10 things I've learnt from Zoella

Thursday, 28 July 2016

I've never been a HUGE fan of Zoella, but I've always casually followed her, and really enjoy watching the videos from her main youtube channel- as well as her vlogs. Over the past few years I've picked up a few bits and bobs from her, and through watching her youtube videos I've actually learnt quite a few new things. Here's just 10 of the things Zoella has taught me...

1. How to achieve the perfect bronzed summer glow makeup look

2. That aesthetically pleasing healthy food is just as appealing as a packet of doritos  

3. That drug store dupes are actually pretty darn good sometimes

4. But that at the end of the day, too faced pallets are unbeatable

5. How to curl my hair into perfect bouncy natural looking waves that perfectly frame my face

6. A whole lot about puppies and pugs, like the fact that pugs have a lot of dietary requirements and don't shed a lot of hair in summer

7. How to plait my hair into a cute little milkmaid braid

8. That while there's nothing bad with spending a lot of time on makeup, it's important that you're comfortable in your own skin enough to go out with minimal (if any) makeup

9. To appreciate my friends, to invest in my relationships with them and stay loyal to them.

10. To buy that statement 80's barbie top (or whatever you want to buy) even if the world thinks it looks bonkers, because if you love it then you'll enjoy wearing it, and you'll probably still look good


  1. I really love Zoella's videos! She's fun to watch.

  2. Love your blog sara keep up the good work x


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