15 things I've learnt about myself this year

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

1. That I could fall in love, be hurt, and still survive it

2. That I am actually good at something, and that something is business

3. That I am actually really good at being organised, and planning things

4. That the pain I have gone through over the past few years has made me who I am, and I have learnt so much through it all

5. That I am immensely proud of who I am, my scars included

6. That I am terrible at coping with stress

7. That for the most part, I'm a pretty independent person

8. That I make a delicious creamy salmon pasta. It's my speciality

9. That if I put my all into something, nothing is unachievable

10. That I'm a sucker for binge watching TV

11. That I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and that doesn't change who I am as a person

12. That when I see something I disagree with, I will not keep quiet about it

13. That I am a proud feminist, and that doesn't make me a man-hater

14. That I actually kind of enjoy studying

15. That I have a brain, and I'm not afraid to use it

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