10 Ways To Enjoy Autumn

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hi everybody! Grace Anne here, from Totally Graced. I am so beyond thrilled to be posting here on Her Electric Ocean today!

I'm going to be completely honest with you- autumn is not my absolute favorite season. It's not so much that I have anything in particular against autumn, but I'm a huge fan of summer. It's my favorite season, by far. Autumn is the end of my favorite season, and leads to my LEAST favorite season, winter. So, while there are so many people who love autumn to pieces, I'm not necessarily one of them.

All that to say, just because autumn is not my favorite season, it doesn't mean that I don't want to enjoy it! In fact, it makes me want to enjoy it. I want to develop a love for autumn, to do fun things and to get excited with everyone else about how awesome it is! And besides, what good is there in always looking at the negative? Autumn is here whether we like it or we hate it, so we might as well enjoy it while it's around. :)

When Sara contacted me asking if I'd like to guest post (to which I replied with an excited YES), I knew exactly what I wanted to post about. I've been wanting to compile a list of fun things to do in autumn, in hopes of enjoying it more, and I'm really excited to share it with you all! Hopefully you'll see some things that you want to do, too. Ready to take on autumn with me??


01. Go apple picking

I actually haven't done this in a few years, but apple picking is just such a quintessentially autumn activity. Also, can we just have a moment of appreciation for apples? You can do so much with them. Apple strudels and apple fritters are basically my favorite things in the world. And can we please petition for Krispy Kreme to bring back the apple doughnut?? Those things are perfection. 

02. Have a bonfire

Bonfires are SO much fun. I have one of these already planned, and I'm really excited! It's so fun to roast marshmallows and just enjoy the people that you're with. 

03. Do an autumn photoshoot

I've got to admit- autumn clothes are adorable. I love all the burgundy, and the ARMY GREEN!! Oh my heart. I love army green with a passion. And you can't forget about flannels, scarves, beanies and boots! It's super fun to dress up in some cute outfits with your friends and go out among the changing leaves and take some photos. 

04. Try making your favorite autumn drink

Let's be honest- that Starbucks addiction can get expensive! So why not try to make your favorite warm drink at home? Now I'm going to admit- I've actually never tried a pumpkin spice latte. But I'd love to figure out how Starbucks makes such awesome hot chocolate...

05. Host a Halloween party

I've actually never hosted a Halloween party, but I'm in the midst of planning one this year, and I'm excited! Halloween is such a fun holiday- I still can't decide what kind of costume I'm going to wear! Any suggestions? 

06. Decorate a pumpkin

One of my favorite things about fall is picking out a pumpkin and decorating it, whether it's carved or simply painted. There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest that I could scroll for hours! 

07. Have a night in

The weather is getting cooler, and I love nothing more than a cozy night in. It can be with friends or it can just be by yourself, but it's oh so fun to grab some fuzzy socks, brownies, a blanket, and a movie (or two!), and just enjoy some downtime. 

08. Do some crafting

Similar to the idea above, I feel like autumn is the perfect time to do some crafting. I'm a big fan of crochet myself, but whatever you like to do- it's just fun to curl up on the couch and MAKE something.

09. Go to a fair or festival

There are always fall festivals going on, especially in October. Grab some friends, and head over to one near you! 

10. Decorate

This may not be true for you, but where I live, it really doesn't feel like autumn yet. Decorations always help! Fake (or real!) pumpkins, leaves, blankets, fairy lights- you can make your space feel a little more autumnal quite easily, with things you probably already have lying around! And hey, if you can't find anything, then congratulations- you officially have and excuse to go to Target. You're welcome. ; ) 


Well, there you have it! Ten super easy ways to enjoy autumn. Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite ways to spend autumn are! Sara, thank you again so much for having me! 


  1. Thank you again so much, Sara! ♥

  2. LOVE. However, it is crazy impossible for me to do pumpkin carving, it is just so gross!!!

    1. Haha, I always get someone to do it with me so I don't have to scoop out the insides! XD

    2. I've never actually done pumpkin carving! It's something I've never really thought about actually doing


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