5 of the most inspiring bloggers

Saturday, 27 June 2015

I get my inspiration from various places; my friends, music,  my city, books... and bloggers. In paticular, when reading other bloggers posts, I like to keep a lookout for good content. If I enjoy reading something, then I'm sure that I won't be the only one!
And so, because I pick up a lot of my ideas for Her Electric Ocean from other bloggers, I thought it was only fair that I give you guys a little insight to the kind of bloggers I read!

Zoella, also known as Zoe Sugg is a youtuber, author and blogger all wrapped into one gorgeous twenty-something year old. Though she hasn't posted since 1st December 2014, I still love going back to her blog and checking out her old posts for inspiration. I really love her beauty posts, like her post on tarte blushes, or her 'new in from barry m' post.

Dana, the voice behind wonder forest, is a blogger and blog beautifier. She actually designed Zoella's blog- she's incredibly gifted. She usually posts several posts a week, and I would say that she is definitely a lifestyle blogger. From talking about why saying no is necessary, to talking us through how she edits her instagram pictures, Dana's blog is so near perfection it hurts.

Lizzie is a wonderful 16 year old blogger, who blogs about pretty much anything. She uploads content regularly, and posts a monthly 'favourites' post, the last of which was May favourites, which I loved a lot! Her blog is very relaxed, natural and personal, and it is completely gorgeous!

If ever I'm in a sticky situation blog-wise, or needing some advice or ideas, I always go to this site. I'm not really sure if you would call it a blog or not, but for the purpose of this post, it's a blog. It's basically a community of bloggers who join forces to provide us bloggers with up to date fashion news, and blog tips. It's definitely been very useful to me, especially their post about using pictures on your blog.

This fabulous makeup and beauty blog is run by 22 year old Londoner Sabrina. Being totally honest here, when I first found this blog I was more than just a little obsessed. I fell in love from the word go! I love her post 'Empties & product reviews'  in which Sabrina talks about her old favourites, beauty cult products, new products, and much, much more. I love this, because she goes out of the norm for bloggers, and rather than writing it all out, she produces her post in a youtube video, so it's essentially vlogging with background text around it.

the colouring in book you absolutely need in your life

Saturday, 20 June 2015

With the summer holidays on the horizon, I decided it was time for me to invest in something that would occupy my spare time. Usually, I buy a few books, or magazines, to read on holiday. But this time I decided to splurge on something else, something new. 

I had actually planned on finding a couple of books from the local WH Smiths store in my town, but as soon as I walked in, I noticed something in one of the stalls; a whole stash of colouring in books for adults, along with various packs of arty pens and pencils. It was art heaven- except that I'm not really that arty. I enjoy doodling, but that is as far as I go art-wise. So why this caught my eye is beyond me.

Flicking through the pages of this colouring in book now, I find an endless compilation of beautiful line drawings, some which I have already coloured in, and some that are left blank. They are intricate and detailed, which makes them a level up from children's colouring in books. It brings back memories from my childhood of going to visit my grandparents; they would always have a stash of at least 3 different colouring in books awaiting me; but I always seemed to get bored of them after the first page was half done.

Back then, though, I had very little patience, and things like colouring in which required some degree of concentration or stillness just simply didn't appeal to me. Now, I find this book becoming my refuge; my place to go when I feel my emotions heightening.It's a really great stress buster, especially after exams while I eagerly await my results. Sometimes it's nice to just sit down, breath, and forget about the world.

I really love this book, as it puts one pattern per A4 sheet.. basically what I mean is that it isn't double sided. This is great news for me, because it means that I can use my new permanent markers that I bought myself a few days ago, without worrying about the ink destroying the pattern on the other side of the paper. The pages are quite thick too, which is really good if you are using pens.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested; but I would urge you to act quickly! The store I found this gem in had a stash of different themes like zen colouring with animals, flowers... you name it; but they change which books they sell regularly, so if you see them lurking around, snatch them before they're gone!

On that I've had my eye on for awhile is the anti stress art therapy colouring in book, at only £6.99, which is definitely worth it! 

 Do you enjoy colouring in?
What kind of things do you do to relax?

