June goals

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

 I don't know about you all, but I absolutely love June. It's such a wonderful month, that's full of summer vibes and happy thoughts. I'm really looking forward to my week in Galashiels, as well as lounging about and enjoying my post-exam, pre-university bliss!

1. Meet 5 new people
I love meeting new people, but I don't often put myself in situations where I am likely to chat with people that I don't know. This month, I want to consciously put an effort into putting myself out there, and being open to making new friends,especially as I go out to Galashiels with my team to lead a kids and youth club.

2. Lose Weight
With my holiday away to Poland with my closest friend Katie looming, I really want to get back into shape. This entails a strict diet, as well as a heapload of exercise. The gym is going to become my second home with the amount of time I aim to spend at it this month!

3. Stop spending
This is something I feel like I haven't really talked about a lot on here, but ever since I've gotten my new job (which was meant to be for saving up for university, mind you) I've gotten into the habit of spending all my money before my next paycheck even comes in. This is a really nasty habit, and it's definitely not one that I want to continue into my later life, so I'm going to be working hard this month to break that cycle, and actually start saving up.

4. Cook more
Although I don't plan to move out for my first year of university, I am hoping to meet a bunch of people to eventually move out with when I'm ready. And when the time comes for me to leave the nest, I'm going to need to know how to fend for myself... I can't just live off of free student cheeseburgers from McDonalds, and penne.

5. Keep posting regularly
You may or may not have noticed, but lately I've been uploading posts almost every day, which I've really enjoyed. I hope to keep this up, so I'm going to be writing a lot of draft posts this month to keep in case of busy periods where I might not have the time to sit down for an hour and write up a post, as well as taking photos and editing.

What are your goals for this month?

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