July's 3 Friday Favourites

Friday, 31 July 2015

I love reading other peoples blogs. Seeing how successful some blogs have become, and the influence that they have, has motivated me to put all my effort into making my little blog as good as possible. It's also really encouraging, to see that it is in fact possible for an ordinary, run of the mill town girl, to become successful.

This year, I have discovered a few new blogs, which I have instantly fallen in love with. I want to share these with you, because I am hoping that you also, will fall in love with them.

Sprinkle of Glitter is a beauty/lifestyle blog written by youtuber Louise Pentland. I've been aware of Louise's youtube channel and celebrity personality for quite some time now, but I never actually knew she had a blog up until yesterday. When I went to check it out, the first thing that struck me was her layout- it's so simple, and so cute! I love the insight to her life that you get through her blog, and her monthly advertisers have led me to discovering a few other new favourites in the blogging world!

Hannah Gale's lifestyle blog is one that I discovered around the start of the year, and since this amazing discovery, I have been totally sucked in to her blog. I almost never regularly check up on what other bloggers are posting, however I seem to find myself reading through Hannah Gale's new posts almost every day! Her blog has a bit of everything, with her most recent posts varying from humorous lists, healthy(ish) recipes, and a nail polish review. The photography that features on her blog is so cute, too.

Professional daydreamer is an adorable blog written by 17 year old Chloe. I actually found out about this lovely blog through Sprinkle of Glitter's June 2015 advertisers post, and I am so glad that I did. Much like Hannah Gale, Chloe has a variety of content, which makes it hard to put her blog into a genre, but makes it fresh and exciting. I'm really looking forward to reading more from her.

5 happy thoughts

Saturday, 25 July 2015

1. I bought a new sweater
It's pink and cute and cuddly and I love it! On it there's white texts saying "on Wednesdays we wear pink" #MeanGirlsAF
2. Iced coffee in the mornings
For the past four days I've been staying over at my cousins house, and every morning I've woken up to fresh fruit salad for breakfast with iced coffee; two of my favourite things! Sadly today I'm going off somewhere new, but I really have enjoyed these little treats.
3. Antman
To be completely honest with you, I was a bit wary about going to see Antman in the cinema. Because I'm in Poland at the moment on my European roadtrip, language can be a bit of a barrier! However, the movie was all good in English just with polish subtitles- hoorah!
4. Thunder and lightning
I know a lot of people don't like thunder and lightning but I think there's something very beautiful and exciting about it! Yesterday there was a giant storm, and I watched it all from the comfort of my cousins house, with a lovely hot chocolate to keep me cosy!
5. Tomorrow I'm going to Germany
As my Europe road trip comes to a close, the long journey home starts tomorrow. I plan to stay with family near Dusseldorf for four days before taking the ferry back to good ol' Britain!

Pancakes in Poland

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hello friends! It's been a while since I've actually sat down and written something, since I've been on holiday; buzzing about everywhere and anywhere. It's been good but it's been very tiring! And of course, I miss the writing.
Yesterday was one of the hottest days I have ever encountered, with highs of almost 40°C, which is crazy for me; the internet obsessed girl from Scotland where more than 20°C is already a miracle. It made for a great day of lazing about and sunbathing, and in the evening I met up with a group of friends from Morocco, which was wonderful. I love seeing friends!
However by the end of the day, I had heat exhaustion... it was horrible; I had a headache, then all of a sudden was overcome by dizziness, my eyes felt like they were burning, and to top it all off I was sick. Yuck. Thankfully everything is all okay now, but let me tell you this- heat exhaustion is a spoiler for good holidays. Still, I have been told that the best thing to do is to drink a ton of water, have a cold shower, and rest up. So therefore today, I plan to do absolutely nothing but watch Sherlock, drink water, and eat American Pancakes on my third last day in Poland.
How are you spending your summer?

5 happy thoughts

Thursday, 9 July 2015

1. It's summer time.
I love the summer. I love waking up and seeing the sunshine creep in through my curtains. The warmth makes me happy. It brings back memories of running about and having water fights as a kid. I love sitting outside in the sunshine with a good book, or just laying there with my earphones plugged in, blasting out the summer hits.

