10 things to remember on the tough days

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Some days you feel amazing, creative, and inspired. But some days, you feel less so. There are always going to be days where you feel like the world is on your shoulder- or against you. Please remember that you're not alone, and life really is like a roller-coaster; the intense lows are only preparing you for even more intense highs.

2. "If you ever think of giving up, just remember why you held on for so long"

3. "New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings"

4. "Everyone has things to complain about... but people also have plenty to be thankful for"

5. "Peoples feelings are not toys to be played with"

6. "One small positive thought, can change your whole day"

7. "Don't be surprised that you can't see when you close your eyes"

8. "Behind every beautiful thing is some kind of pain"

9. "Feelings are much like waves; you can't stop them from coming but you can choose which ones to surf

10. "If memory is malleable, then the future is too"

20 ways to take a break

Saturday, 25 June 2016

It's so easy to get caught up in life. Your daily chaos becomes a routine, and coffee breaks that last more than 5 minutes seem so far away. I get that. I understand; it can be really tough.

But then when you get that precious break, you spend it stressing out about all the things you have to do after it.

That's why I have created this list, of 20 ways to take a break. They don't take very long, and most of them can be done in 15-30 minutes, or less! That way, you can unwind, recharge, and go back into your world of chaos with a fresh, energized mind.

1. Make lists

2. Make a playlist

3. Read a book

4. Listen to music

5. Make yourself a cup of tea

6. Play an instrument

7. Watch youtube videos

8. Bake

9. Go for a walk

10. Go for a run

11. Buy a magazine- and read it

12. Watch a funny movie

13. Write something

14. Draw something

15. Go to the library

16. Go to a cafe

17. Make a fort of blankets

18. Go on twitter

19. Go on we heart it

20. Do origami

What do you do to relax?

9 signs you're slightly obsessed with shopping

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

So lately I've definitely been overspending on things I don't need to. I just have this money from work, and it needs to be spent. I've been on way too many cute little shopping sessions in town, and when my friends have been too busy to meet up, I've dived straight to my tablet to indulge myself in some great late night online shopping. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, please let me know! Gosh, I hope I'm not the only one obsessed with spending money...

1. I have this great ability to justify buying pretty much anything

2. Until I leave the store and realise I just spent £30 on shit that I definitely do not need

3. I constantly use the excuse of needing blogger props when buying cute yet unnecessarily homeware

4. I genuinely can't go into a shop with the intention of buying 1 specific item and leave the shop with that item only

5. I refuse to look at my bank statement because I know it's bad

6. When you have extra money, you offer to pay for your friends out on a coffee date

7. You don't mind working extra hours so that you can buy that new item on your wishlist

8. You have several products that are extremely similar, pretty much the same really... Mainly eyeshadow palettes tbh

9. You promise yourself you'll save your money, but then it gets to the day after payday and somehow you're already broke

4 Happy Thoughts

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The past three weeks have been so full of sunshine, laughter, and beaming smiles, and while I'm sad to see the sun go, the happiness it has brought me still remains. The past three weeks have reminded me that I have so much to be happy about, and that I need to make an effort to focus on them- whether the sun is shining or not.

PAYDAY is this Fridayyy
And oh my gosh do I need it, lol. I accidentally spent about £100 in the space of two days, and to be honest, apart from a lovely new bag I bought from New Look, I have no clue where all that moneys gone... oops?

Last Monday-Tuesday I went to Fife
Yep, Fife. I know what you're thinking, Why the heck did you go to Fife Sara but trust me, it's not all that bad. I spent Monday at the beach in Leven with a few old friends, some lovely new people, and then spent the night over at my lovely friend Keighley's. I definitely needed a beach detox, haha.

I still have a week left with my favourite hat
So a few weeks ago, I stole my good friends hat for the day, and at the end of the day before he left to go home, he told me I could keep it till we next saw eachother at a training weekend. So I've been wearing it almost every other day (Honestly, I adore this hat) and I still have until Friday to wear it out!

