Pastle revelation (Part II)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

So here I am, scrolling we♥it pictures for inspiration of my next post. Pastle fashion in mind, I think to myself about how I might just sneak another sweet pastle sweater into my closet. That’s when I see this picture. The portrayal of a completely unique idea, I can’t help but fall in love. A skater skirt mashed with dungarees, and I can quite honestly say that I have never in my life ever seen anything remotely like it. And in pastle shades too! This is definitely something that is worth keeping an eye out for.. fingers crossed it will make the highstreet!

Aztec, body shapes, and skirt styles

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Most trends come and go with the seasons and the weather. But the same cannot be said for the Aztec trend, which is now more than a trend; it is a building block for the fashion of the future. I myself having rather mixed feelings about the Aztec highstreet explosion, I can admit to being surprised that it has lasted so long; almost 2 years!
While I have spotted a few aztec printed leggings and dresses, it is my personal opinion (This isn't a fact- so if you disagree then that's completely fine) that skirts are much, much prettier. I love statement skirts, so it just works perfectly for me!
I am slightly cautious when it comes to aztec, however. You see, although aztec is heavily patterned, it is still essentialy striped. And as with any striped piece, you have to be careful not to find something that insults your figure. So it all depends on your body shape what kind of style of skirts you should go for- of course, this does apply to all skirts, but if you go for a skirt that doesn't compliment your body shape, and it's pattern is based on stripes... well, let's just say that it will not look good.
But I'm not going to just leave you there, afraid of what suits your body type and wondering if you've got it right or wrong. Honestly on the most part it's a question on comfort. If you're into wearing skirts, you will know what your favorite style is, and if you don't know, then have a peek into your wardrobe and look for the shape which pops up the most. You will have subconsciously chosen a shape/style which you feel comfortable in, and you think you look best in. We're girls after all- we're smart!
But just in case you're a bit at loss in terms of the style or shape of skirt that would best suit you, I have left a few links at the bottom of this post to other blogs which have clear guides. 

Anna from Fash Boulevard explains body shapes, and goes through the different styles of skirts! I personally found this post really helpful, good detail, helpful advice, and easy to understand.
Glamour gives us a collection of views from several goddesses of the fashion industry. This was really interesting, and having pictures of the full outfits gave me a few ideas of how to reinvent the wheel when wearing skirts!
Alice dives in deep, with a brief guide to body styles, and real life examples, which helps you understand what body shapes are in the real world. Loved it!

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