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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

This year, summer is different. Because this year, my summer isn't 6 weeks jam packed with travelling. This year, my summer is 3 months of work, travel, work, travel, relax. That all sounds amazing and exotic, until you find out that I work in a fast food restaurant, and I'm travelling to a town on the borders. Although to be fair, I'm also going to be spending a week in Poland with one of my closest friends, so at least I'm getting out of the UK. 

The sun has actually been out quite a lot for the last few weeks, which is quite a miracle for Scotland ngl. One of my favourite things about this wonderful weather is how cheery it makes everyone. The sun is shining, so we all smile, love, and laugh. 

My Mum has been growing mint in the garden, so I've had the pleasure of picking some leaves off to use in my spritzers. Mum makes Moroccan mint tea with her leaves, and that pretty much sums up the difference between us. 

I've always been intrigued by aesthetic, cute little dishes and drinks. I think one of the most appealing thing about my favourite youtubers and bloggers is how beautiful everything is in pictures and videos. 

The other week, I tried my hand at making smoothie bowls after watching Zoella make one for herself and Mark on her vlog channel. I would love to be able to show you how they turned out, but sadly I was a fail of a blogger, and the only photo I had was on snapchat.

I made a cute little platter of pretty little dishes, with a few glasses of different coloured spritzers (food colouring is a great thing) and invited a few friends over for brunch in the garden. It was the day before my psychology exam, but I was doomed for that exam anyway. Last minute studying soo wasn't going to change that, lol.

What have you done for summer in the last few weeks?

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