5 things you should do for yourself

Sunday, 14 August 2016

"Your mind and body deserves to be nourished and loved; any other thought or message is a lie"

We live in a culture where it's more socially 'acceptable' to bash our bodies and beat ourselves up, than it is to be proud of the things we're good at, and appreciating our beauty. I want to encourage you to disobey this culture, and encourage the people around you to do the same. You all know the saying "Treat others as you would like to be treated" but maybe it's time that you treat yourself as you would treat others.

Distance yourself from toxic people
You know that one person on facebook that constantly brings you down? Unfriend them. Or that guy who keeps messaging you, making you say or do things you're uncomfortable with? Stop replying, and block his number. It's so important that you get rid of the people who bring you down, because your life is meant for so much more than that.

Work it out, regularly
I used to do this thing, where whenever I felt like I had too much pent up anger, I would just take off and go for a 30-60 minute run. As effective as it was for relieving my pent up anger, it wasn't healthy for me to keep on building up the frustration and stress to the point where the only way I could cope with it was running off. However, looking back, I can clearly see the effect that exercise had on my mental state. That's why I want to really encourage you to push yourself to do a good, exhausting work out session, regularly. Even on the days when you don't feel like it, because it's so important that you find an effective way to let go of these negative emotions in a positive way.

Make an effort in your appearance
When I wake up early enough in the morning, I love spending time to do my hair all pretty, and take a bit more care when applying my makeup. Taking care of your appearance like that, or wearing a cute outfit really has an effect on your attitude, and it can really give you that boost of confidence that you're needing

If you scroll up a little, you'll see that my first point was all about distancing yourself from people who have harmful personalities. Well, sometimes, due to work, school, or any other situation, that just isn't possible. So when you get home, and are able to get away from that person, disconnect from social media for the rest of the day. Turn off your phone when you get home, and read a book or colour in; just forget about all the stress.

Start something new
This year, I got a gym membership, and ever since have tried to go regularly. It was really fun to start out doing something I've h2ad absolutely zero experience with, and bit by bit I am learning the ropes, and how to use all the equipment ect. It's really rewarding when you start to get the hang of something new, and you really do feel a sense of achievement for it.


  1. You're posts are always my favorite so many good points always being made. In love with your blog!


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