A week in Poland: Overview

Friday, 26 August 2016

So as many of you already know, a week ago last Thursday I jetted off to Poland with my close friend Katie. We started our adventure at 2pm when her Mum graciously dropped us off at the airport. The goodbyes were full of emotion, excitement and anticipation as we looked forward to our week of freedom.

We spent the week in a very cultural hotel, owned by a wonderful woman who went to school with my Mum. Each room was designed to reflect a different counties culture, which was incredible. We were lucky enough to stay in the gorgeous Bulgarian room. If you check out their website, you'll be able to see a taste of what the hotel has to offer.
Packing was definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. We only took hand luggage this time since we were only staying for a week, and my bag served me well. The only problem I encountered was how full my liquids bag was... I ended up having to bin my beloved Simple moisturiser at the airport, but at least now I have an excuse to buy a new moisturiser- hello feel unique, here I come!

Our room had a balcony which overlooked the hotel gardens and the rural landscape in the distance. It really was something else; being able to wake up, and open the curtains to such a beautiful sight.

We spent the majority of our time in the hotel gardens, which were full of colour and energy. The hotel was very relaxed and had such a chill, friendly atmosphere. We had a good few meals and drinks at the hotel too, and the staff were always ready to help. There was also a group of Moroccan men staying at the hotel to work there, and they spoke brilliant English which was really lovely. We all got along really well, and had a good few games of table football, lol.

During this holiday I probably consumed more alcohol than I ever have before too, lol. We had good fun! Without going into too much detail, I genuinely had a whole bottle of this vodka drink thing to myself, as well as a good number of shots, beers and ciders. Whoops.

 Katie and I went on a fair number of trips to the different towns and cities that were nearby, and on one occasion we went to Cieszyn (I think that's how you spell it?) and had a walk across the Polish/Czech Republic border, which I'm sure I'll tell you more about soon... No spoilers. 
 We also encountered quite a few unusual looking bugs during our stay. From a huge green dragonfly which I saw in the morning hovering over the swimming pool, to this flat ladybug thing... One thing I won't be missing about Poland is the bugs. I'll stick to the flies, wasps and house spiders thank you very much.
The money... Well, that's a whole other story. Compared to the UK, Poland was cheap as balls. I spent the same amount for a full, heaped meal in Poland as I would for coffee and (maybe) a cake in Glasgow. Seriously. 

But that's not the only thing that baffled me about money in Poland. When I was in Edinburgh Airport, I grabbed the opportunity to use an ATM so that I could get some English money out to exchange in Poland rather than taking it out once we got there. So that worked absolutely fine, I got a good amount of money that I knew would last me the week. But when it got to exchanging my money for Polish zloty at the Bank, they only accepted some of my notes to exchange. I was left with four £20 notes, and was told there was nothing wrong with them- they were legitimate notes... but the bank wouldn't take them. Katie and I literally scoured every bank and exchange bureau, but we were always given the same answer; it's real money, but we can't exchange it. All I can say now is thank goodness everything was so cheap.

On the mornings where we couldn't be bothered doing much or going anywhere just yet, I flopped down on this plush little sunbed and popped on some tunes on my tablet. My goal was to get a tan, and while I am more tan than before, I didn't achieve the bronzed Goddess look that I was aiming for. Maybe next year, lol.

And least but not last, this is where we had our breakfast most mornings, and where we chilled out in the evening after travelling around. The colours were so vibrant, and it just felt like such a lovely intimate place.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love all of your photos!

    1. Thank you Grace! There's more to come...

  2. I went Krakow for a wedding 3 years ago now. Poland is a great place and I love the food. My son and I love going to our local farmers market every month and we have kielbasa the polish sausage.

    1. Krakow seems to be quite a popular place for weddings! Kielbasa is actually "Sausage" translated directly from Polish; there are so many different types of Polish Sausage! My favourite is Kabanos, it's very thin and great for a snack or with pasta!

  3. The idea behind those hotel rooms is just amazing!

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  4. I've never been to Poland before but I definitely want to visit sometime :)

    1. I would definitely recommend a visit!

  5. This looks lovely! I love the view from your hotel room! I'd love to wake up to that!


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