My calm indie playlist

Saturday, 28 November 2015

As you have hopefully noticed from my blog already, I love music. And by that, I mean pretty much any music, and almost every genre. So if you have any requests or questions, please, please let me know- don't be shy! I'll give you the best answer that I can.

The kind of indie music I'm going to be writing about is a mixture between indie-folk, and just simply plain calm indie. I love listening to indie music when I'm stressed, tired, or just in need of a relax and recharge, so a little while ago I made myself a playlist of some songs that I liked but hadn't heard a lot of, so hopefully you guys will be discovering new music also! You can find this playlist on spotify right here, but if you don't have spotify, don't fret; I'm going to tell you the songs right now.

  2. ME BY THE 1975
  14. MEDECIN BY THE 1975

5 Happy Thoughts

For my birthday last month (30th of October) my boyfriend proved how incredible he was, by sending me a wee hamper of treats. From bath bombs from lush, to large smartie packets, he really did well! Last night I used up the very last of the bath bombs, soaking up the glory while I watched gogglebox. Damn are baths good! I need to have more baths...

ITS LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS! And if that's not a brilliant reason to be happy, then I don't know what is. It's time to kick up your feet, and cosy up with a warm drink and a Christmas movie.

Tomorrow I'm having a few of my friends round for a little hunger games marathon in preparation for Mockingjay part 2. I've got the scran all prepared, and I'm really looking forward to chilling out with my girls!

I've been meditating using the calm app and book for just over two months now, and it's honestly been one of the most interesting and relaxing things I've ever taken part in. In all honestly, I've been more than a bit sporadic with my meditating, but ever night that I do actually do it, I instantly see the benefits, and it never ceases to amaze me how much of an impact a 10 minute session has on my perspective and attitude.

I've finally finished all my Christmas shopping! It's such a good feeling to know that you're totally organised, and I am completely revelling in that feeling right now! I finished off my shopping with getting my closest friends' presents, as well as a party dress for my New Year party. Bring on the party season... I'm ready!

25 Festive blog post ideas

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hello, friends! Merry month-till-Christmas! I've really been getting into the festive spirit lately, and I'm loving it! I've got my gorgeous pink mini chirstmas tree up in my room, and am almost done with my Christmas shopping (what can I say... I like being organised!). 

Christmas is that time of year where pretty much everyone is internet-dependant. Gone are the sunny days where you lazed about in the sun... winter is all about cosy-ing up with a warm cup of tea, a festive movie, and your phone. This is the time where people are going to be searching for gift ideas, outfit inspiration, and festive recipes, and we as bloggers should be taking advantage of that! 

A few of my blogger friends wanted to do a blogger Christmas countdown, but weren't quite sure where to start, so here are a few ideas to kickstart your blogs Christmas countdown. Bear in mind that you probably won't want to be blogging when it comes to the 23rd-25th, so schedule in posts instead!

1st December
24 days to go...
How to stay organised in the festive period

2nd December
23 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for kids

3rd December
22 days to go...
5 favourite festive blog posts

4th December
21 days to go...
top 10 Christmas gifts for Mums

5th December
20 days to go...
top 10 festive buys for under £20

6th December
19 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for Dads

7th December
18 Days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for him 

8th December
17 days to go...
Top 10 Christmas gifts for her

9th December
16 days to go...
My favourite thing about christmas

10th December
15 days to go...
the best 5 Christmas movies in existence

11th December
14 days to go...
the 10 best Christmas jumpers this year

12th December
13 days to go...
Party dresses for this season

13th December
12 days to go...
Top 10 gifts for secret santa

14th December
11 days to go...
Christmas Hamper ideas

15th December
10 days to go...
The best beauty stocking fillers

16th December
9 days to go...
My favourite festive fragrances

17th December
8 days to go...
What's on my wishlist for Christmas

18th December
7 days to go...
top 10 festive date ideas

19th December
6 days to go... 
What's in my bag this Christmas

20th December
5 days to go...
What I love about Christmas

21st December
4 days to go...
Festive lush Haul

22nd December
3 days to go...
Top 5 hot drinks from starbucks

23rd December
2 days to go...
3 Hilarious Christmas Memories

24th December
1 day to go...
What I'm wearing on Christmas day

25th December
How I spend Christmas Day

5 of the worst mistakes you can make when writing an email.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Recently, I've found myself increasingly relying on email as a means to communicate, and in this time I have stumbled upon countless mistakes, some of which are more harmful than others.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes I've seen;

#1 Not proof-reading
I am constantly surprised by the stupid spelling mistakes people make when they're typig typing away; myself included. In fact, few days ago, I was trying to organise a collaboration with a friend of mine. In one of her emails to me, she wrote "thank you for you're help". Now that sentence alone gives me a really bad impression on their writing ability. Not only that but it shows lack of care, and consideration. If you're writing an important email, make sure you proof read it before you hit send, and if you're prone to silly mistakes, get a friend or colleague to proof read your emails for you. 

# 2 Having an unclear subject line
There is nothing worse than receiving an email with a subject line that says something like "Hi", "Introductions" or "To xyz". If you just want to say hi, then there are other means of contacting me, and if you have something important that I must be made aware of, or that you need to discuss with me, then I expect a clear subject line that adequately summarises the contents of the email. It really shouldn't be that hard.

