On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I bought the sweater featured in the pictures above about a year or two ago on a previous trip to Poland. I thought it was so cute and quirky, and fell in love with it at first sight. I'm a big fan of Mean Girls (I even convinced my 13 year old brother to watch it with me a few weeks ago) so this sweater is just perfect for me. It's made of really comfortable, snug material and is perfect for a chill day at home... which is exactly what I'm doing today.

What are you up to this week? Today I'm packing the final bits and pieces for my holiday to Poland. I took the day off work so that I could really focus on making sure I have everything I need for the trip sorted out for the flight tomorrow. Plus, I wanted to write a few posts to publish while I'm away.

I'm sure I'll have lots of content to share with you lovely people when I get back, which I'm so excited for. I've never taken my camera on holiday with me before so this will be a new adventure for me... hopefully I'll get at least a few good shots!

When I get back, however, I will have a heck of a lot to sort out. I need to apply for a new passport soon, collect my student card, get my hair cut and styled, and buy a pass for the events my university is going to be holding over the coming year- just to mention a few things on my to do list. So if you don't see a holiday post as soon as I return to Scotland, it'll probably be because I'm swamped with things to do, as well as working to save up some extra cash for university!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and enjoy the weekend when it comes.


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