with my dress" well, many people said that. But I can assure you, the only comment someone can give on a fedora, is a compliment.
The great thing with fedoras is that you have a wide range. There are different colours, different shapes and sizes and styles. But even once you've found yourself the perfect fedora, there are still many ways you can alter the style without actually altering the hat itself. If you wear it straight on with your hair down one day, the next day you can plait your hair and wear it on the back of your head.. there are so many different ways of keeping your fedora fresh and stylish. Although it hadn't exactly made itself a must-have, this hat a twinge of originality that only the reckless and the brave will dabble with. And long live them.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jeans… finding the right pair?

Hey everyone J Josephine here from today will be talking about jeans and finding the right inexpensive pair. Doing the jean dance to put on your jeans? Maybe you do have the right pair? Jeans today are very expensive, an average pair of jeans in general pants is around $100, but is it worth it? Today I’m talking about jeans, and ways to rock your curves in an amazingly cheap pairs.

$10 jeans from target
Inline image 3
These jeans suit any figure, I recently bought them and have not stopped wearing them since, $10 goes a long way. After purchasing a size 12, I went back and bought a size 10 as they and stretched after a few wears. Quick Tip: don’t be scared to buy jeans smaller, all jeans stretch and smaller jeans pull you in and make your figure look more defining.
Inline image 2
Style adds
-          Necklace
-          Boots
-          Scarf

No goes
-          Crop tops
-          Flare out jeans
-          Un-tucked jeans with boots
Inline image 1

So hope this helps out J and you guys get some inspiration to wear and style jeans.
Xx Weekly Fashion Blogger

Gosh I'm gushing

Friday, 16 May 2014

Thursday the 15th of May. Doesn't sound very interesting, or special does it? But now to me, this date will bear a treasure chest of memories that I wish could repeat in real life over, and over, again.

Me myself, I have always aspired to have some sort of carreer in media. In primary school, I wanted to sing (and of course I would still love that, but I don't think I'm good enough ahah) and ever since I started high school I've wanted to be a fashion journalist, hence my dabbling in my fashion blog. So it has only been recently that I have actually even concidered radio presenting as a future carrer... and let me tell you, it is an exciting prospect.  
So, Thursday 15th of May, my friend Katie and I after her getting tickets, went into Glasgow, to participate in two activities for the radio 1 academy. In the morning, was a live Q&A session with Greg James, his producer Pipa. For those of you who don't know, Greg James is a presenter for radio 1. Of course, I didn't take the opportunity for granted and shakily asked "how do you deal with nerves on radio". Of course. 
After this we had 4 hours to wander around, and spend money on the pointless things of life, and thank goodness we had the sun on our sides. This is when we went to a radio workshop, with Vic Galloway, his producer and assistant. For those of you who don't know, he has a radio show on radio Scotland. It was absolutely brilliant, and we had a lot of fun as well as learning so much about the kind of environment and lifestyle radio presenters have, and what kind of things producers have behind the scenes. Of course, meeting Biffy Clyro was a highlight. And yes, I say that as if meeting Biffy Clyro isn't a big thing; but trust me, after all the screaming and not breathing Katie and I did... its probably one of the biggest things that has ever happened to us. 
That, and getting a picture with Greg James and Pipa... I mean, this guy is my inspiration. Of course it helps that he is very, very hot... especially in real life. His arm around my back, his hand on my arm; gosh I'm gushing again. Suppose it's time for me to wrap up!  

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Skinny jeans, pretty scarves, and a brand new plait!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

When you jump up and down trying to fit into your jeans. When you have to hold your breath momentarily to get the button closed. When it's a struggle to get out of them. That is how yoy know you've found your perfect skinny jeans. And unlike many bottom pieces, skinny jeans have been around for eons, and are not likely to be kicked out anytime soon. The jeans I'm wearing are from New Look, a piece which I have had for two years- and probably the oldest piece of clothing that I own
As for the scarf I'm wearing, it's a black and white beauty with a bit of a floral/aztec collaboration going on. It's much thicker material than most scarves that actually look half decent these days, so it was definitely a good buy, as it works well in both adding a fashionable accent to my indie outfits, and also looks great with bit of a punk rock leather jacket look. That, and since it's made of thicker quality it does me great for typical cold/flu inducing British weather!
Now, as for my plait, if you notice these things,  you'll notice that it is not quite the original plait... and if I were able to prove to you I would, but you'll have to take my word for it that it's 3D! And not only, but it's just as easy as the original plait. All that you have to do is seperate your hair into three sections,  and then swap the two outer sections, so that the previously left is now at the right, and the previously right is now at the left, leaving the middle where it was. If you keep repeating this for the legnth of your hair, then you will be able to build up a very pretty and simplistic plait!

