15 Thoughts every Blogger has

Saturday, 30 July 2016

So I've been around the block for quite some time now, so I would like to think that I know a thing or two about blogging. Thing is, what I would like to think, and what the truth is, isn't always parallel. Ah well, a girl can dream.

What I know for certain, is that after an average year of blogging seriously (My previous years don't count... not really) I know how it feels to be a blogger. I have experience, and I know the highs and the lows. So theoretically, I know the insides of a bloggers mind, and so I know the kind of thoughts a blogger has...

At least, I know the blog-related thoughts that I have. Yolo.

1. Am I too chatty in my posts? Should I be more professional, or is being chatty okay? It's not like I write of some fancy magazine, but then again how am I going to be taken seriously if I write posts in the style of a 12 year old texting her friends

2. I don't have enough blogger friends. Look, that blogger has lots of contacts in the bloggerspere. I'll never have as many friends like her. 

3. I never get invited to events. Maybe I'm not good enough for blogger events. I need contacts to invite me to an event, but I don't have any contacts- ugh

4. Oooh look at that, it's so cute. It's completely useless, but it's so aesthetically pleasing. I love it, but I don't need it. No, no- I do need it. It's for my blog, for photos. I need it. I'm buying it.

5. I could start writing up the post that's due to be uploaded for this Saturday, but then again, there is that TV show that I really want to watch...


7. Okay, chill. I need to be super careful not to spill this fresh cup of coffee all over my laptop, or my pristine white desk. Ahhhhh, caffeine. 

8. Aww I love that cute selfie I took the other day, I really want to upload it onto instagram. Aw but wait, it'll completely ruin my theme... Ah well, I'll put it up on twitter instead.

9. Wait a second, where did all my money go? I'm sure I didn't spend that much on photo props... Surely not...

10. I really need a holiday. Where is nice for a holiday, and within my budget too? I've heard a lot of good things about this place, lot's of bloggers have been here and it looked so pretty in the pictures... OH WELL CRAP NOPE THAT'S EXPENSIVE. Maybe I'll go to visit a few friends up north this summer. 

11. I'm really tired, I should probably go to sleep early tonight. Ah, but what about that TV show, and look that blogger just uploaded a new post, and this girl just popped up to me, I can't just ignore her.

12. My lunch looks so cute today. Should I take a picture with my camera or my phone? Will it look good if I put this filter on it, and maybe adjust the brightness a bit, and then maybe I could just change the exposure a little, and adjust the white balance... 

13. Nobody reads my blog. My blog is so stupid, what's the point in blogging. Look at how many views and comments she's got, I wish I was that good.

14. Oh my goodness, I should write a post about that. Wait, this post sounds really whiney and negative, let's put a positive spin on it. Yeah, that's better. A bit cheesy, but at least it ends on a happy note, right?

15. I really like writing list posts, but how many consecutive list posts is too many list posts? Maybe I should stop writing list posts for a while. But list posts are so easy and fun to write...


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