100 blog post ideas

Saturday, 13 June 2015

So you're completely stumped for ideas. You're bored, you want to write about something, you just don't know what exactly. Perhaps you're an aspiring blogger looking for inspiration. Or maybe you're busy, and don't have time to brainstorm and plan a blog, but you're due a post really soon.
We've all been there, and it's not a good feeling to have what I like to call bloggers block; it really sucks. So that's why I decided to write this post. So that if you, -or I- lack ideas at any time, we have this bank of ideas to fall back on.
I hope this is helpful!

1. How to keep calm
You could talk about the things that help you keep calm, and illustrate a situation when these things have helped you. Or, you could discuss why keeping calm is important in times of high stress levels.
2. How to stay positive
Do you think you have a positive perspective to life's issues? Why, or why not? What can you do to keep a positive mentality, and why is this important?
3. 7 day challenge
Document what you're wearing/doing for 7 days straight, and blog about it! Make sure to include pictures too
4. Summer goals
Sort of like a bucket list, but specified to summer related things. You might even want to go as far as to set yourself deadlines!
5. Discuss a book you've just read
What is the plot? Who is the author, and what is the authors background? What did you think about the book, and do you agree with online reviews? Is there any drama on this book? (You might want to look at my Girl Online Review for an example)
6. top 10 movies for a girls night in
This one is pretty self explanatory. Readers love a list, but make sure to add in some pictures to keep things neat!
7. 5 of the most inspirational bloggers
Talk about the bloggers who inspired you, and explain how they have done so. You could add in blurbs for each blogger, kind of like a mini bio. Or, you could write about the most popular inspirational bloggers, and interview people who have been inspired by them, or if you're super lucky bag an interview with them!
8. The blogging process
How do you come up with ideas for your blog? Explain the process you go through from getting ideas for posts, right through to the final editing.
9. Seasonal haul
This can be great whatever your blogging angle is. If you're a fashion or beauty blogger, you can do a summer haul, for example, or if you're a literature blogger, you might want to do a haul of the most popular books of the season. Adapt this idea and make it suit your readers needs!
10. A day in the life
You might have seen a few youtubers doing this, and it's quite a good idea. Give your readers an insight to what your life is like. You could do this by video, or take a picture once every so often (I would recommend once an hour to give the reader a real idea of your day) and then write a little bit about it to put your pictures into context.
11. 20 questions
Brainstorm 20 of the weirdest questions you can thing of, and write your answers to them in a post! You can go really funny, or dead serious, depending on your audience and personality.
12. How I edit my photos
Talk the reader through the process you go through when editing your pictures, Write about which apps you use, and what kind of photos you like the most.
13. Top 5 apps
What are the 5 apps that you use the most? Why do you use them so much, and are they useful in everyday life?
14. 15 favourite blog posts
You can always make this more or less than 15, but it's always nice to link your reader in to some other blog posts that might be similar to your own. Make sure that these posts are timely, and relevant to your audience. 
15. Interview a blogger
Are any of your friends bloggers? Can you get into contact with a big hit blogger? Either way, interviewing a fellow blogger can be pretty interesting and might actually give you even more ideas for content!
16. Throwback Thursday
Look through your blog, and pick out 5 of the best posts you've ever written, and 5 of the worst. This way, your readers are linked to more content, and you get the lovely feeling of remembering all your old posts and seeing your progress as time has gone by.
17. Life list series
You could do this all in one post, or spread it out into a series of posts. You can write about 100 things you want to do before you die, 50 things to do before you're 20, 50 things you want to buy, 20 things you do every day, 20 things you want to buy, ect.
18. Books matter
Do books matter to you? Whether your answer is yes or no, you can discuss your opinion, and your reasons for it. If books do matter to you, you might want to write about your favourite books, and how they have had an impact on your life.
19. Shopping in...
Wherever you live, you can go into the nearest town or city, and write a post about shopping. Take pictures of the mainstreet, of the shops you pass by, of the local sights, and of your purchases. You can even extend this into a series if you travel a lot, or if you have a number of different towns and cities around you.
20. Charity shop challenge
Challenge yourself to buy a full outfit from charity shops, and document your experience, along with your final outcome.
21. Blogging matters
Why does blogging matter to you? Why did you start blogging? Who are your favourite bloggers? 
22. What's in my bag
