10 confessions of a shopping addict

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

1. If I stop myself from buying clothes and "extras" I'll just end up buying more food, and spending my money on other things

2. Sometimes I look at my balance, and have no clue what I've actually bought

3. I genuinely get so sucked in to what youtubers buy, especially Zoella's shopping hauls... They just make me want everything she has

4. If I buy a bag, I need to buy shoes to match it. Oh, and I don't have any jackets to wear with them, so I need to buy that too. And before I know it I've bought a whole outfit when I only intended on buying a bag.

5. Sales don't mean I save money, they often mean I buy more than I usually would because apparently it's "Cheaper"

6. "I'll save next weeks paycheck" is something I say to myself almost routinely 

7. "I need to get out the house" is an excuse I use a lot when shopping. Even if I'm 'getting out the house' every day in the week

8. I think about buying things pretty much every day

9. I get extremely jealous of my friends when they tell me about all the things they've bought lately, which often makes me want to buy a lot more than I usually would

10. I don't think I've ever been into town or a shopping centre and left empty handed. Even if nothing's totally jumped out at me, I still need to buy something.


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