June goals

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

 I don't know about you all, but I absolutely love June. It's such a wonderful month, that's full of summer vibes and happy thoughts. I'm really looking forward to my week in Galashiels, as well as lounging about and enjoying my post-exam, pre-university bliss!

1. Meet 5 new people
I love meeting new people, but I don't often put myself in situations where I am likely to chat with people that I don't know. This month, I want to consciously put an effort into putting myself out there, and being open to making new friends,especially as I go out to Galashiels with my team to lead a kids and youth club.

2. Lose Weight
With my holiday away to Poland with my closest friend Katie looming, I really want to get back into shape. This entails a strict diet, as well as a heapload of exercise. The gym is going to become my second home with the amount of time I aim to spend at it this month!

3. Stop spending
This is something I feel like I haven't really talked about a lot on here, but ever since I've gotten my new job (which was meant to be for saving up for university, mind you) I've gotten into the habit of spending all my money before my next paycheck even comes in. This is a really nasty habit, and it's definitely not one that I want to continue into my later life, so I'm going to be working hard this month to break that cycle, and actually start saving up.

4. Cook more
Although I don't plan to move out for my first year of university, I am hoping to meet a bunch of people to eventually move out with when I'm ready. And when the time comes for me to leave the nest, I'm going to need to know how to fend for myself... I can't just live off of free student cheeseburgers from McDonalds, and penne.

5. Keep posting regularly
You may or may not have noticed, but lately I've been uploading posts almost every day, which I've really enjoyed. I hope to keep this up, so I'm going to be writing a lot of draft posts this month to keep in case of busy periods where I might not have the time to sit down for an hour and write up a post, as well as taking photos and editing.

What are your goals for this month?

50 prop ideas for the best photos

Monday, 30 May 2016

1. Makeup brushes

2. Lipsticks

3. Nail varnish

4. Lash Curlers

5. Jewellery

6. Watches

7. Sunglasses

8. Pens/pencils

9. Diaries/notebooks

10. ornaments

11. Glasses

12. Calanders

13. Coloured paper or card

14. post it notes

15. laptop

16. Clipboard

17. Flowers

18. Phone/tablet

19. earphones

20. Phone case

21. Camera

22. Polaroids

23. Postcards

24. Glitter

25. Confetti

26. sequins

27. Fairy lights

28. Books

29. Candles

30. Magazines

31. prints

32. sweets

33. mugs

34. cupcakes

35. muffins

36. Shells

37. washi tape

38. clothes

39. handbags

40. bath bombs

41. perfume

42. letters and envelopes

43. indoor plants

44. coffee cups

45. hand cream

46. broaches

47. fruit

48. smoothies

49. bottled drinks

50. shoes

Thursday thoughts #9

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hello friends! You'll all know by now that I am a strong campaigner for positive thinking, and living, so it should come as no surprise that today's Thursday thoughts will be focused about Happy thoughts. This week, I want you all to challenge yourselves to take the time to appreciate at least 5 happy things each day.

"So, what if, instead of thinking about saving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow"

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who constantly finds themselves trying to be their own superhero. The truth is, I don't have superhuman strength, and neither do you. Besides, superhero's save the world, not themselves. 

But what if we changed that?

(Not the superhuman strength bit, you baboon, that's more than likely to stay the same)

What if rather than focusing on the enormously big picture, and trying to take away every imperfection, and struggle, and problem, and addiction, and fear, we focused on appreciating every. Single. Good. Thing.

It's all about being grateful for the good things in life, really. Opening up your eyes to the little bursts of magic that occur in your life can lead to you adopting a whole new, healthier attitude towards life. Having such an attitude will mean that when you do come into contact with struggles, imperfection, problems, addictions and fears, you'll be ready to combat them, rather than drown within them.

Sound good?

It does, doesn't it. It sounds like a simple way to a stress free life. Well, that sounds all nice, airy and lovely, but if that's all you think there is to it, you're missing out on something- and if you're feeling a bit sceptical as you read this post, you have every reason to be. Just bear with me, alright? I promise I'll show you exactly how 'simple' (or not) the process of adding additional good things really is.

First things first, you're going to need to be able to persevere. You're going to face a lot of obstacles, and when you're pushing and shoving but nothing is giving, you're going to feel like the road to positivity is a hopeless one. It's not; you just need to keep going. At the end of the day, something's gotta give.