Look through your bag, or talk about you bag essentials. What can you not live without, what are the things that you need to have with you at all times?
23. Blog post ideas
You might just want to copy my idea for this post, and write your own list of ideas. However, please come up with your own ideas and do not steal content from other existing posts. That is rude, and unnecessary.
24. Instagram roundup
You could do this as a series or a one off. Feature 5 of your own pictures, 5 of your friends pictures, 5 pictures related to your blog, 5 of your favourite pictures, 5 of the most popular pictures, 5 celebrities, ect.
25. 10 day challenge
Write one confession a day, and upload them. Make sure that they are relevant to your blog, and that it is the type of content that your audience would want to read. That goes for all posts, really.
26. Who am I
Ask 2-6 of your closest friends or family to describe you in less than 50 words, and then put them in a post with your reactions
27. Top 10 quotes
Personally, I love quotes! What are the 10 most useful, inspirational, funny or relatable quotes that you have ever come across?
28. My playlist
What is your favourite playlist? Is your favourite song on this playlist? What is your favourite song, and why?
29. Playlist that!
You could do this as a one off or as a series. Make up playlists of 10 songs under the following titles (or you can make up your own): My first love, My first heartbreak, School/work, summer, freedom, arguments, when blogging, when reading, when running, ect.
30. My most treasured possessions
You could potentially do this as a series, but I would recommend you do this as a single post only. What are your most treasured possessions, and why are they so significant? You could do this as a simple bullet point list, or a paragraph layout.
31. Looking through my closet
Identify 5 of your favourite tops, dresses, skirts/trousers, and do the same for 5 things that you rarely wear, and why.
32. 25 tweets
What are your favourite tweets? What are the funniest tweets? The most current tweets? The most inspirational Tweets? You get the idea.
33. Your favourite things
Talk about your favourite anythings. Food, clothes, friends, colours, artists, albums animals, countries, shops, products, books... the list could go on forever
34. Opinions on a magazine article
Have you read an interesting or controversial magazine article recently? Discuss the angle the author took, and whether or not you agree with them. You might even want to dig deeper and find out some other peoples opinions. Google is always a good idea, but you could also conduct your own mini survey of friends and family, and twitter/tumblr followers! 
35. Your weekend in 10 minutes
Set yourself on a timer to talk about everything you got up to on your weekend. You might want to take some pictures in advance, and make sure you choose an interesting weekend. Nobody wants to read about you sitting around in your pjs for two days straight. Also, don't forget to edit your post after you've written the main body- and definitely don't time your editing!
36. Your recent inspirations
Talk about a situation that has happened in the last few months, and discuss where you went to look for inspiration, how you found inspiration, and how that helped you pull through. Furthermore you might want to talk about the friends who have inspired you, the celebrities, the songs... whatever!
37. Your favourite instagram accounts
This is pretty self explanatory. Choose a minimum of 5 accounts, and write a short description of why you love them, and include some of their best pictures.
38. A learning curve
Talk about something you have learnt in the past year, and how it has been useful for you to know, and why it is helpful.
39. Q&A post
Ask a handful of your audience, and your twitter followers to send in questions for you to answer, and then you can answer as many or as few as you want. I would recommend a minimum of at least 5 though.
40. My hobby
Share one of your hobbies. Talk about how you got into it, what it involves, and how you maintain it. Maybe take some pictures related to it, for example if you're interested in books, take pictures of books, or sports, ask a friend to take a picture of you participating. Also, try to come up with a better title than 'my hobby'; this is your blog, not a school report!
41. Do a tag post
An example of this, is the 10 things you don't know about me tag. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, google it ASAP!
42. My hero
Write a post about your hero/idol and why you look up to them. Talk about who they are and where they come from, how you found out about them and why they are significant to you.
43. Top 10 tips
Do you have any tips that could be useful for your readers? Share them! This could be something like a 'top 10 tips for getting through exams' or even something specific like 'top 10 tips on applying makeup'
44. Failure is not the end
Discuss a situation you were in, where you failed at something but learned from it. What did you learn?
45. Do a 30 day challenge
This could be a 30 day photography challenge, or a blog challenge. There are a ton of different ideas- google it!
46. How I organise
Show your readers how you keep your things organised and neat. Maybe you don't keep things neat and organised, but you want to... you can always make it a challenge for yourself!
