How to clean your makeup brushes (hints and tips)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cleaning your brushes is so important. I started cleaning my makeup brushes regularly a few months ago, and I honestly don't know how I ever got by using manky brushes from weeks of different products... especially my gosh foundation brush, which I kinda also use to blend in my contour, highlight, and face/body shimmer. Eek...

Not washing my makeup brushes was awful for my skin as well as just being gross in general, though. I was literally spreading bacteria all over my skin whenever I used 'dirty' brushes, which lead to clogs and breakouts that I didn't even know were a result of my unhygienic makeup routine. 

Thankfully though, I know better now. I hope this post will help those of you who might not be aware of the importance of washing your makeup brushes, and also give some more experienced people a few extra tips!

When I clean my makeup brushes

Every night, before I go to sleep I take out a small face towel that I have designated as my 'makeup towel' and lay it out on a chair in my bedroom, ready for when my brushes are wet and need drying. I wash my brushes in the evening, because I know I won't need them for touching up or whatever overnight. This also means they have plenty of time to dry properly before I need to use them again.

What I use to clean my brushes

I used to always just use soap, and this seems to be the most common 'product' used for washing brushes. However, I recently discovered this absolute #lifehack for soft, healthier brushes. Because a lot of my brushes are made from natural hair, I've found that it actually does wonders for my brushes when I use a shampoo. Head and Shoulders is what I use, but I'm sure other shampoos would work just as well. It really just makes my brushes much more soft and smooth, which is so lovely on my skin when I'm applying makeup!

What I actually do with my brushes

1. First of all, I'll splash a dot of shampoo on the palm of my left hand.

2. I then run the bristles of my brush under lukewarm/hot water

3. Next, I swirl the now wet brush on the palm of my hand into the shampoo until it foams up. At this point evidence of excess product within the brush becomes noticeable.

4. I then rinse the brush under running water and gently squeeze out any excess product. 

5. If there's a lot of product within the brushes, I'll repeat the process until my brushes are absolutely clean.

How often do I clean my brushes

I clean the brushes I use the most more frequently than my other brushes. I'll put a rough guide below, but this is probably different for every individual and their makeup habits so don't use it as bible.

GOSH foundation brush - once every one/two days

W7 foundation and concealer brush - once every three/four days

Morphe blusher brush - once a week

Real Techniques fan brush - once a week

Nyx eyeshadow brushes (3) - once a week/ish

Nyx eyebrow brush - once every two/three days

I hope this is useful to you! My hope is that you will have learnt something new from this post, and that you will be able to pass on any new information to your friends! Please remember that hygiene is important, and it's necessary, not optional, to wash your brushes. You wouldn't neglect to wash your hands, so don't neglect to wash your brushes!

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  1. I really need to be washing my brushes more often- thanks for the reminder!!


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