20 thoughts I had this week

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ever wonders what ramblings go on in my head? Well here's a summary of my thoughts this week...

1. I really wish I could get back into reading, but I just don't have the time, and there isn't any books that look appealing enough to me. Maybe I'll read that Girl Boss book that everyone's talking about.

2. I really want to have colourful hair. It looks so fun and playful. Would blue hair suit me? Like Halsey's old hair.

3. I did it. 45 mins at the gym and 300 calories down. Yay me.

4. Well since I burnt all those calories, I'm entitled to an extra calorie allowance for lunch, right?

5. The Notebook makes me cry every single time...

6. I really want a romantic relationship with someone, but boys are idiots. Well, boy's aren't idiots like in general. I have lots of friends who are boys who aren't idiots. But all the guys I fall for? They're definitely idiots.

7. I wish my waist was smaller. Look at her. She's total goals, how does she stay so skinny?

8. I really want a change. Like a total fresh start where I don't know what to expect and nobody has assumptions made about me.

9. Oh wait crap that's exactly what University is going to be like. I wonder what kind of person I'll be like in university. It's going to be a whole new life, like a total adventure, and everyone else will be in the same boat

10. I should really start saving seriously. I need to stop with the fortnightly shopping sprees every time I get paid

11. But look at that super cute dress...

12. No. I'm going to university soon, I need to discipline myself and learn to budget.

13. I really want to go on holiday somewhere I've never been before.

14. I haven't written a '5 happy thoughts' post in a while, do you think people will have noticed? I like writing them, they're minimal effort, and always leave me feeling weirdly happy.

15. I actually really just love list posts in general. They have a nice structure, and once I start writing them, it's so easy to keep content flowing.

16. I should probably go on a diet. I read somewhere that if you cut down your calorie intake by 500 a day then you'll lose a stone by the end of the week, I wonder if that's true.

17. I'm going to make a meal plan for my school lunches. Right, for Monday I'll have chicken caesar salad, for tuesday I'll have soup...

18. Wait, I don't go to school anymore.

19. I'm a real adult now.

20. I'm going to turn 18 by the end of the year... what?! I swear I was 12 like a second ago...


  1. This was really fun to read! I might have to try a post like this sometime.:)

    1. Thanks! I look forward to reading it on your blog!


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