You're also going to need to stop holding yourself back. If you're in a situation which isn't doing you any good, it's up to you to identify it, and let go of it. If you aren't truly happy with something, you need to make a change. That could mean letting go of a toxic relationship or friendship, or working towards eliminating a bad habit. It's not going to be easy, but it's important that you make the changes that you need to make in order to be able to appreciate the good things.

I also want to advise you to make sure you don't get overwhelmed. Life is difficult, and chaotic, and messy, but that's just how it is. If you need to take a break from things, then please do. Take care of yourself; relax, read a book, take a bath... Try to slow your thoughts down so that you can accept the things that are happening in your life -good and bad.

Finally, remember that slip ups are okay. As the quote goes, "Nothing in nature blooms all year". Be patient with yourself; you're only learning. Just because you're on the route to a more positive mindset, doesn't mean that you can't have down days, or days where you can't be arsed with this whole positivity thing, to put it bluntly. It's alright to feel like that sometimes, just don't let these days control your life.

Is that easy enough to remember? Persevere, stop holding yourself back, don't get overwhelmed, and remember that slip ups are okay. Remember to do the '5 happy thoughts a day' challenge this week, and let me know how you get on in the comments below!

15 things I've learnt about myself this year

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

1. That I could fall in love, be hurt, and still survive it

2. That I am actually good at something, and that something is business

3. That I am actually really good at being organised, and planning things

4. That the pain I have gone through over the past few years has made me who I am, and I have learnt so much through it all

5. That I am immensely proud of who I am, my scars included

6. That I am terrible at coping with stress

7. That for the most part, I'm a pretty independent person

8. That I make a delicious creamy salmon pasta. It's my speciality

9. That if I put my all into something, nothing is unachievable

10. That I'm a sucker for binge watching TV

11. That I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and that doesn't change who I am as a person

12. That when I see something I disagree with, I will not keep quiet about it

13. That I am a proud feminist, and that doesn't make me a man-hater

14. That I actually kind of enjoy studying

15. That I have a brain, and I'm not afraid to use it

10 things to remember

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

1. You are beautiful as yourself, and to change or alter yourself in any way that makes you less of who you truly are, would be to destroy a piece of that beauty

2. Don't bottle everything up, or else you'll explode. Find someone you trust, and talk to them about whatever's bothering you

3. Your words can have an immense impact on someone's life. Use that power, and tell someone how freaking talented they are.

4. The people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind don't matter

5. You are important, and nothing anyone says or does can change or take away from that.

6. You deserve a break, so relax, take a bath, and enjoy your life

7. Showing emotion, and even having a little cry, does not make you weak

8. Being there for a friend who's going through a tough patch is one of the most important things you'll do in your life, and it's one of the most special things you can do as a friend

9. If you really want it, you can make it happen

10. Your attitude can make the sun shine on a rainy day

5 Happy Thoughts

Monday, 23 May 2016

1. My paycheck just came in
And thank goodness it did, because I just spent all my money from my last pay... oops? I guess my uni fund is going to be a little bit smaller than I thought it would be, haha. Now I have much more money to spend on new clothes, stationary, and food of course.

2. My Mum gave me a gorgeous pandora bracelet for my graduation present
Did I mention I graduated? Well I did, lol. I'm never ever going to have to go back to school again after my final exam on the 1st of June. Woah. Anyways, I absolutely adore this beautiful little bracelet, and am so grateful to my parents not only for this gift, but also for putting up with me and my meltdowns all through my school life!

3. I just sent off a bunch of letters
I absolutely love sending letters off to people who don't expect it. I got a load of addresses from my friends from a chat we made on facebook way back in December for secret santa, and wrote a few of them anonymous letters, so I'm looking forward to see what their reaction to it is, and whether or not they'll be able to guess who they're from...

4. I've got everything sorted out for my leavers diner
For those of you who don't know, leavers diner is kind of like the British alternative for prom. My year is going to have our leavers diner at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow, so I'm really excited for it! It's been a lot to organise, but I've finally sorted out my dress, shoes, bag, as well as booking my hair and makeup appointments!

5. I have a new obsession
As some of you might know, back in March I went to see 5sos twice. One of their support acts, Don Broco, really surprised me, and I've fallen deeply in love with their music. In fact, I'm listening to their song 'Nerve' as I write this post right now. 

15 ways to use your notebooks

Saturday, 21 May 2016

I've always loved a good notebook. Over the years, I have stayed loyal to paperchase when looking for a new notebook, but recently I've been discovering a few new sources for beautiful notebooks. Surprisingly, Tk Maxx was one of them.

