20 lit girl problems

Saturday, 3 September 2016

1. Getting one eye's eyeliner completely perfect, and not being able to get the other one to look even half decent

2. So you have to take it all off, resulting in you having awful panda eyes

3. Which takes ages for you to take off/cover up, so you're probably late to whatever you had planned

4. One eyebrow ALWAYS looks better than the other no matter what you do

5. Going for a walk but forgetting to take your fitbit, so it practically doesn't even count

6. Looking through old pictures and thinking... where the hell did that cute little dress go?

7. Taking a tonne of selfies and not knowing which one to upload

8. Not knowing whether to buy a new lipstick shade or a new nail polish

9. So you end up buying both, plus a tonne of other stuff, and BOOM you're broke

10. Getting a fake tan and waking up BROWN the next day

11. When people say you're wearing too much makeup, and it's really none of their business

12. But then when you don't wear any makeup everyone thinks you're sick

13. When you finally choose a cute selfie to upload on instagram, but you don't know how to caption it

14. And when you actually upload it, it gets like 20 likes. Ugh.

15. So you accidentally waste an hour liking all your friends pictures and asking for insta love from your bestos 

16. When you talk in a normal tone and everyones like "WOAH CALM DOWN"

17. And this obviously annoys you, but they all laugh cos you're wound up

18. When you smudge your nail varnish as it's drying

19. And the smudge stains your brand new dress that you were going to wear tonight

20. So you rock up in a dress that everyones seen you in a million times before


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