10 ways to show people you love them

Thursday, 27 October 2016

"Do what you love, 
show people love, 
accept people's love, 
and love what you do"

I'll try my best to make sure this isn't just another one of those super sloppy, mushy posts that would even make your Mum cringe. It'll be hard, but I promise I'll try. But first off, how f***ing cute is that quote? 

1. Make them breakfast in bed. (If you're reading this and thinking of making me breakfast in bed, note that I love waffles and pancakes)

2. Call them randomly just because you miss them and want to chat

3. Take them to your favourite place

4. Give them a big, warm hug full of love, and don't let them let go for at least a whole 30 seconds

5. Buy them a present, for no reason (Again, if it's for me then note that I love lush bath bombs. And makeup. And tbh it doesn't matter what you buy me because I'll love you forever no matter what it is)

6. Write them a cute little letter/para about everything you think is amazing and beautiful about them

7. Give them your umbrella because it's pouring with rain, even if it means that you'll get absolutely drenched on the way home

8. Let them have your last rolo (or slice of pizza)

9. Look out for them when they're at their most vulnerable

10. Just simply love them

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