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous notebook. You could say I have a problem, but I'd prefer it if you called it a passion... if I see a beautiful notebook, I am compelled to buy it.

That means that I end up with a ton of empty notebooks, just waiting for me to use them.

Today, when I opened up my list book (a notebook in which I document all my lists), I noticed that todays list was 15 ways to use notebooks, and thought that this just might be something worth sharing.

Here are 15 ways that you can use your notebooks;

1. Document all your dreams

2. Set goals for yourself

3. Start a diary

4. Note what you spend

5. Write down things to be thankful for

6. Collect recipes

7. Make lists about your favourites

8. Write about something you love every day

9. Write songs or stories

10. Collect poems/lyrics that you love

11. Make a to-do list every day

12. Use it as a diary planner

13. Collect quotes

14. Document your achievements

15. Write one sentance every day

How do you use your notebooks?

How to survive exams: Helpful links roundup

Thursday, 19 May 2016

I feel like exams have been a topic on herelectricocean that has popped up a lot over the last few weeks, with it being exam season in Scottish schools and all. That's why I've composed a roundup of some links that I've written, and some that I've found helpful myself, to get you through this awful period. Best of luck, and happy studying!

From Her electric ocean

From my 'saved' section on bloglovin'

Things I love about living in the UK

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I've lived in the UK for the duration of my entire life, and while I know I'm great at complaining about this island's every single little fault, (like the weather for example- might I just remind you that it was snowing in April?!) but I do love it dearly. Here are just a few of my favourite things about living in the UK.

The music
I don't know about you, but I'm a huge lover of music, especially live music. One of the great things about living in the UK is that there's almost always some sort of concert near you, and artists usually do tours around the UK alone, where in contrast they might just do a tour of Europe; visiting the capitals of each country per night. Do I even have to mention the festivals? There's such a huge choice, from T in the park, to Download festival, to Radio 1's big weekend, which by the way, is free.

The food
Does the UK even have a national food? If it does I bet it's fish and chips. Even so, we still have millions of cafes, fast food shops, and restaurants, so that no matter where you are, you'll be able to grab a hot meal. This makes road-trips so much more fun. I remember once when I was a kid on a family road trip to Europe, and on our way to the ferry in Essex, we stopped off on this town in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and googled the nearest chippie, which ended up being about 5 minutes away. Absolute bomber.

The tea (and coffee)
Nothing beats a good wee meet up with a bunch of friends over tea and coffee at your local cafe, or a sit down after diner with a warm cup of tea to settle your stomach. Tea is especially such a typical British thing, but I do love it. Milk and two sugars, please. 

British TV shows
You know, the underrated box sets that are sitting on Channel 4 catch up waiting to be binge watched? Some of my favourites include Skins, Misfits, and Fresh meat is a new addition to the list of boxsets that I've watched in under a fortnight. The humour is so British that you just wouldn't get it anywhere else. Not to mention the classic shows, like Britain's got Talent, or the X Factor, which are just about everybody's favourites.

The beaches
From where I live, you can reach two beautiful beach destinations by car in an hour. I don't drive, but that doesn't stop me; I also have the option of taking a two hour bus journey which would take me to multiple different beaches... And damn are they beautiful. Although we don't have a lot of great weather here in the UK, as long as it's dry I'll happily take a day trip to the beach without a lot of effort, and not a lot of people can do that.

5 of my favourite TED talks

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A few days ago, one of my good friends introduced me to the world of TED talks. I'm not going to lie... before he told me about them I was blind to their existence. While this friend of mine was trying to get me into watching the TED talks about crime and such, I found my own favourite niche of TED talks; the ones about love, and the ones about motivation. I suppose in some ways that reflects a lot of what I write about on here.

Over the past few days, I've watched quite a number of TED talks, and have come to the conclusion that from all of the talks I've watched and thought over, I have 5 favourites. And here they are...

25 lifestyle post ideas

Friday, 13 May 2016

I've written a lot of 'post idea' themed content in the past, and they've been some of my most popular posts by far. Some of the best ones so far have been 25 last minute post ideas, and 100 blog post ideas

No matter how organised I am, with my fancy little pocket diaries and rose gold bedroom calender, There always comes a time when I find myself in a rut, completely stuck for ideas and inspiration for the next blog post. I must not be the only one, otherwise these posts would never be as popular as they are now, so at least I know I'm not alone! 

Anyhow, here's some ideas to help motivate and inspire you, happy blogging everyone!