What to wear when volunteering....

Sunday, 4 May 2014

At a primary school.
At 15 years of age I hardly have much experience with volunteering; I've only ever volunteered for a friday night kids club, which I do with my friends. I can wear whatever I want at a kids club. But now, my mum has caught me a slightly bigger fish- a voluntary place at my old primary school for afternoons all of next week! As excited as I am, there is one thing that troubles me slightly. What exactly does one wear to a primary school? I can't go too formal, because it would look like I'm trying too hard,  however I can't exactly go casual, as that would give the impression that I don't care... when I obviously do. Quite a dilema, isn't it.Well thank goodness I did my research! (Excuse the strange expression)
In order to maintain an equal balance between casual and formal, hair and makeup become priorities. Having your hair down is casual, but as long as you style and treat it well then it ought to look great with a slightly less slobby outfit. Where makeup is concerned, avoiding dark lipstick during daytime hours is the best thing for you; unless it's a bright shade of red for a preppy look. Keeping foundation and blusher to a minimum, and using minimal eyemakeup; a little beige eyeshadow, with a darker contour in the corner, using no eyeliner and only a little mascara should be sublime.
And the answer to my most prominent question; what to wear, has been unveiled. A white shirt with a pastle skirt holds the essence of a girly spring yet the shirt speaks of the formality that is required as a teaching assistant which is what I am going to be volunteering as. Take the block coloured pastle skirt and swap it with a floral skirt, and you have a similar outcome.But perhaps one day it isn't so warm. Or you're just not that much of a girly girl. Then coloured or patterned trousers matched with a plain shirt will go perfectly also. Note that I said trousers; leggings are made to be worn with mini dresses or long tops and are extremely unflattering to even the smallest bottom if you don't cover it up. Anyhow; the discussion of leggings will make for another post sometime in the future.

Spring/summer scarves

Friday, 2 May 2014

I wrap around a lightweight scarf around my neck. Despite it's thin and transparent material, it does offer some comfort, but whether it actually does any physical good during sunny days, is debatable.
When people talk about love, it's mostly about the one she shares with lovers, friends, and family. But the most practical and simple love for me, is my love of fashion and accessories. Now, that may be rather quite obvious, seeing as I do write for a fashion blog, after all. But I do feel the need to put that out in the open- I do what I do because love it. Not because someone tells me to. 
A recently new movie came out; rebel without a cause. Though I have not seen it, the plot is somewhat about a young person who grew up in an ordinary, calm and stable family, and finds himself acting in what most certainly would not be described as his best behavior.
Now, in my school, scarves are sadly (and not understandably) banned for pupils. Though this senseless rule has put a weight onto my peers reluctance to wear fashion scarves for the sake of an accessory, it has not hindered my love for the simple accessory that has almost become a necessity in order for me to complete an outfit. Almost; I'm not completely hooked... yet. So, while I get a stern telling off, I do think that my minor act of rebellion against a rule which has no backbone, completely and utterly worth it.
In Britain in paticular, cold weather is not a strange thing. And while the month of April showers is coming to a close, there is a slight chill that is adamant of returning. So therefore, for me, the scarves stay. Fair enough, if it's over 25*C then I may consider leaving the scarf in the drawers; but that is not going to happen any time soon where I live. Thank goodness that there is such a variety in different patterns, styles, shapes, and colours- and lets not forget turquoise!

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A man cannot live on cupcakes alone...

