Coffee makes me pee a lot, and 7 other weird revelations

Friday, 6 May 2016

Okay, I know, the post title is hella weird. This post is kinda pretty odd in general though, so it's only fitting that the title fully reflects the absurdity of what I am about to write. This month I've realised a lot of rather strange things, so I thought it would be pretty interesting to fit a handful of these realisations into a post. Hopefully it won't be a complete disaster, and you might even have a little giggle to yourself along the way. Or you'll just 100% #relate

1. I'm always much more productive when I have pretty stationary
This realisation isn't as odd as some of the others in this list, but it's relevant nonetheless. I think the reason I'm more productive is because I've probably spend a bit of money on it, and can't bare to see it go to waste, plus- it's just so beautiful.

2. I fart more around people I'm comfortable with
This isn't even due to resisting the urge to fart when I'm around people I'm less comfortable with- I literally don't feel the need to fart unless I'm either alone, or with friends, or certain family members. 

3. There is a skeleton inside my body RIGHT NOW
I saw this on the internet somewhere last week and it down right frEAKED ME the heck out. Those boney bodies you see in horror movies and at Halloween is literally inside you.

4. 90% of my reaction pictures are actually gifs from TV shows
And I should probably start watching them, because they seem funny. Parks and Recreation is one of the TV shows I watch right now, which I actually primarily found out about because I was using gifs of Leslie Knope as reaction pics, lol.

5. Language classes (i.e. reading, grammar, ect. in native language) in Scotland are called 'English' not 'Scottish'

6. Coffee makes me pee a lot
I never really realised this before, but whenever I have a cup of coffee, I always seem to pee a heck of a lot more than usual. It might be something to do with the amount of sugar I put in (which is a lot, by the way) but I'm not really sure...

7. Whenever I talk to someone, my accent changes
Like, when I'm talking to someone from Dundee, their accent will rub off on mine a bit, and the same will happen when I'm talking to someone from York, and my accent is just really unstable like that.

8. Sometimes I use made up words without realising it
And I'll then be surprised when nobody knows what I mean, because I expect them to know what my made up word means. Totally unintentionally, though- that's the odd thing.

Have you made any weird revelations lately?

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