25 thoughts I had on the last day of school

Saturday, 30 April 2016

1. Holy crappers, I'm no longer a high school student. 

2. Woah. I'm out, after 6 whole years, I'm completely finished with school... for now. 

3. What a weird and wonderful feeling it is to be free from the stress and pressure of school

4. I'm going to miss my friends so much, I can't believe this is it

5. I can't wait for the leavers diner, everyone's dresses are going to be so swanky

6. I wish this teacher was still here so that she could sign my shirt

7. Thank goodness I'm never going to sit through her class again

8. Don't cry. Do not cry. Do. Not. Cry.

9. Oh my gosh. I'm practically an adult now

10. Okay, I can do this.

11. This is the last time I'll ever sit here on the sixth year bridge

12. This is the last time my friends and I will skip school together with

13. I'm never going to see my ex's again, phew

14. How many colours of pen can I get on my shirt, hmmmmm

15. I miss the school waffles already

16. I'm going to miss my business teachers, they were all so sweet and lovely

17. Why is my year so boring where are the PRANKS

18. Setting off stink bombs in the corridor does not count as a prank. Eugh.

19. I am so failing psychology this year and I don't even care

20. When can I get my leavers hoodie I want it NOW

21. Haha, remember the time I had a twitter fight with him

22. That one's a cutie, I'm going to miss him. I sincerely hope he does well in life...

23. I swear she's going to be a millionnaire or something the next time I see her



15 lessons I've learned from Fresh Meat

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

*spoiler alert*

Ever since I got a TV for my room, I've been storming through box sets of TV shows available on ALL4, and it's been bloody brilliant. The last box set I finish was skins, and lately my friend introduced me to this cracking show, Fresh Meat. 

If you haven't gotten into it yet, I would recommend it without a second thought- it's hilarious, light hearted, and a great show for getting me excited for fresher life. Plus, it's practically educational... That's why I've made up a list of 25 things I've learned from Fresh meat in season 1 and 2.

1. Don't switch subjects because of a boy/girl, it will probably result in you failing and being kicked out of uni. Not such a great idea

2. If you want to experiment in uni, go ahead, just maybe avoid the whole goatee look if all you can muster up is a bit of fluff... you'll probably look like a bit of  div

3. Make sure you like the people you move in with, because you're probably going to be spending a heck of a lot of time together

4. Always remember to take your keys out the door when you're locking it, otherwise someone might break in and steal your flatmate's £20 note, and your other flatmates Dad.

5. You should probably study for your course, because if you fail too many times you might end up being kicked off

6. Be prepared for a lot of interrigation about your sexuality from your flatmates

7. Anti-bacterial mouthwash is definitely not a necessity- toothpaste and a toothbrush, however, is

8. Having an affair with your lecturer is probably not a great idea
9. Having an affair with your lecturers son after ending your affair with your lecturer is equally as bad

10. If you want to be successful in your job as a cleaner, it might be helpful to turn the hoover on

11. Your face is not your invite into events, unless you're the Queen

12. If you're rich, someone somewhere is likely to try to take advantage of you

13. Drilling a hole through someone's mouth in a practical while drunk is more than likely to get you kicked off your dentistry course

14. Don't accept marriage proposals unless you are prepared to actually marry them

15. Don't invite all your mates over to your house for an empty, unless you're absolutely certain your house is actually going to be empty

Why I'm a great blogger

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

This post feels really unnatural. I mean, even when I was writing the title I almost changed it, because I didn't want it to seem like I'm boasting. But how easy would it have been for me to write the title "why I'm a crappy blogger", and write about all the things I'm bad at... I know there are a lot. I didn't, though. I gave this post such a full on title because I think it's time (the blogger community, and) I take a stand, and say that actually, I'm hella good at what I do, and I'm not afraid of acknowledging my accomplishments.

You know, I've learnt so much over the past two years that I've been blogging. From learning about how to lay out photos, to taking them at the right white balance; from learning about how to articulate myself in a way that people would understand, to finding my voice through words, to structuring blog posts; from learning how to use social media to promote my blog, to developing contacts with other bloggers through social media... the list could go on forever, it's so damn long.

But I think you get the point; I've learnt a heck of a lot... and every single day that I immerse myself in the blogosphere, I develop my voice more, and I am constantly learning.That in itself is a wonderful thing. Let's call that number one of why I'm a great blogger. Learning is always a great place to start. 

So that brings us, inevitably, onto the fact I may not be some mega blogger who gets asked to write posts all the time and spends a heap of time editing every singe picture, I put a  lot of effort into this little space of mine. Running a blog takes a lot of sweat, drive and determination- and most importantly hard work- no matter how much you post, or what 'level' you're at.

I have opened myself up on this blog so many times, and I have made myself vulnerable in ways that I never would have even dreamed of doing when I started up this little space of mine. I have written some really difficult and challenging posts, both personal and not. Putting myself out there in the blogging world has been daunting, and it has taken a lot of courage for me to write about the things I have written about; especially the personal things. 

Not only that, but I have been completely open with my friends and family about my blog, and what I write about.

I remember when I first started my blog, and a few people at school found out and tauntingly asked me about it... I stood up straight, looked them in the eye, and told them yes, it was my blog, and they were welcome to go on it, and comment if they so wished. These people were not my friends, and to be honest they were only really looking for someone to tease; but by being completely open, I not only showed them I was proud of my blog, I also gained a good number of views, as they scanned through my little place to find something embarrassing- which they didn't.

I am a great blogger because I love my blog. The most important person to please with this blog is myself, and I have achieved that much. Even if nobody read this post, at the end of the day, I would still be happy because I wrote it, and I am proud of my work. I created the header for her electric ocean, and I was happy with it- and my opinion was the only one that mattered.

My blog is my space, and so I decide whether it's a success or not. And in my eyes, it is very much so.
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