47. I need help!
Write about something you need help in, and ask your readers to give you advice. They will love being able to lend you a helping hand, and you will get some amazing advice in return! Not a bad deal, eh?
48. How I started blogging
Discuss how you started blogging, and why you love it
49. Morning routine
What makes you wake up in the morning? How do you decide what to wear? Do you listen to any music when you wake up? What is your makeup routine in the morning?
50. How I style my hair
You might want to do one style that you usually go with, a step by step tutorial of how to style your hair, or a list of different ways you like styling your hair. Either one is good!
51. Beauty Brand haul
What is your favourite brand? Go out and haul a ton of products from this brand, or document everything from this brand that you already have.
52. Makeup and beauty storage
Where do you keep all your beauty products? How do you keep things organised, and why do you think this is important?
53. 5 brands to try
You can either recommend 5 brands that your readers should try, or try 5 brands that you've never tried before.
54. Festival/holiday style diary
Keep a record of what you wear on a holiday or to a festival. Talk about your experiences, what other people wore, and whether or not you were happy with your outfits in the end. Rate each one out of 10.
55. How to style...
Write three ways to style different things, like three ways to style a denim jacket, or a scarf, or eyeliner... you can really go anywhere with this one to be honest!
56. Fashion crisis- help!
Where do you go to when you have a fashion crisis? Your friends? Google? Bloggers? Write your own personal go-to fashion help, and then list 5 new places you can go to when you're in a fashion crisis.
57. Your top 10 fashion blogs
What are the 10 fashion blogs you check regularly? Which ones do you think provide the best quality pictures, advice... what do you think makes a good fashion blogger?
58. Transitional fashion
Pick an item from your closet and show your readers how you style it differently to suit each season. Why is it useful to have transitional items? What is your favourite?
59. Top 10 fashion shops
Pretty self explanatory. Link to your favourite fashion shops, write a little blurb for each one, and express why you like them so much.
60. Top 5 accessories
Make sure you show lots of close up, detailed pictures for this one! Discuss your favourite accessories, when and how you acquired them, and where your reader can buy them.
61. Budget challenge
Set yourself a goal of £20-50 and see if you can buy a whole outfit with it. Where did you get each item, and for how much?
62. Budget haul
Limit yourself to £5-10 per item, and go out and buy as many good quality things as you can find, and then document them in a blog post with pictures
63. DIY home tips
One of the posts I've seen recently is on how a blogger DIY'd her dressing table, which went down pretty well! This can be anything from the smallest thing, to the biggest, like how to make DIY decorations for example. Last month I made a collection of 5 DIY picture frames
64. Staying motivated/Inspired
How do you maintain your motivation, and find inspiration for every day? What are your top tips on maintaining this, and why do you think it's important
65. How do you stay healthy?
Whether it's going on a diet, eating your 5 a day (or is it 7 now...), going to the gym, participating in a sport or even just walking to school/work, discuss what you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle
66. What I learnt about blogging
Discuss everything you learnt about blogging in the past year (or even longer), how you learnt it, and why it is significant, and how you hope to improve your blog for the future. What would you say to anyone who was aspiring to start up a blog?
67. Top 10 blogging apps
What are the go-to apps that you use to stay organised when blogging and scheduling posts? How do they help you? Are they free or not? This can be anything from photo editing apps to note taking apps, to the blogger app.
68. Travel sized holiday products
This is always useful for readers just coming up to a big holiday, especially ones like summer and winter. 100ml perfume bottles, shampoos, foundations... anything you can find that is travel sized, and give your opinions on what the best stuff is!
69. Travel diary
Document all the places you have ever been, your experiences, how the travelling was, and the people you met. Talk about your future plans, and where you would like to go in the ideal world.
70. Where to eat app reviews
I love these types of posts, because I never know whether or not an app is actually going to be helpful or not for me, especially when I'm going to a place I've never been before, so it's always useful to see other peoples opinions.
71. Tips on blogging backgrounds
What are your favourite blog backgrounds? What background do you use currently/have you used in the past? Whose blog layout do you admire/wish you had?
72. How to make your pictures better
Share your photoshop expertise! I know that I for one am nowhere near being an expert at photo editing, so I find posts that provide step by step guidelines extremely helpful, and I know I'm not the only one!