#3 Not addressing the email, or signing off
This might be a personal pet peeve of mine, but just as in an old fashioned letter, I believe it is extremely important that you state who you are addressing the email to. This way, if you've got the wrong recipient, it will be picked up quickly. Furthermore, it just looks neater. There's not a lot you can do with emails to make them look good, so it's increasingly important that you do what you can. You wouldn't go around randomly starting conversations with people, a simple "Hello, name" should suffice.

#4 Throwing all your information in one huge paragraph
It can be overwhelming if you're faced with an email in which there is a heap-load of information, all in one gigantic paragraph. Emails should be straight to the point, and structured efficiently. If I'm writing an email and it's more than three paragraphs long, I split my email up with headings.

#5 Using text talk
Emails should have some level of formality, and to be blunt, using text talk in an email just makes you sound like a non educated delinquent. You should always write in full sentences that make complete sense. Text talk in emails is just quite simply unacceptable.

"But I won't make a difference"

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I'm sure you will all be aware of the devastating attack in Paris that occurred just last weekend. Childrens were orphaned, families lost their children... People lost their loved ones, their best friends, their husbands, their wives. But those who were left alive, have been given the support they need. They had a home to go back to. They had a community to fall back on. So although it was a tragedy, and I don't want to take away from the severity of the incident, they did have a significant amount of support, as the whole of France stood in solidarity.

But what about the refugees coming from Syria? The women, men and children who are not just fleeing from an attack, but a war. They have faced death daily, and watched their loved ones perish before their eyes. They have seen homes demolished, and their children have been threatened by gunpoint. 

Not only that, but they have then been faced with the decision; stay in this warzone, or risk their lives in travelling across continents in order to find a safe and secure place for their families to live. Yesterday, approximately 100 Syrian refugees arrived in Glasgow, and it is my prayer that they will have recieved a warm welcome. They aren't here to steal your jobs; they're here to escape the horrors that they faced in their homes. 

So what can you do to support these refugees?

Well, here are a few websites that might just give you an idea; be it holding a coffee/tea night, or making a small personal donation and challenging your friends to do the same, to fundraise for these homeless, vulnerable, innocent people.

My favourite recipes

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Recently, I have gotten more and more into baking. The realisation that I might be moving away from home for university after the summer, has come the realisation that I really suck at being independent. I guess teaching myself how to cook and bake is my way of trying to learn the skills I'm going to need to be able to survive on my own. It's not actually been as difficult as I initially thought it would be, and I've actually found some great recipes from my fellow bloggers.

Here are a few of my favourites.
Vanilla Creme Brulee
I've always been a fan of these wonderful sweet treats, and they're such a simple yet effective dessert. They really make for a great dessert to make when you've got people coming over for a meal.
Rose and Pistachio sponges
Sponge cakes and cupcakes are one of the very few things that I've actually known how to make since I was about 10 years old, but this recipe just takes it to the next level! The rose petals just make it so aesthetically beautiful, and this picture is incredible.
Spiced apple blender cake with a fudge centre
What's that? You want my honest opinion? THESE ARE THE BEST DESERTS IN THE WORLD. My life will never be the same again... I am in love!
Lavander shortbread rounds
I've actually only ever tried to make this once on my own, and it didn't exactly turn out that great.. But I'm certainly not giving up! I tried to make it with my mum, and got it just right. I never really appreciated how hard it is to make the perfect shortbreat!

Thursday thoughts #4

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Learning to walk the tightrope

Sometimes I just feel like I've been going from strength to strength, you know? And it's great; I'll have gone over 250 days clean, I'll have been happy; like really happy.  I'll have got all this stuff in my life going for me, and it will feel good. It will feel good to breathe and just relax and feel healthy again. 

But then something like this comes and it knocks me off the road, and I end up in that place where I'm doubting myself. I doubt my ability to get back up, and that's when the depression kicks in. It's like the niggling voice in your head that tells you you can't do something, and sometimes it's easier to ignore it than others. But there are times where I've fallen down, and this niggling voice turns into a battle cry, screaming and shouting about how worthless I am. How could I let myself fall into this pit of despair when I was finally on the right path! And I'm like why am I here again? Why can't I just walk down the path and be fine?

But then I look back and see that it wasn't a path that I was walking on, it was a tightrope. And when an acrobat starts to learn how to walk on a tightrope, I'm sure they fall a lot. That's just part of the learning process, so just because they fall doesn't mean they can't get back up. The tightrope is a scary place and looking down is just gonna make it harder so you need to focus on what's ahead of you. See what you've achieved, and don't be too hard on yourself. Yeah some people are gonna find it easier than you to walk the tightrope, and some of them are going to be able to do flips and tricks and stun the crowd, but for now you're training. You might not be strong enough to do all the fancy stuff, but you're learning how to walk. 

You need to be easy on yourself, because life is a learning process, much like the tightrope, and you need to pick yourself back up and keep trying. Falling down isn't a bad thing, but it is important that you get back up again.

The 1st Playlist #November

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well, my birthday has rolled past, and I'm officially 17! Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes that you have sent me, they really touched my heart; you guys are so sweet. This month I thought I would do a bit of a throwback playlist, so I hope you enjoy going back and listening to some old gems!

Some nights - Fun.

Happy Tears - Cheryl

Run for your life - Matt Cardle

Love you more - JLS

Oopsy Daisy - Chipmunk

How to save a life - the fray

Blackout - Breathe Carolina

This aint a love song - Scouting for girls

Break even - The script

Bottled up tight - Luke Sital-Singh

Rolling in the deep - Adele

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

E.T. - Katie Perry

Grenade - Bruno Mars
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