10 Songs on My Autumn Playlist

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The weather's been getting chilly lately. 

This morning I left for university with my Autumn/Winter boots, a heavy jacket, and my thick scarf... and by the time I got into town, I was already shivering. Although I despise the cold weather, and how the darkness has already started creeping into the day, I do have a soft spot for Autumn. I'm very fond of this season for a number of reasons, one of which you can read all about here.

As well as the abundance of luscious hot drinks and gorgeously scented candles, I adore the whole concept of Autumn Living. Spring is the season for new starts, Summer is the season for excitement and adventures, Winter is the season for family, and Autumn is the season of Relaxation. Each season has something individual and unique to it that makes them all amazing in their own right... but I think Autumn is my favourite.

When I think of how my ideal Autumnal evening would pan out, I think of cosy-ing up on the couch, and chatting away with someone I love. When I close my eyes, I picture mahogany furniture, knitted jumpers, the mixed scents of a warm autumnal drink and an Autumnal-themed scented candle, and a perfect, soothing song playing in the background.

Say you won't let go - James Arthur

Bloom - The Paper Kites

Made to Love You - Dan Owen

Catch and Release - Matt Simons

Johnny Stimson - Bright Side

Sycamore Tree - The Hunna

Shadow Light - Ardyn

Dreams - Mike Waters

Nightcall - London Grammar

Simple Desire - All Mankind

What's on your autumn playlist?

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