A day in Ustron, and a night in Topolej

Sunday, 28 August 2016

We spent our first day in Poland very close to the hotel, only leaving to visit the nearby town mid-afternoon. I treated Katie to her first try of Polish food, which just so happened to be cheese. You'd understand if you knew how damn good Polish cheese is, lol.

We had a little wander around the town, and took some cute pictures of eachother- and the flowers. We then made one of the worst decisions of the week... after getting a lift to the town by a friend who worked at the hotel, we thought it would be a good idea to walk back. Wait, that doesn't give it justice.

Wearing flip flops and pumps, in 25 degree heat, we thought it would be a good idea to walk back up and down hills, on roads that didn't have pavements. We were absolute idiots, but I guess at least we know we did some exercise that week. Seriously though, I regret that walk so much.

 We probably got back from our walk around 7pm, and treated ourselves to a traditional Polish soup which I had actually never tried before, despite having been in Poland a good number of times previously. It was kinda spicy, with a lot of cabbage in it. Yeah, cabbage soup. It doesn't sound too appetising but trust me, it was good.

We then settled down and the group of Moroccans played a bit of traditional music for us, which was very quirky. It was so different from anything else I'd ever heard before, and we had a good laugh while enjoying the music. 

The menu that evening was all centred around traditional Moroccan dishes, which I'm ngl wasn't exactly ideal when I was trying to show Katie how awesome Polish food was, but the food was amazing nonetheless! 

 As the night went on, a variety of different groups performed. A belly dancer even came up at one point, which was extremely uncomfortable for my little conservative British self to watch. Later we migrated to the hotel gardens, where the cosy little bench area had been transformed into a makeshift stage. 

I stayed near the side of the stage with my new Moroccan friends, and enjoyed a bit of Polish music (and Polish cider, which fyi is not as good as Koppa). The atmosphere was incredible- I have no words to describe how amazing it felt to be standing outside under the moonlit sky, dancing along to songs I didn't understand.

As the night progressed, we returned back inside the hotel main room and I called an end to the alcohol I was drinking. I decided when I lost count of how many beers I had it was time to stop, jokes jokes. So I stood at the bar for a while, waiting for a hot chocolate to take over to the table where Katie was sat with her water like the smart, healthy, beautiful girl she is. And a young looking couple joined me at the bar, and ordered a few shots all round, which I promise I tried to refuse, but I ended up taking a half shot with the woman anyways because yolo and all that. Anyway, we got chatting (I was still waiting for my hot chocolate at this point) and got by in mainly Polish, and they seemed like really decent people.

I made my departure when I got my hot chocolate, and made a bee line over to Katie, who at the time was sitting alone reading a bit of a book that I had lent her. (Where she went, the sequel to If I stay, 10/10 would recommend). And soon after, the couple joined us at the table, which was lovely. We had a really great laugh with them, talking about all sorts of things like University, to Scotland, to Music, to Alcohol... literally, everything. And then came the dreaded question... The question that makes me feel a little bit silly; as if I'm a kid wearing her Mum's lipstick. "So, how old are you?"

Obviously I answered with the truth. 17, almost 18. And the woman looked pretty darn shocked, which at least made me feel a little bit better, lol. She told me how she thought I was in my 20's, which tbh I didn't expect. I always thought I had a baby face. So anyways, I asked her the same question, expecting her and her husband to be around 25 or so. Turns out I was in for a bit of a shock too, cos they were in their early 30's! That just goes to show that age is pretty much meaningless when it comes to friendships ect. to be honest.

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  1. THAT DRESS that I think you are wearing is lovely. fun post!!!


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