Pink is not for girls

Monday, 15 August 2016

It's okay for a girl to wear pink. It's also okay for a girl to wear blue, or green.

Girls can compete in sports traditionally seen as being "for girls", and it's becoming more and more acceptable for girls to play in sports traditionally seen as being "for boys".

If a girl decided to wear navy jeans to school on a casual day, nobody would give her a second glance. But if a boy rocked up to school in a pink dress? All hell would break loose.

The boy would be ridiculed by all his classmates, and everyone would look at him as if he had broken some kind of unspoken rule. Maybe his teachers would take him to the side, and ask him if he was okay. Maybe his parents would be called up to see if there were any family issues. 

Society says it's okay for a girl to do "boyish" things, but it's not okay for a boy to do "girlish" things. Why? Because girls are still treated as inferiors to boys. Because society says it's degrading to be a girl.

But that's not what feminism says. Feminism says pink isn't just for girls, it's for boys too. Feminism says all genders are equal, and that you can be who you want to be- and do what you want to do. Feminism says boys can wear pink, and girls can wear blue. 

A little while ago, I tweeted this; "What does feminism mean to you?" as a simple statement on my twitter that I hoped would challenge some people.

The replies I received said it all... they were all chanting equality. "Equality, both men and women treated equally", "Men and women getting treated equally, like men gets paid £2500 and women get paid £2500", "Equality for men and women in all areas regardless of skin colour, sexuality, ect."

But just the other day I was talking to my friend, who told me that "feminism stands for people who think women are superior to men"... a statement that I strongly disagree with. He (yes, he) believes that in the feminist movement, there are 'extremist feminists' that take 'feminism' to another level. This isn't true.

Anyone who claims to be a feminist but believes women are better than men are no better than the people who started the "mennist" movement. People who believe women are better than men are not feminists- they are misandrists. And people who believe men are better than women are misogynists. 

As I've already mentioned -and as the people who replied to my tweet displayed- feminism is equality. Equality meaning men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. Equality meaning men can wear pink if they want, and women can wear blue if they want... but that if they choose not to, that's okay too. 

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