73. 10 ways you hope to improve your blog this year
Set yourself 10 goals, and discuss how you want to achieve this. Encourage your readers to help you achieve your goals, they will want to help!
74. Music lover?
Compile a list of all the physical albums you have, and if you prefer physical or downloadable music, express why.
75. Stepping out of my comfort zone
Do something that you might feel uncomfortable about, and blog about it! For example, on one of my old blogs, I tried out a new makeup look which was way out of my comfort zone, and I wrote about it, and it ended up being my most popular post!
76. Where I live
Go on a walk where you live and take some photographs. Go to the nearest town or city, the nearest castle, the nearest farm, ect. go explore!
77. Be honest!
Tell your readers how your week has been; honestly! If you've had a wonderful week, tell your readers that, and tell them why your week has been so good! If you've had a crap week, then tell your readers that, and tell them what has been so bad.
78. I'm the cook
Cook a three course meal, and take photographs, along with your recipes. You might want to invite people over and ask them to give you feedback, and rate it out of 10.
79. Hand made by me
Hand make something and document each step with photographs, and then put it into context and detail every single step. You could even ask your readers to send you in pictures of their shots!
80. Get ready with me!
Are you going out this week? Do a photo version of the youtube trend 'get ready with me'.
81. Where I blog
Take photos of your blogging space, and if you take outdoor photos of peoples outfits, take blank photos of your favourite photoshoot destinations.
82. An unusual review
Review something a little bit outside your usual topic. If you're a fashion blogger, review a book or a movie, if you're a beauty blogger, review a tv series or album, if you're a music blogger, review a cafe, ect. You get the idea!
83. My ideal bath-time routine
Do you have a perfect bath routine? Set the scene with some candles, bath bombs, and bubble bath, and take some pictures- without your naked self, preferably.
84. I'm inspired by her
Do an outfit inspired by another blogger that you like to read, and link them in a picture and why they inspire you, and why you love this outfit.
85. Restaurant review
If you go out for a meal, take your camera and make sure you take a few snaps of the food and the building, and review the restaurant. If you're really out there, you could even request a picture with a waiter or even the manager!
86. Managing money
Advice on managing your money on rent and the cost of living is always a good topic to cover; you could talk about your own struggles, and give 10 top tips, or ask your friends for their opinions and how they manage their money.
87. Not my choice
Go into the city with a friend and go shopping for each other separately for an allocated amount of time. See what you get for each other, and put your friendship through the ultimate test!
88. A new adventure
Head somewhere you've never been before near where you live and share what you find. You could take pictures of your discoveries. You might want to go with a friend just in case; it's always safer to get lost with a friend than on your own!
89. Colour themed blogging
Choose a colour at random, or ask a friend to choose a colour and make a post themed on it. Clothes, makeup, books... you name it!
90. The boyfriend challenge
Get your boyfriend or a boy you know to have a go at doing your makeup! This can have hilarious results, just make sure that you record each step with a silly picture!
91. What makes me happy
Blog about every little thing that makes you happy. Remember to keep your individuality, and share every little detail.
92. 10 things I wish I knew about when I started
I really don't have to explain this one. You can do it on your own, I swear.
93. My response to twitter
Have you ever came across a tweet that you felt needed a longer response than the allocated characters? Whether it's criticism or praise, express your opinion in a blog post.
94. That highschool experience
Everyone has that one defining moment that happened in highschool that pretty much changed your life forever, and unlike what the movies say, it's  not always about getting knocked up and dropping out of school. What was your highschool experience?
95. Don't watch this movie
What is the worst movie you've ever seen in your life? When and where did you see it, and why was it so bad?
96. The lie detector
Remember that one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it? Or maybe you didn't, I mean that might actually make an even better blog post- cringe!
97. Embarrassment 101
Share all of the most embarrassing experiences that you can remember. You never know, you might find that some of your readers have had similar experiences!
98. Brain dump
Write every single little thing that's on your mind right now. And not potatoes! Or elephants! I'm being serious here...
99. My take on things
Write a response to a popular blog post written by someone else- an opinion piece where you can either show your support or your disapproval of their views.
100. Part two
Find your most popular blog post and write a second follow up edition of it, or just update/rewrite it under a new title!

