A punk twist on mainstream casual

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

With self titled pop-punk band, 5 seconds of summer taking the lead in the music industry worldwide, many teenagers have began to recreate their appearance, and -as the title puts it quite clearly- a large number have decided to give the mainstream casual look a punk makeover. What exactly does this mean? Band shirts, ripped tops, black skinny jeans, minimal jewellery, dark nails... and don't you dare forget the iconic black leather jacket, staple item for any punk wannabe. But this season isn't just about being punk- it's about mixing this edgy look with what's already available in highstreet shops.
Europe for one, is way ahead of Britain, and I think it's time we caught up. Visiting Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic during my summer holiday was a real eye opener for me, because while I personally love the punk trend, it's not something I can usually pull off by being fashionable at the same time. But in my European adventure, I noticed a lot more punk items than I have ever seen before. They didn't stand out at first, but I noticed the odd top, leather jacket, or hightop converse mixed in with what most would otherwise call a mainstream outfit. Not only did this intrest me, but I also saw that in most popular highstreet shops I saw spin-offs of band tops, one of which I bought (Writing 'BANANA' with a yellow Nirvana logo) for 35zl in Polish money.
You don't always have to spend a lot of money on authentic band tops, and I for one as a 15 year old girl with not that much loose change, am always looking for a bargain. It's just up to you to find alternatives to the trends that come and go, and your clothes should always be what you like and things that you think you will wear, and which will last.

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