I'm going to Inverkiething this weekend!
As I just mentioned that I'm going to a training weekend, and it just so happens to be about 10 minutes away from Edinburgh, at Inverkiething! The training weekend is for the involvement in a lovely Christian organisation called Step out. Every summer, teams of about 4-6 elope on a week long adventure at a church, leading childrens and youth groups. It's great fun, and I've met some of my closest friends through it.

over 50 blog posts you should read during your coffee break

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Is it not absolutely lovely, to be able to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, and dive into a world of writing. I find reading blog posts both relaxing and inspiring, and I really do love reading posts from blog that I regularly read from, such as Hannah Gale and Dorkface. Here is a collection of some of my favourites

Positivity Posts

Blog related Posts

Blog content related posts

Digital Detox Posts

Motivating/Inspiring Posts

Posts for when you're feeling down

15 things that make me #Basic

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

According to Urban Dictionary, "A basic bitch fulfills all the stereotypes of your typical late teen/20-something white girl and absolutely nothing more". The definition goes on to define all my favourite things- is that proof enough that I am a walking definition of #Basic? If you're not convinced by the end of this post, you're probably in denial because you're a basic bitch too.

1. My favourite movie is the notebook. I didn't think this was 'basic' but UD says otherwise...

2. I am the polar opposite of hipster- I am 110% typical white girl in pretty much every way shape and form

3. "Basic bitches are most typically seen wearing over sized college hoodies..." Does my leavers hoodie count? Because that is me af

4. My main meeting points in town are starbucks and wagamamas

5. The dog filter on snapchat. Enough said.

6. My starbucks order is ALWAYS a venti iced mocha frappe 

7. My shopping habits are out of control, and any money I get from work somehow ends up magically turning into makeup and clothes. Don't really know how, it just kinda happens

8. My favourite beauty brands are benefit and MAC. That probably explains why I'm broke all the time.


10. I am currently obsessed with made in chelsea, It's so damn juicy!

11. I have purposely aesthetically pleasing collections on weheartit

12. The avocado emoji on snapchat. Also just avocados tbh

13. I take selfies everywhere; Selfies at the beach, selfies at starbucks, selfies in bed...

14. I own an oversised pink sweater that says "On Wednesdays we wear pink" Because I'm a whore for mean girls, lol.

15. Rose Gold definitely counts as a colour, and it is definitely my favourite one and always will be.

Life lately

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

This year, summer is different. Because this year, my summer isn't 6 weeks jam packed with travelling. This year, my summer is 3 months of work, travel, work, travel, relax. That all sounds amazing and exotic, until you find out that I work in a fast food restaurant, and I'm travelling to a town on the borders. Although to be fair, I'm also going to be spending a week in Poland with one of my closest friends, so at least I'm getting out of the UK. 

The sun has actually been out quite a lot for the last few weeks, which is quite a miracle for Scotland ngl. One of my favourite things about this wonderful weather is how cheery it makes everyone. The sun is shining, so we all smile, love, and laugh. 

My Mum has been growing mint in the garden, so I've had the pleasure of picking some leaves off to use in my spritzers. Mum makes Moroccan mint tea with her leaves, and that pretty much sums up the difference between us. 

I've always been intrigued by aesthetic, cute little dishes and drinks. I think one of the most appealing thing about my favourite youtubers and bloggers is how beautiful everything is in pictures and videos. 

The other week, I tried my hand at making smoothie bowls after watching Zoella make one for herself and Mark on her vlog channel. I would love to be able to show you how they turned out, but sadly I was a fail of a blogger, and the only photo I had was on snapchat.

I made a cute little platter of pretty little dishes, with a few glasses of different coloured spritzers (food colouring is a great thing) and invited a few friends over for brunch in the garden. It was the day before my psychology exam, but I was doomed for that exam anyway. Last minute studying soo wasn't going to change that, lol.

What have you done for summer in the last few weeks?

