What would my perfect morning routine look like?

Thursday, 25 August 2016

At the start of this month Jasmin from Little Things With Jassy uploaded a post about what she imagined her ideal morning routine would be, which you can find here. I really enjoyed reading her post, and so I decided I'd write something a bit similar.

At the moment, my mornings are pretty much nonexistant. Depending on what time I start work I'll either spend my mornings asleep and wake up around noon, or wake up and just have enough time to do my hair and makeup. I'm not a huge fan of most breakfast foods like toast and cereal, so I'll usually go through my day without having breakfast- which I know isn't healthy. 

In an ideal world, I would wake up when my first alarm goes off at 8am... but I don't. And I hit snooze on the 9am alarm. And the 10am alarm. And the 10:30 alarm. And then it'll be a mad rush for me to get my bum out the door in time for work. I've never been late for work, but I would definitely like to have a more relaxed morning. 

Any earlier than eight and I would probably be a walking zombie. Waking up at eight would be ideal as it would mean that I'd have a decent amount of sleep and I'd have plenty of time to get a really good start to my day. I'd probably spend about 10 minutes to properly wake up, so it would be good to have that much time to just lay in bed for a bit longer. When I opened my blinds the sun would be shining and the sky would be a beautiful clear blue too, obviously. 

By this time I would have fully woken up and would start running a nice hot bath. I'd pop a bath bomb from Lush in, and soak in the warm, scented water. Then when I got out I would be fresh and at ease- already a great start to the day!

At half eight I would get dressed, and do my hair and makeup. I'd have much more time to focus on my makeup, so I could spend a good wee while using products like primer and eyeliner that I usually give a miss because I'm in too much of a rush. 

Yes, I would need an hour to do my hair and makeup... although 90% of the time would be spent on makeup. At this point I would be ready to go down and make myself some breakfast. I would love to have a veggie breakfast, as it would be so nutritious- and I'd be able to take some snaps of it to share with all you lovely people! I'd also get to lounge about and pop the news on while eating my breakfast, so I would be more aware of what's going on in the world.

At this point I'd pop back upstairs to brush my teeth, and pack my bag for work. That would leave me with just enough time to work on my blog for a bit, or meet up with friends for a morning coffee. 

What would your perfect morning look like?


  1. Nice! I would love to take morning baths too. I love going outside in the mornings to collect my thoughts.


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