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Saturday, 10 September 2016

I've been sitting on my bed for over an hour watching Aladdin and the King of Thieves, trying to figure out how to start this post. I've actually really missed sitting down to write posts like this lately. I feel like I've been so busy with work, and preparing for uni (I'll get on to that one) that I haven't had the chance to really do just that. And when I've had some spare time, it's just been enough for me to be able to take a few shots on my camera and whip up a list post... and as much as I love and enjoy writing list posts, I have missed these chatty posts where I just get to ramble on. 

 To be completely honest with you, my mind is whirring with just about everything apart from writing this post. That's never a good start, but I suppose I'll just have to try and make my crazy chaotic thoughts somehow legible. Wish me luck.

One of the main reasons why my mind is such a whirlwind is because tonight I'm going out to my first freshers night out. And I'm not going to lie, I am a tot nervous about it. 

The thought of University has always both scared and excited me both at equal levels, but it's just been a distant thought up until now. But here I am now, sitting on my bed wondering what to wear on a night out with people I've never met before, who I'm going to be spending the next four years of my life with.

Last Tuesday I met up with a small group of people who were going to be on my course, and we all seemed to get along pretty well. It definitely makes me feel a lot better that I'll know someone when I rock up to the student union tonight. Being part of a Facebook group full of people in the same position as me has really made me feel more at ease about this whole university thing. 

One of my closest friends is turning 18, which is something that I'm really looking forward to. 

Since we got home from our holiday to Poland I feel like we haven't really had the chance to meet up because we've both been so busy, so it'll definitely be great to be able to see her! It's been really odd not seeing my school friends every day since we left school, definitely something I'm not used to just yet. I just can't believe that six years has passed, and that I'm actually going to be studying at university this year. I'm so not ready for it.

Anyway, whats new with you? How do you plan to spend this wonderful weekend?


  1. I love Aladdin. In fact I love any Disney!! Best of luck to uni.



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