1. Why you shouldn't be ashamed about working hard

2. Stop shaming people for being happy

3. Be whoever the hell you want to be

4. My high hopes for May

5. 10 of the best *insert topic or channel* documentaries

6. Ten reasons why I am actually great

7. How I stay organised

8. 50 page ideas for your bullet journal

9. 9 Things I wish I was told when I started blogging

10. Thoughts on outgrowing friendships

11. 5 good things

12. My blogging process

13. Where I seek motivation

14. 21 reasons to smile 

15. I am stronger than I thought I was... and here's why

16. For the days you feel uninspired

17. What I wish you knew about blogging

18. Honey, I love Homeware Hauls

19. top 10 inspirational bloggers

20. My top 5 summer purchases

21. 10 things that make me basic

22. 10 things I'd tell my younger self

23. The songs I listen to when I'm stressed

24. Woman Crush Wednesday

25. An open letter to new bloggers

A day at the beach

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yesterday I had an incredible little adventure.

My two friends Nikki and Nasseem took a trip to the beach, and met up with one of my long time good friends. The journey was long (2+ hours on a bus!) and while the weather wasn't perfection it was bliss. I mean, it was warm enough for me to be brave enough to dip my toes in to the water, and then go running in it, and we live in Scotland after all so that's quite an achievement.

I don't have a great deal to write about today, but I have a handful of pictures to share with you, so I hope that makes up for my lack of words, lol. Enjoy!

It's okay to...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Take a break
Whether you're studying from exams, or taking on extra shifts at work, it's important that you remember to take time off from your responsibilities to relax and recharge. It's okay to not be busy all the time, and to take a step back to say that actually, you need some 'me' time.

Treat yourself
I don't know where my money goes, but it always seems to disappear by the time I'm waiting for my next paycheck to come through. But with the money I earn, I know that it's okay to give myself a little reward for all the hard work I've been doing... I've earned that money, so it's definitely alright for me to splurge on that dress I've been eyeing up all month, or go out for the night with a group of friends.

No, it doesn't make you weak. No, it doesn't make you weak. No, it does. Not. Make. You. Weak. Do you get it yet? It's okay to have feelings, and it's certainly okay to show them. Even in public, although you might feel a bit more comfortable crying in the safety of your own home.

Be confident
Nowadays there is so much criticism over people who are perceived as being arrogant. While of course it's important to have a good balance, it's okay to be comfortable in your own skin, and happy with who you are. In fact, I think it's freaking wonderful!

Say no
If you don't want to do something, don't do it. If you don't agree with something, say so. If you're too busy to take on extra work, say no. It's okay to be assertive and set yourself a limit. In fact, it's actually really important that you do, otherwise you could find yourself overloaded with things you don't want to do, or a list of things that you can't do.

Coffee makes me pee a lot, and 7 other weird revelations

Friday, 6 May 2016

Okay, I know, the post title is hella weird. This post is kinda pretty odd in general though, so it's only fitting that the title fully reflects the absurdity of what I am about to write. This month I've realised a lot of rather strange things, so I thought it would be pretty interesting to fit a handful of these realisations into a post. Hopefully it won't be a complete disaster, and you might even have a little giggle to yourself along the way. Or you'll just 100% #relate

1. I'm always much more productive when I have pretty stationary
This realisation isn't as odd as some of the others in this list, but it's relevant nonetheless. I think the reason I'm more productive is because I've probably spend a bit of money on it, and can't bare to see it go to waste, plus- it's just so beautiful.

2. I fart more around people I'm comfortable with
This isn't even due to resisting the urge to fart when I'm around people I'm less comfortable with- I literally don't feel the need to fart unless I'm either alone, or with friends, or certain family members. 

3. There is a skeleton inside my body RIGHT NOW
I saw this on the internet somewhere last week and it down right frEAKED ME the heck out. Those boney bodies you see in horror movies and at Halloween is literally inside you.

4. 90% of my reaction pictures are actually gifs from TV shows
And I should probably start watching them, because they seem funny. Parks and Recreation is one of the TV shows I watch right now, which I actually primarily found out about because I was using gifs of Leslie Knope as reaction pics, lol.

5. Language classes (i.e. reading, grammar, ect. in native language) in Scotland are called 'English' not 'Scottish'

6. Coffee makes me pee a lot
I never really realised this before, but whenever I have a cup of coffee, I always seem to pee a heck of a lot more than usual. It might be something to do with the amount of sugar I put in (which is a lot, by the way) but I'm not really sure...

7. Whenever I talk to someone, my accent changes
Like, when I'm talking to someone from Dundee, their accent will rub off on mine a bit, and the same will happen when I'm talking to someone from York, and my accent is just really unstable like that.