2. I went for a run today.
I slipped on my trainers and went out into the big old world. With my music blasting through my earphones, I ran down a country road just 5 minutes from my house. I realised how lucky I am to live where I live. I love where I live; I love being so close to the city at the same time as being so close to the countryside. I love being able to escape to a quiet place. I love being able to be alone with just me, the music, and the scenery

3. I bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday.
I haven't been shoe shopping since I bought my winter boots, and yesterday I bought a pair of plastic-y white sandals for the beach, and the cutest pair of wedges. They're baby-blue, with a kinda wood-y wedge bit (wow that's a crappy description...) and I am totally in love with them! They didn't even cost me that much, either

4. I got a really nice compliment from my friend
I don't usually accept or like compliments, because I don't agree with them, or I feel like people are just saying nice things to me to be nice. I'm slowly learning to accept compliments, and yesterday one of my friends gave me a lovely compliment which just totally made my day.

5. I've been playing a lot of guitar
Because I'm on holiday and have a hell of a lot more free time, I've been playing a hell of a lot more guitar, which is really nice. I love playing my guitar, and just blasting out the tunes and forgetting about the world around me and the worries that I always seem to be carrying around. My guitar is kind of like an escape, and I always feel much better after a good old jamming session!

Newsletter (update)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

At over 5,000 views, I am so grateful for all the support that her electric ocean has seen. That figure might seem like nothing to you, but it means the world to me. I've been working on perfecting this blog for about two years now, and I'm pretty happy with where it is right now. It's become one of the main sources of my happiness; just by visiting my humble little blog, or by making a short sweet comment, you have been able to put a smile straight on my lips. And I can't thank you enough for that. 

That's why I have decided to start a newsletter. I will be sending you all regular emails (most likely once a month or so), if you sign up. I want to write every second that I can, because that is my passion, and I believe that operating a newsletter system on top of this blog, is something that will allow me to interact with you, the reader, on a more personal level.

I plan to give you updates on the latest posts that I have uploaded, what's going on in my life, along with all sorts of other content, all bundled into one email! I'm really excited about this new opportunity, and I really hope that you guys will all come on board with it too!

When you visit her electric ocea, a little pop-up box should come up asking you to sign up to the newsletter. Please, please subscribe, it would mean the world to me to have you on board!

What do you wear weekly #2

Saturday, 4 July 2015

So for those of you who don't know, I've started a new series! Along with the regular post every now and then, I'm going to be talking to you every week, to see what you wear weekly!

This week, we're talking to Emily.

Hey Emily! How are you? Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm okay! I like to sing, write and read. My favourite band is of mice and men. I love Halloween. I'm very creative. I'm also socially awkward.

Okay, now can you talk us through your chosen outfit?
So I'm wearing a tank top with lace on the top with a zipper down the middle, with camo shorts and running sneakers.

It's gorgeous. How do you describe your style?
I guess I dress kind of punk rock?

Awesome! What's your favourite outfit?
My favourite outfit would have to be the camo shorts with fishnets underneath, and an AC/DC crop top. With black vans for shoes!

That's great.. So you mentioned previously that you dress kind of punk rock. Do you think that your music taste has a huge impact on your clothes?
Yeah I would think so because my music and outfits give me a way to express myself, which is something that is really important to me.

Yeah that's really cool. If you had to choose one celebrity whose wardrobe you could have, who would you choose?
Ooh, it would have to be Alex Gaskarth's wardrobe.

Good choice! That seems to be the most popular, at least out of the two people who have participated. He does have a perfect closet though, to be honest.
He really does.

Well, thank you for being so great, is there anything else you'd like to add?
Nope not really, I think that's a wrap!

Thanks for speaking to me, see you soon.

Would you like to be featured next time? Hit me up on twitter or by email, just check out the contact me tab on the top.

What did you think of Emily's outfit?
Which celebrity wardrobe would you choose?
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