Okay wow. I cannot believe that I just wrote all that in two hours. Now that is what you can a brain dump!

What are your backup blog ideas?
Do you keep a stash of blog ideas for future reference?

What do you wear weekly #1

So for those of you who don't know, I'm starting a new series! Along with the regular post every now and then, I'm going to be talking to you every week, to see what you wear weekly!

This week, we're talking to Erika.

Hi Erika! How are you? Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm Erika, I'm a Swedish 16 year old and I am obsessed with music. I love the feeling you get at concerts, and I spend most of my time on my computer. I don't do well when I need to talk to people I don't like or know very well. I am pretty much a loser who is trying to find her reason to stay.

You're certainly not a loser in my books! Now, can you please talk us through your chosen outfit?
I would like to call it 'fuck it I don't give a fuck'. It's basically I wear what the hell I feel like, it's just black jeans and my class sweatshirt.

Funny! Haha, it's great. How would you describe your style?
I don't really have a style I just wear whatever I feel like wearing, like sometimes I'm really girly and sometimes I wear my brothers shirts.

What's your favourite thing to wear? 
My favourite thing to wear, hmm... I guess it has to be band shirts with black pants.

Aw that's really awesome. Do you think your music taste influences your style? If so, how?
It probably does because I used to listen to like, pop and one direction and shit, and back then I wore a lot of colourful clothes. However now I often only wear black and it has just gone a little darker since I started to listen to Asking Alexandria and other bands like that, but that could also have to do with that I've grown up a lot since then, and I'm not as happy and bubbly anymore.

Yeah, I suppose so. If you had to choose one celebrity whose wardrobe you could have forever, who would you choose?
That is hard... Alex Gaskarth's because lets face it, he wears perfect clothes every day!

That is so true! It's been great talking to you, is there anything else you want to add?
No, not really.

Okay, well thank you! Speak to you soon.

Would you like to feature in the next what do you wear weekly? Hit me up on twitter, or send me an email. You can find my details on the contacts tab.

What did you think of Erika's style?
Do you think music influences what you wear?


Tuesday, 9 June 2015


The time has come, the summer sun (and a touch of summer rain, though I'm hoping there won't be too much of that this year) is scheduled in, and it's finally June, which means SUMMER is finally here! My holidays start in two and a half weeks, so I'm literally counting down the days until I'm free. 

What am I doing this summer?
Apart from enjoying the sunshine, which will make it's appearance, I have a pretty packed summer planned!

 One week on Friday, I'll be going off for a weekend in Stirling for training for the summer. I'll get to meet new people around my age, and catch up with old friends from last year. I know I'm being a bit vague with this, but I'll talk about it later on, I promise!

 For the first two and a half weeks, I hope to find a job. More money for spending on beautiful clothes and foreign treasures! I don't know where yet, but in the next week I'm going to be sending my application in to a few shops like New Look, Primark, the card factory, and some local shops too.

 Then, I'm going on a roadtrip with my family, which I'm extremely excited about. We're going to be going through countries like England, Holland, Germany and Poland, to visit family and become the tourist for a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to travelling around, and leaning more about the different cultures, so that ought to be interesting! In Poland, there's also going to be a family reunion with pretty much all of my Mum's side of the family, so I'll get to meet all sorts of new people from the family, as well as catching up with cousins and relatives that I already know. There are bound to be a ton of cute little kids, too!

 Once I get back, I'll be at home for just under a week, which is enough for me to go on an end of summer-sales haul, and buy all the essentials for getting back to what will be my final year at school. I'm sure I'll be able to catch up with local friends at this point too, and some fun daytrips and sleepovers are sure to be scheduled in!

