20 (more) ways to take a break

Saturday, 2 July 2016

It's so easy to get caught up in life. Your daily chaos becomes a routine, and coffee breaks that last more than 5 minutes seem so far away. I get that. I understand; it can be really tough.

But then when you get that precious break, you spend it stressing out about all the things you have to do after it.

Last week, I uploaded this post, and quite a few of you sent in emails in response to it, so I decided to extend it, and give you another 20 ideas on how you can take a break. They don't take very long, and most of them can be done in 15-30 minutes, or less! That way, you can unwind, recharge, and go back into your world of chaos with a fresh, energized mind.
1. Go shopping

2. Catch up with friends online

3. Go on tumblr

4. Meet up with friends in real life

5. Just go outside

6. Make coffee, smell it, and pour it down the drain

7. Get some ice cream

8. Look for quotes

9. Read a book

10. Buy a colour in book- and colour in

11. Write in your diary

12. Read old diary entries

14. Paint your nails

15. Do your hair up fancy

16. Look through old pictures

17. Make a photobook

18. Start a scrapbook

19. Visit a relative

20. Read blog posts (especially, hint, hint)

What do you do to relax?


  1. Looking through old photos is my favorite

  2. ^Agreed, I love looking through old photos. And reading old diary entries is so much fun. <3


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