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

But a woman sure can!
The brilliantly beautiful embellishments often seen on cupcakes make them almost difficult to eat; to destroy the intricate designs that must have taken hours to create. I say almost, not quite completely. A fond childhood memory of mine is decorating what we Britains call fairy cakes; smother on the icing (Or chocolate), and then messily squish on a pile of food decorations. Elaborately frosted cupcakes may be made for special occasions such as baby showers, graduations, or holidays. 
I suppose that in their own way, cupcakes are making a statemement. The happy hipster holds it in her hands, and with a cute smile and fashionably over-sized glasses, another picture is uploaded onto tumblr.
But cupcakes are certainly not just for hipsters; anyone can buy (or make) these delightful dessert pieces. Many variations make it easy to alter cupcakes into individual 'designs'. And it's not as if they're expensive to buy, or difficult to produce yourself!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Bonjour! Salut! C'est la vie! Paris! 
These are all things that we are finding written on the tops and jumpers which we love. And yes, I can honestly admit that I have literally bought in to the phase of French-crazy fashion. What can I say; it's the life!  Having a long time obsession with all things France, I consider my collection of French statement tops almost acceptable; I have studied French for about 6 years and have always wanted to go to Paris. After all, France is home to one of the top 4 fashion capitals in the whole entire world! All that I need now is a nice beret...

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Little red dress

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Preparing for a date night, a party, or a family night out in a fancy schmancy restaurant, as a young woman I absolutely adore dressing up. That's why as soon as I layed eyes upon this ravishing red dress, I found myself crushing on it heavily. And who can blame me; it's absolutely gorgeous! A red dress is always a good investment; just as an lbd it is a safe buy, and is extremely versatile for different situations. Best matched with pale skin, I would beg for you all to purchase a pretty red dress... indulge in yourselves! And if you do find yourselves taking my advice, or have already got a pretty red dress in your closet, do tell me!

Saturday Guest Post By Brenda!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

         Hey guys!

My name is Brenda, and I'm the owner of Inside Her Unique Closet.  Today, I'm going to blog about  Fashion Trends from the 1980's that are still trending today.

1.)  Slouchy Sweaters

Slouchy Sweaters were one of the most recognizable trends from the 80's and are still in style.  Slouchy sweaters are great for going out and the best part is if your lazy, you could just put one on!

2.) Shiny Leggings

Shiny Leggings really took off in the 80's but there have been a huge resurgence in  recent years.  I have to admit, I'm kind of in love with these type of leggings.

3.)  Neon

Neon is easily known as trend from the 1980's and has made a comeback for the runaways of London and New-York, also in retailers too.

4.) Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts have been in style since the 80's and never left.  The secret to rocking a mini skirt the right way is to keep it from being revealing.  Try wearing boots and a top that doesn't reveal to much cleavage.

5.)  Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers are another thing that is known from the 1980's.  They are fun, appropriate, and keep your legs warm when winter comes around.  I actually do own two pairs and even though I love leg warmers, for some reason I don't use them.

Photo Credits: 10 awesome.comDi Candia FashionJulepStyle Caster

Vintage pleated updo

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Today, I wanted to share with you something a bit more personal; more close to my heart. If there are any constant readers reading this post, you shall know that I have a huge soft spot for all things vintage. Which is why I tried to add a bit of vintage into my everyday outfit. With a casual denim dress, I spiced things up with this vintage 1900s updo. Very simply done, and I doubt you will need me to go through the steps. All you need is a lot of Bobby pins, and to be able to plait your hair and wrap it around your head. French pleating the crown of your head is always a good idea! 


Monday, 21 April 2014

With the newest 'periodic' drama, Reign making it big in the television industry, I have noticed quite a few magazine articles, and blog posts on how to copy the look, or convert it into something that would be suitable in contemporary fashion. Well, I didn't want to add myself to the large pile of what is now becoming almost cliché; and there is no way that I am going to get away without writing a post concerning what is becoming my latest obsession. So, I have decided to take this chance to write about something I personally completely adore; the crown ring.Jewellery comes in all forms and colours, and it is the one thing that usually stays constant though the changes of society and fashion trends. That's why finding out about the crown rings in my preparation for summer really excited me- it's rare that a new jewellery trend comes up like this. Even rarer, is it that I actually like the jewellery piece, and I certainly fell in love with the crown ring.Personally, I love it the most in gold with diamonds embedded in it, as shown in the picture below, however there is a wide selection of variables concerning the material, embellishments, size, and shape, which is quite common with jewellery. If you're wondering about the prices of these beautiful crown rings, then I am afraid that I cannot give alot of specific aid, but only a bit of background knowledge about different jewellery labels. If you are willing to go all out and invest up to hundreds of pounds into a crown ring, I would advise you to browse through pandora, Monica Vinader, or Shourouk. Now, considering that since I myself am a teenager, and write mostly for teen and young adults, I doubt that many of you will be able to spend hundreds for a ring; I know I can't! But never you fear, you can most certainly still follow this trend, and indulge yourself with a new ring for up to £40 tops. Most highstreet shops ought to be selling them (and if not now, then they should soon) and in the UK this can include New Look, Topshop, Zara ect.

