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Saturday, 23 July 2016

I haven't always been a huge instagram user, but in the past few months I've found myself getting more and more drawn in to the social media app. Lately, if you're wondering what I'm getting up to, the likelihood is that I'll be in my room, wrapped up in a blanket with some crap TV show playing in the background as I scroll endlessly through my feed.

I don't really have an instagram 'theme' as much, although I do keep my pictures light and pretty, just like me. Lol. I really like seeing a variety of different compositions, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite ideas with you, which might just give you a bit of help if you're stuck on inspiration for your next upload.

1. Flowers you see throughout the day, be it in a garden centre, or in your back garden. Or maybe even just on the street as you walk into town.

2. Your diary planner. I might just be a tot nosey, but I rather like seeing how other people use and decorate their diary planners.

3. Stationary is a bit of an obvious one, but I do love seeing some cute stationary, and if I really see something that catches my fancy, I'll probably be on the lookout for my next buy.

4. Lush products. I don't really think a comment is needed for this one, to be honest. Lush just simply wins.

5. Fairy lights are always super pretty, and I love seeing them act as a bit of a border for the main subject

6. One product which can be really fun to photograph is candles, especially in the dark. There's just something so enticing about a pretty little candle. 

7. Selfies of you and your favourite people. Pretty selfies are the envy of just about everyone, including me, and silly selfies are always a good laugh. Stay stunning.

8. Your #ootd. I really enjoy posting a good wee #ootd, especially if I'm feeling body-confident, so I'd really encourage you to do the same, and feel good about it!

9. Coffee is quite a simple, easy thing to photograph, and there's several ways which you can style a coffee-centered insta-pic. Flat lays seem to be pretty popular right now, so why not have a try at that?

10. FOOD, glorious food. The absolute love of all our lives. Whatever you're eating, wherever you are, insta-food pics are always a big hit.

What was your last insta-upload?

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