My Autumn Aesthetic

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Autumn is possibly my favourite season of the year. It used to be summer, but now there's something so comforting about cinnamon rolls, cosy sweaters, and pumpkin lattes by the fireplace. Summer can be exciting, but sometimes it can get exhausting... Autumn may be cool outside, but the warmth it brings to your heart makes up for it all.

This year, I decided to build up a collection of my favourite Autumnal photos on we heart it, and so I created my Autumn Aesthetic. All of the photos in this post come from we heart it and are not mine, but you can find them over on my account here

Whats your favourite Autumnal scent?


  1. This post had made me super excited for Autumn!! It is my favourite season. As for my favourite scent - it has to be the smell of marshmallows roasting on the fire.


    1. Aw I'm so glad, thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. Hi Sara! I love this post! Autumn is definitely my favourite season and this post captures the feeling of it perfectly! Also, I love the transition from Her Electric Ocean, loving the new look!
    Freya xx


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