Spring Trends by Kam Berries!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hey there!
I'm Kam, owner of and today I'm going to be talking about my favorite spring trends. I always look for inspiration before going shopping and I hope this will help you do the same.
•Tops*HERE // 2 HERE // 3 HERE // 4 HERE
- Tee shirtsThese are great for everything and a big staple in everyone's wardrobe. You can have them in any color; it could also be a graphic tee or a plain one. I like having mine in black, white and grey. You can easily pair them with a floral skirt or wear it under a dress that has too long straps.
-TanksThese are light and airy and perfect to pair with shorts.
-Light cardigansThese are great for slightly chilly mornings and great to cover yourself up if you're wearing a crop top.
-Denim jacketsThese are for the early spring days when it's still a bit cold. They are very trendy and have a nice spring feel to it, don't you think?

•Bottoms*HERE // 2 HERE // 3 HERE // 4 HERE // 5 HERE
-High-waisted shortsThose who love wearing crop tops should own at least one pair. They cover more skin than normal shorts would, making you look proper.
-Dolphin shortsThese colorful pants are perfect for a hot day. They're really comfortable and great for lounging around.
-Lace shortsThese are so pretty and help with making a casual outfit look special. They're also very comfortable.
-Skater skirtsThey can be plain or patterned, just switch it up! But remember to pair it with the right outfit. After those long winter months, doesn't it feel good to rub your legs together?
-OverallsOh the childhood memories! Even though you're all grown up now, overalls are making their way back to our closets this spring. They're an easy cheat to creating an outfit, although you pay the price when you have to go to the washroom.

•Shoes*HERE // 2 HERE // 3 HERE // 4 HERE // 5 HERE
-Canvas shoesIn my opinion, they're a staple in anyone's closet. They could be Converse, Vans, Keds or even 10$ from the clearance aisle. You can wear it with a formal outfit to tone it down and make it more casual looking, plus they're really comfortable.
-Running shoesOf course, you can wear them for exercising, but you can also wear them for a casual looking outfit. They can be really bright and neon, muted with a black and white color or you can opt for something in between.
-EspadrillesThese are light and comfy and great for warmer days. You just slip them on and head out the door. They come in many patterns that are just perfect for spring.
-RainbootsWith spring already here, rain is bound to happen, be prepared with these. I think they look great with knee length socks.
-Combat bootsThey're one of my staples, at least, that's what I think. They go well with any outfit and can add an edge to it. If you have a pastel pair though, they can add a feminine touch and they'll just scream spring.

•Accessories*HERE // 2 HERE // 3 HERE
-SunglassesWith the sun back up, you'll need a pair to stylishly protect those delicate eyes of yours. I strongly recommend investing in a good pair because they do a good job protecting you from the sun.
-Knee high socksLike I said, they're great with rainboots. They're also nice with normal shoes though. You can wear them with a skirt or a dress to keep those nice legs of yours warm. 
-BeltsThey can be thin or thick and any color. I think pastel colors or brown ones are the best for springtime. You can belt your dress, skirt and of course, your pants.

•Prints & colors*-Daisy-Pastel: Coral, mint, lavender, orange, yellow-Floral-Lace & crochet-Black & white-Pineapple
And that's it! Of course, you don't need to change your style fit the latest trends. If you're investing in a pricier piece I suggest waiting for sales or discounts. Make sure you're going to put good use to it too.

Have fun shopping,Kam  

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