Common sense, dignity, and the overwhelming majority of crop tops

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Walking down the streets of a small town named Kirkintilloch, situated 10 miles from Glasgow in Scotland as I head homewards, I find it almost impossible not to notice the mass of girls and women alike, wearing crop tops. There ia a group small skinny girls whom I assume are about 10 or 12,  walking past me, each of them following the trend of crop tops along with the most petite denim shorts in the history of humanity. And while this strikes me as abnormal, stupid even to have young girls wearing such outfits in the middle of March in a Scottish town where the temperature is just above freezing, what really causes me to shake my head is that as I walk past this group of adolescents, they shiver and complain about how the sun ought to "hurry up and give them a tan". And believe you me it takes a lot of strength to walk past them and not to give them a piece or my possibly sane advice. Luckily for my dignity and not theirs, I have such stregnth.
But in the contemplation of these 4 girls and their idiocy, I wonder how on earth their parents allow them to go out in such attire. That of course, is where I look idly across the road, about to cross to the other side where the towns legendary "old sweety shop" us placed. I take one step forward as the green man lights up. Another step. And another. And then I see her, walking out of my beloved sweety shop. A woman who I assume is about 40 years of age, and noticably obsese (though I mean no offence by this), who carries two full carrier bags of sweets, is wearing a crop top. A neon pink crop top that could easily be mistaken for a bra, is being paraded on a woman who is quite obviously too large for the size of the top. Her belly bounces up and down as she walks. I try my best to conceal my horror. Surely a woman of a respectable age would know how to dress approproately to the weather, and consciously of her figure?! Suddenly my embarrassment for the girls shrinks to the size of a needle, as this woman nods her head to me, saying "cold day out the day, isn't it hen" noted, at least she is wearing respectable trousers.

Ballet: the torture dance

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Featured in countless music videos, more and more is ballet becoming a dance known as being romantic and poetic in its sense of meaning. Often symbolising hard work and determination, ballet is no mere dance, and indeed is an extremely strenuous form of exercise. Unless one has experienced the utter torture chamber that is a pointe shoe, it is almost impossible to fully appreciate the pain that these skilled ballerinas are able to endure- while performing an emotional dance at the same time! But what would we do without this beautiful portrayal of passion through dance- an inspiration and a great form of entertainment

Gretna Green Today

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Today, as you wander around the quiet town, it is easy to imagine how people lived and dressed in the past. The romantic landmark has been preserved as a beautiful hotspot for weddings, where visitors are welcome.
Every so often you can see a vintage horse and carriage promenade down the town streets, and one cannot help but feel as if caught up in a dream. Due to its being so close to the borders, Gretna Green was once a hotspot for English runaway teens who longed to marry- without their parents approval. Today, walking in what seems to be an innocently pretty town, you would never suspect that years ago it was a magnet for scandalous affairs.
But although the floral decorated cobble stone streets have been preserved, the town has also modernised along with the world, and in the center you will find a shopping outlet. As much as a girl loves a scandalous romantic atmosphere; what is better than shops where you can splurge all your loose cash? After all, the Gretna Green of the past is very different from the Gretna Green of today.

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