8. Sometimes I use made up words without realising it
And I'll then be surprised when nobody knows what I mean, because I expect them to know what my made up word means. Totally unintentionally, though- that's the odd thing.

Have you made any weird revelations lately?

Studying for your exams: tips and resources

Thursday, 5 May 2016

If anyone knows how real the struggle is, it's me. When I was studying for my National 5's, I literally stressed myself sick- so bad, that I had to go to the doctors several times, and actually even ended up developing chronic tension headaches due to stress. So if you're reading this and you're stressed out of your mind, possibly even having a mental breakdown, and you think I don't understand what you're going through; please, think again.

Having had 3 years of experience of dealing with exams, I would like to think that I have at least a bit of useful knowledge/wisdom which I can share with you. I really hope that you find this helpful, whether you're going to be sitting your first ever exam, or your last ever school exam. Best of luck!

3 study tips

1. Make a study timetable. In order to achieve you full potential, you should probably think about starting to study about 3 months before your first exam. I know this might seem very far in advance at the time, but you'll really appreciate it in the lead up to the exam, when you aren't cramming all your studying!
For example:
2-3 months ahead: 1 hour of studying per subject each week
2-4 weeks ahead: 2 hours of studying per subject each week (have a half hour break after each hour)
1 week ahead: 4-5 hours of studying for the exam coming up

2. Have healthy study snacks. I know how tempting it is to binge eat comfort foods when you're stressed out, and as tempting as salt and vinegar pringles, or a box of celebrations may be, there are better alternatives. This isn't just because you should be 'healthy' but because your brain is going to be able to absorb information much more effectively if you snack more healthily. This post by Hannah Emily Lane has some great ideas for the best study snacks.

3. Reward yourself. My youth leader always talked about the importance of rewarding yourself after studying. That could mean going for a walk after a 2 hour study session, or going for a meal out after completing your first exam. It's important that you appreciate that what you're doing is difficult, and you deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work you've been putting into your studies

3 study resources

1. If you have a phone, or preferably a tablet, why don't you try installing google keyboard, and microsoft word document. Then, using the google keyboard, you should be able to speak your study notes aloud, and it will automatically write it out for you. I find this method of studying much more effective than simply writing out heaps of notes.

2. Find past papers for your exam, so that you can practice them. If you study in Scotland, then past papers will be on, and if you study in England, then they will be on

3. is a great website for studying, as you can create notes in a simple document format, or as mindmaps, quizzes, or flipcards. Plus, using the search tool, you can key in the topic that you're studying, and access loads of notes that people have made previously.

Good luck!

Things to remember during exam season

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

With the first SQA exam in Scotland commencing tomorrow, (good luck to everyone sitting the English exam this year!) this post is something I think will be relevant to most of you reading today. I really hope you find it somewhat helpful, as I know I wish I had something like this to read during my study breaks in the previous years.

1. Remember that you do you.
You are the only one who knows what works for you. You know what method of studying works best for you, what environment you focus best in, and whether or not having music on in the background helps you revise. Just because the top student in your Human Biology class gets great grades through doing countless past papers, doesn't mean that if you do the exact same that you'll get the same grades.

2. Remember everything you have to do
Or maybe, don't... With the number of exams you have to study for, plus all the different topics within each subject, it's unlikely that you'll be able to remember every single detail, including what you have and have not done. I would recommend you map out a study plan, or a to-do list- you don't have to stick to it religiously, but then at least you'll have some idea of what you need to do each day.

3. Remember to stay organised
As a part of my higher administration and it course, I learnt that desk stress is a huge contributor to stress, procrastination, and failure to meet targets. An easy way to combat this is through having an effective filing system, where you know where everything is. I personally find it helpful to have a magazine box for each subject, so that nothing gets mixed up or lost.

4. Remember to take time out
Yes, your exams are important, and yes, of course you want to achieve the best grades possible, but running yourself to the ground is not the way to do it... I would know. If you ever feel like you're giving up even a slither of your mental health for your grades, just stop. Your health and well-being is so much more important than your grades. Take time out to do the things you actually want to do, and you might even find that it will refresh your motivation and concentration when you start to study again.

5. Remember to talk it out
If you ever feel like you're becoming overwhelmed with work and stress, tell someone. Whether it's a close friend, relative, mentor or even your GP, it's really important that you have someone reliable to lend a helping hand. This is a really stressful time for everybody, and having someone to give you that extra little boost really can make all the difference.
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