New Year (NOT another new you)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

As 2015 rolls around, I can't help but wonder how many times I have set myself up on another 'new year, new me' type diet. 'This year, I'll excercise' that lasted three days of running, if even that. 'this year no chocolate' yeah until my mum made a gorgeous chocolate cake... oops! Or a wacky one like 'This year I'm not going to wear trousers' that actually lasted a while; four months if my diary is correct. 
The point I'm trying to get across, is that in actual fact, your 'new year new you' isn't going to last. It's like.. if you make a snap decision to go from eating out every other day to only eating an apple for your main meal, well... it's not going to last, is it? And when you can't do a diet, you just get hard on yourself, and end up eating even more junk than before. To 'make up' for it. New year resolutions are like that, too. They don't last very long, and when they crash and burn, it hurts! So this year, my new years resolution is to not make a new years resolution. So bye-bye 'new me' and hello 'new year'. 
I think my mind is just right about to burst thinking of a new year in the first place, gosh. How the time flies by.
Last year, I  discovered a few apps that have helped me keep organised. (So, if you're going to ignore my primary advice and go for a new years resolution anyway, just to spite me...). I use them to organise my thoughts and inspiration for my blogs (oh! While on the topic of blogs, if you're into music you should totally check out my new blog

one of these, is Evernote, a note keeping app thing. You can get it on the android playstore, and there's an android version also (I'm not so sure about apple, but they probably do have it too) has helped me /so/ much recently, as it gives you the opportunity to organise your notes and files in 'notebooks' so they're all under a title and easy to find. It's so simple to use, and I'm sure plenty of people must use it for businessy or work related stuff because there's a work chat option (ha!). Anyway, you should totally check it out... fabulous. Don't know why it's an elephant, though. Maybe something to do with wisdom? Oh well...

Another great one I'm sure you will all love is pocket, which is an app/website that once you log onto, allows you to store all your favourite blog posts, websites and the mess of it all to read later! I love this because as a blogger it's super important to stay in touch with the world around you (internet speaking) so that you don't get out of touch with other peoples content and what the reader likes to read about.

Now, this one you might be more familiar with, and it's not really to do with organising or what not, but it's definitely been a help for inspiration for me. Tumblr is basically an online community (or a 'family of like-minded people' as my friend Holly and I describe it) where people can express their thoughts and feeling freely through sound (songs, voice edits ect), pictures, writing, videos, and all sorts more! It's basically another social media site but designed in a way that its actually quite similar to blogging. It's great!
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