5 Happy Thoughts

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hi there sweethearts. It's been a while since I've written a happy thoughts post- I've missed it! I really enjoy looking back at the things that have made me smile. It's so nice to be able just sit back and relax, thinking about happy things. 

1. Photography
I took a few mini photoshoots this week, and I'm really pleased with how some of my photos turned out. You'll be seeing a few of them pop up on here in the next few weeks! I've really been enjoying taking photos lately, especially after the awful experience I had when studying Higher Photography at school last year.

2. Getting new shoes
Yesterday I bought my first ever pair of shoes, and I'm rather proud of myself! Check me being all gown up and independent. I bagged myself a gorgeous pair of black and white nike roches, and now for the first time in forever, I'm actually looking forward to going to the gym.

3. Candles
Candle time is a wonderful time. I just love cosying up in the evening, and lighting a few candles. And, breathe. I'm really loving the vanilla scented candles from IKEA, because I'm just that fancy.

4. Body confidence 
My body and I have a constant battle between body confidence, and body hate. Today, I feel good about myself and how I look, and I'm going to take advantage of this feeling. It's always good to feel good!

5. Free food
I've been working at a fast food restaurant for a good few months now, and as well as enjoying not being broke, I've been taking full advantage of the anti-diet meals that I get for £0.00 when I work a shift. Life is good.


  1. I have a blog series similar to this. I entitled it 'Everyday Blessings', though.
    Photography is something very happy. I do it on the side, here and there, whenever I can (or feel like it haha). The most recent occasion was taking photos of the fireworks show for the 4th of July. I got some rather decent looking shots, so I was happy for that.
    New shoes are ALWAYS fun.
    Candles are lovely... Vanilla is always a safe one;)
    Body confidence is something I think everyone struggles with at some point or another. I just like reminding people that God made you and called your body good, so try looking through His eyes <3
    Free food? Heck yeah;)


    PS: I didn't see a follow button option, so I subscribed via email... :)

    1. That's wonderful! I'm so glad you have something that you know lifts your spirits, it's these things that make us passionate! I'd love to see some of your photos, Raquel! That's so true, God sees us as beautiful, and that's the most important thing!


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