10 quotes for Monday

Monday, 13 June 2016

I have a wonderful friend, who absolutely adores unicorns. I've written about her before, and if you have an incredible memory -or know her in person- you'll know who I'm talking about. This post is dedicated to her, and all the wonderful unicorns out there in the world, spreading their colourful glitter around, and changing the world, one act of kindness and colour at a time.

♥ People who are 'different' are usually the ones who end up making a difference in the world

♥ What made her so strong was that despite the million things that hurt her, she spoke of nothing but happiness

♥ Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

♥ Be soft. Don't le the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate. Don't let the bitterness steal your sweetness

♥ People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

♥ You could change somebody's life just by telling them "hey guess what you're freaking talented" and don't let that go to waste

♥ Remember that you are different from anyone else for a reason. A good reason. Find that reason, and run with it.

♥ A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you it will start to feel like one. Time spend appreciating is time worth living.

♥ The power of imagination makes us infinite

♥ Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way

Six on Sunday

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Can I just say, I am so looking forward to having the week off! I've been working at a fast food restaurant for the past few months, and this is my first full week without any shifts. Life is good... really. My plan is to snuggle up in bed and watch TV. It's gonna be a diet of Chinese and Dominos for me. Yummy.

1. This playlist on spotify

2. This website for cute stationary

3. This youtube channel

4. This blog

5. This weheartit collection

6. This movie trailer

15 (more) ways to use your notebooks

Saturday, 11 June 2016

I don't know about you, but there are few things that I love more than notebooks. I love the excitement of finding a new beautiful notebook (I've always been a paperchase gal, but recently I've found that tk maxx have a stash of adorable, affordable notebooks) and I love the feeling you get when you start using the first page of your spankin' brand new notebook. It's a great feeling.

To be completely honest with you, I have a bit of a problem with buying notebooks... if I see a beautiful notebook, I am compelled to buy it.

That means that I end up with a ton of empty notebooks, just waiting for me to use them.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing 15 ways you can use your notebooks, and today, I want to add to that list.

Here are 15 more ways you can use your notebooks;

1. Document your journey to achieving a goal

2. Keep a food journal

3. Keep a bullet journal

4. Create a bucket list

5. Document 1 good thing that you've done each day

6. Keep track of your daily exercise

7. Write letters that you'll never send

8. Keep a travel journal

9. Document all your favourite bloggers and blog posts

10. Document all the lessons you've learned

11. Write about people who inspire you

12. Keep track of the hours you've worked

13. Document your daydreams

14. Brainstorm, for absolutely everything

15. Write one quote a day

How do you use your notebooks?

Top 10 things I complain about the most

Friday, 10 June 2016

1. My fridge is full so I can't fit in anymore food

2. So now I need to eat the food I just bought, meaning I'm going over my daily allowance of calories

3. I started watching a TV show and am binge watching it so much that I've forgotten about all my responsibilities

4. But now I finished watching the entire box set and now I'm sad and don't know what to do with my life

5. I took a walk but I forgot to wear my fitbit

6. I wrote an extensive to-do list yesterday but I spent so long making it that I didn't have time to do the things

7. I have no lipsticks to match my outfit today and I spent so long on my makeup

8. I have no idea where my money goes I think someone's stealing it, I swear I didn't even buy that much this month

9. I swear I have about 50 unmatched socks. Damn you sock eating monster that lives in my washing machine.

10. I just got on the bus home and my battery is at 5%

5 targets I'm setting myself for this week

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hey there sweethearts! It's been quite some time since I wrote a goals/targets post (in fact the last time I did was this post I wrote way back in April) so I thought I might just give it a shot again. I love setting myself targets, and the sense of achievement you get when you've completed all your targets is wonderful.

1. Make a priorities list at the start of every day
I'm a great procrastinator, so I'm hoping that setting myself an agenda of things I need to do in order of importance will help me stick to what actually needs to be done, rather than wasting time on unimportant tasks.

