Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I'm listening to Dream catch me by Newton Faulkner right now. It's such a feel good tune, it just makes you want to bring out your guitar and start strumming as you sing at the top of your lungs. Newton Faulkner is a pretty wacky band in general, but it's one that I can always rely on to cheer me up.

I mean, they have a song about a professional dog food taster for goodness sakes, lol.

July has always been one of my favourite months; it's the high of the summer season, where I get to travel the most and enjoy the sunshine- when it comes out. The days are longer, and it's so much easier to meet up with people.

This week alone I have gone/will go on 4 coffee dates, a party, and a little drive with a friend. And it's been wonderful.

Today I realised something... I'm happy.

And it's not a temporary happiness, either. It's a life fulfilling, evangelical happiness that fills you up and sends you out to spread the happiness with everyone around you. Isn't that beautiful? How when we're filled with happiness, the first thing we want to do is spread it?

There's no way I'll ever be able to truly articulate how fantastic this feeling of being full of happiness is, but I know that some of you reading this will understand. You will know what I'm talking about. You will have felt the bubbles of excitement rising in your chest. You will be sitting there, nodding as I talk about the smile that seems to be permanently plastered on my lips. 

Nothing external can affect this happiness, because it is true happiness. It's internal, and it's my happiness. And I want to share it with all of you, in the hopes that all of you will share it with all of your friends. Can we make a cycle of happiness? Creating a ripple effect,that will bring joy to all corners of the earth? 

Wouldn't that be something incredible?

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  1. Happiness is the best feeling ever. I'm so glad that you're so happy:)


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