5 of the Best Ways to Spend The Autumn Months

Monday, 10 October 2016

I cant get rid of the awful aftertaste of beer. I hate beer, but for some reason -which I can't quite explain- I decided to have a pint last night. It wasn't a good decision... beer never is tbh.

I feel like I've had a pretty long day today- even though when I think about it properly, I haven't. I started my day by getting the 10am bus into town for my 11am Marketing tutorial, following by three business-related lectures. 

Uni has been wonderful- nothing could honestly prepare me for how amazing it is. It's even better than the movies. Tonight I have my work night out which I'm really looking forward to... not that I really need another excuse to go out, lol. But it promises to be a good night. 

Today I wanted to write about some of my favourite days and nights out for Autumn.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, and find some inspiration for your next day/night out!

1. Wine on Ashton Lane
Other streets are available. Ashton Lane is known as being a pretty student-y street, filled to the brim with GUW's (Glasgow Uni Wankers... sorry, not sorry) and hipsters. My friends and I fit in to neither of those categories, but we all fell in love with Ashton Lane when we went on a little wine trip during Freshers week... It's such a nice, classy area, and was a great little getaway from the less-classy union. 

2. Starbucks
As with Ashton Lane, other coffee chains are available. But let's not deceive ourselves- none of them quite scratch up to Starbucks. I mean, Starbucks' Autumn Drinks menu is unbeatable. When you think of Autumn, you instantly think of the PSL... and that is just one of the many reasons why you need to go to Starbucks (multiple times) this Autumn.

3. A meal at your local pub
I don't know about you, but the pubs in my local area have such a nice, cosy vibe. And they're full of furniture made of dark wood, which practically screams autumn to me. I love a meal out with friends, and pubs not only have a great, relaxed atmosphere, but are pretty cheap too!

4. A daytrip to a local Castle
Picture the scene... You're wearing your autumn boots, a cosy jacket, and a gorgeous scarf. You and someone you love walk down this stone road covered in gold, brown, and red fallen leaves. And then you see it- amongst the golden trees, there stands the ruins of a gorgeous Castle. How romantic. I always loved visiting castles when I was a child -it was one of my family's go to days out- and I remember them always being the most beautiful during the Autumn months. You'd be sure to get some really great #Insta worthy photos there too.

5. Bonfires
This is another #Insta worthy one. I've only ever had proper bonfires whilst on holiday in Poland with my family, on my grandparents land... but I can imagine they'd be just as good in the UK- as long as it doesn't rain, ofc. Blankets, marshmallows, a hot cuppa and a gorgeous fire in the centre... recipe for a perfect Autumn night with your favourite people? I think so.

What would your perfect Autumn Day/Night be?

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