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Sunday, 7 August 2016

In the past year or so, I have invested so much into improving and maintaining Her Electric Ocean. I have gone from posting irregularly, to posting once or twice a week, to posting daily. Because I create a lot more content that I ever have before, it's become increasingly important that I stay inspired, and excited about blogging. 

One tool that I have found really helpful for this is Bloglovin'. It's a really great source for discovering new bloggers in your niche, and finding out what kind of posts are getting the most traffic. I've written a few posts about content which I save on Bloglovin', (which you can find here and here) and since I had so much fun writing it, I decided to have a little part three!

I found this little gem over at Makeup Savvy, which a lovely beauty/lifestyle blog run by the lovely Fiona Houghton. As you might know from a post I wrote a little while ago, this summer I set myself the aim of reading at least 6 books before university starts. Therefore, this post was absolutely perfect- it encouraged me to read more, and gave me some ideas of what I could actually read!

I found this useful little post over at Adaleta Avdic. I'm an inherent procrastinator, so finding ways for me to maintain a productive streak can be soo hard. It's a real struggle for me, but Adaleta shed light on some really helpful points which I've found to be really effective.

Hannah Gale, the real Queen of lifestyle bloggers, makes everything seem to simple in this post. I've always been quite confused about the whole media kit thing to be honest, lol. Hannah explains everything in a very down to earth, helpful and easy to understand manner. I've saved almost all her posts, so it was rather difficult to narrow it down to one for this post, lol.

This brilliant little post was uploaded over at Thrifty Vintage Fashion. I'm an ambivert, so it was interesting to see the different aspects of introversion that I could relate to, as well as reading about how she owns her introversion. She uses it to her advantage, and pick up on the positive aspects of it, which is so important and inspiring!

What's your favourite blog post?

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  1. I really need to be on Bloglovin' but my blog wasn't compatible with it and since I don't read code I have no idea as to why. This is a cool post. I like how you gave shoutouts to other bloggers. That's so awesome!!

  2. Bloglovin is so great! It's my favorite way to keep up with all the latest posts


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