 After my little home-break, I'm going to be away from home for a week in a town near Stirling, where I'll be co-leading a group of children and/or youth as part of a Baptist Church organisation, called 'Step Out'. Next Friday I'll be away for the weekend in Stirling for the training, along with people who will be on my team, and those on other teams. I'll be given my own top and jumper, and from what I know, the colour schemes are red and white, so we'll see how that goes! Last year I took part in 'Step Out' as part of a different team which went to a Church near Dundee. It's a great opportunity, and I made some amazing friends who I'm sure will stick around for a very long time

So there it is! My summer in a nutshell. 

What effect will all this have on her electric ocean?
This year is going to be a pretty busy time for me, but don't worry, I've scheduled in posts for you guys, which will be posted right here every Saturday.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I hope to hear from you soon!

What are you doing for the summer?

Guest post by 'world of noise'

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Hi!!! I am so happy I was asked to do this post :)
Just a quick introduction.
I’m Lizzie and I run a blog called ‘World Of Noise’.  I’ve had it for two years and I’m still growing.
I’m a HUGE Directioner and in the 5SOS fam.  I also am into All Time Low, Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, my chemical romance, etc.  Also Halsey and Lana  Del Rey type of stuff.  
I’m homeschooled and I am just finishing my second year of highschool. I want to go to college in Manhattan and be an Interior Designer someday!

So I wanted this post kind of to be about fashion. Its a nice, easy topic. I am into a few different looks.  I’m a giant fan of sweaters and have a growing collection.  I’m at around 20 right now.  My typical look is black skinny jeans and a graphic tee. I really like the 90’s grunge trends coming back so I like to add some of that into my outfits. Like lots of flannel\plaid, velvet and denim.  Also just the typical pop-punk looks.  Beanies, Converse, etc.  
So what things do I own to make these kinds outfits?

Shoes:  Black combat boots, a knock off brand of converse, black gladiator sandals
Dresses:  My favorite dress for these styles is my black velvet skater!
Jeans: I have two pairs of dark wash skinnies and a black pair
Tops:  I have a plaid shirt that says ‘Idiot’ on the back, I made it myself!  My 5SOS shirt, black long-sleeves are a must have.  I have TONS of graphic tees.
Coats: My denim jacket that is partially distressed. my black leather jacket <3 span="">
Sweaters:  I have lots of these, but to focus on grunge\alternative fashion I have these:  A black knit one that he front is checked with red, black and red plaid cardigan, black fuzzy crop sweater, red crochet… lots more!  
Accessories: Gray knit beanie, ATL wristband, I own too many earrings to count.  

Wow!   Okay I guess I do like my wardrobe after-all!

I love creating a personal style, I think it is necessary to express yourself through your clothing!  At some point you style may change but it should reflect who you are and you should feel comfortable in it!

I hope this was a good post and I’m looking forward to seeing this posted!  If you liked this, please check out my blog!  Thanks again, Sara!

A new beginnning

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Picture by Katie
5SOS in Glasgow 01/06/2015
Today I start a new chapter of my life. My exams are over -for now at least- and I am now officially sixth year. For those of you who don't know, sixth year is the last year of high school in Scotland, and in my school, when you upgrade, you get a new tie, and an upgrade in social area (Basically where everyone hangs out and eats). Oh, not to forget the free periods. Today for me, was a new beginning.

Where should I start? Well, I walked up to school, went to the lockers and- no, that's just boring. Basically, my first day back was... fantastic. I'm really looking forward to this new year, and all the opportunities that it will bring. I took four subjects in total; advanced higher business, and higher administration, photography, and psychology, although psychology only starts after summer.

Highlight of my day? Having two and a half hours off in between classes to go home and have lunch. Definitely.

And as if that's not exciting enough, today has also started another new beginning. Because today, or tonight, I went to my first ever 5sos show. And can I just say here and now, as I write this at five minutes past midnight, that I had the. Best. Time. Of. My. Life.

It was incredible, these four Aussie lads are incredible, and I have no words... I am completely and utterly amazed. I knew they were good; but nothing in the world could have prepared me for how freaking perfect they were. And Calum didn't even forget any lines! 

At least I don't think he did.

Not only that, but I met the most amazing, lovely person, Sarah, at the show. So that marks another new beginning.

I'm really excited and thrilled for all this to be happening in my life, and I'm so glad that I can share this with you all.

What are some of your experiences of new beginnings?
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