2. Have at least one day of digital detox
Is it a blogger thing; to be addicted to social media? I don't know, but I've seen (and written) my fair share of posts about the importance of having a 'digital detox' so I reckon it would do me some good to spend a day where I'm not glued to my phone

3. Go to the gym
I made a new years resolution way back at the start of the year, to eat healthily and exercise more. Yeah, working at McDonald's and having the temptation of free ice cream every time I worked a shift kinda conflicted with my healthy eating plans, and I got lazy and started postponing going to the gym. It's time I got back in shape

4. Take at least 5 high quality pictures for her electric ocean
I always take photos in bulk, so I'm planning to have a mini photoshoot sometime this week, as soon as I find the time to slot one in, and organise all my props...

5. Read a book
There was a time when I would read 6 books a week, and that would be normal. Nowadays, it's a struggle to get myself to read 6 books a year, and that's counting the compulsory school books. I really want to change that, because I do still enjoy reading, and it's something that really helps me to relax.

10 things I have learnt in my last year of school

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Exams are finally over, and yesterday I was whisked off to my leavers dinner, at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow. I can't believe that I have officially graduated and finished school- I feel like this marks the end of a chapter in my life, and there's a sense of expectation for the future looming. My time at school has taught me more than just mathematical equations and psychological theories (thank goodness) and so I thought it would be quite nice to look back at a few of the things I've learnt over the course of my final year.

1. You can't force friendships, and it's only inevitable that you will drift away from some of your friends- even the ones who have been by your side since the start of primary school. It's not always a bad thing, it's just a part of growing up and becoming more independent.

2. Don't wear makeup to bed, unless you want to wake up in the morning looking like a panda with dry skin and 29745073 spots all over your face. Your teachers are likely to repeatedly ask you if you're sick and want to go home.

3. It's important to rest when your body tells you it's tired. School is important, but your health should always come first.

4. When it comes to prioritising work, school, and friends, one is not necessarily more important than the other, no matter what anyone tells you. It's all about what you need at that point in time.

5. Baths are truly underrated, and if you're ever feeling stressed out, just light a few candles, put on a relaxing playlist, and soak for half an hour.

6. Negative people are draining, so make sure you keep your distance from toxic relationships. You need to prioritise yourself, and make sure that they don't bring you down.

7. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you put in the hard work and effort. Your teacher might say the highest grade that you'll achieve is a C, but if you spend enough time each week studying for that subject well in advance of the exam, who's to say you won't surpass that, and maybe even get an A?

8. Yes, junk food tastes amazing, and is cheap, and accessible at every corner shop, but if you really want that summer body, you're going to have to discipline yourself and cut down on those calories. Plus, you don't really need to get chips and curry every lunch.

9. It's okay to not know where you're going to end up, and what you want to do with your life. You don't need to have your whole life mapped out, just take it one step at a time. Most importantly, make sure you do what you enjoy.

10. Saving money up sucks, but when you go to university and are the only one not having to take out a loan, it'll be worth it. I know paperchase has a super cute new stationary line out, and I know you would use it for school, but it's really not necessary- just buy the basic stuff if you really need it. 

20 Summer blog post ideas

Friday, 3 June 2016

Ah, Summer... the season of blue skies, sunshine, and an abundance of colour- not to mention the lovely heat. I love Summer for a number of reasons, but the number 1 reason is probably the heat. This Summer I'm going to be spending the majority of my time working and saving up for university, but I am looking forward to having a few weeks off for a little bit of travel with a few friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and enjoy it as much as I will- as well as making good use of these post prompts!

1. An updated Summer skincare routine

2. 5 things I want to achieve this summer

3. 5 fruit that are going straight into my basket this summer

4. 5 ideas for a perfect summer daytrip

5. Homeware: A summer edition

10. Makeup that will stay put through the heat

11. 5 blogs to follow this summer

12. 15 cute summer prints

13. My holiday in 10 photos

14. six summer staples

15. links I'm loving this summer 

16. top 10 tips for staying safe in the sun

17. My favourite smoothie recipes 

18. A Summer reading list

19. 10 things I want to do this summer 

20. 5 things I love about summer
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