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Thursday, 3 September 2015

One band which has meant a lot to me over the years is this Christian rock band, flyleaf.

A month before they broke up in 2012, the bands sound engineer Rick Caldwell died.The band played their last show a few days after his death for the benefit of his wife Katie and their daughter.

At the show, Lacey Sturm -the lead singer- spoke a bit about him, saying that "Sometimes we don't understand why these things happen, and there's nothing you can say to make it better. But there's something so honest about having a God to cling to and when we don't understand, just trusting that he is good"

Rick's wife Katie said that she had been listening to the radio, and she had heard this preacher saying that this bad thing had happened. And God spoke to this woman's heart and he said to her "Would you still trust me even if I never told you why"

And it's just so hard to do that sometimes. But there's something so honest in coming to God with your questions and your grief and your anger and just being like "Okay hey God what's the deal? But I'm gonna trust you anyhow even though it feels like I've hit a dead end, and I'm gonna trust that you are gonna use this as a piece of your giant jigsaw puzzle"

And God replies to us and he says "Hey, it's okay. I made you and you are mine. I have rescued you, come back to me" In fact, in Isiah 43 (Contemporary English Version) God tells the people not to be afraid. He says "I have rescued you. I have called you by name, now you belong to me. When you cross deep rivers, I will be with you and you won't drown. When you walk through fire, you won't be burned or scorched by flames"

I don't know about you, but I constantly find myself going back to that place where I'm trying to carry everything in my life all by myself. And I end up falling under the weight of it all but that was never Gods plan. He doesn't want us to carry it all by ourselves. We can't do it- Only God can do it. And that's what he says, he says "I never meant for you to go through this by yourself. I wanna go through it with you. I wanna carry it for you"

Back to what it says in Isaiah 43, "I have rescued you" Stop fighting for your freedom, because you're already free. I have rescued you. "I have called you by name, now you belong to me" I love my guitar, for an example, and I would never give it to someone I don't trust, and when I was away from home for a months road trip around Europe, I really missed my guitar. So much so that when I came back, I spent the whole day with it. 

When I was preparing this, I thought a bit about that, and one thing that kept popping up in my mind is that if we know how to look after our treasured possessions, how much better does God know how to look after us? Even when we're broken, even when it's tough, even when we're scared or angry or sad, because we belong to him. So if things get tough this week or this year, or just in life in general, the best thing we can do is turn to God and admit that we can't do this on our own and that we need to rely on him to take good care of us, his treasured children.


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