A little pop of pink (Another NYX review)

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

People are going to start thinking I've been sponsored by NYX from the amount I rave about them on here and twitter. (I'm not, by the way... although I sure would like to be)  Lol. A while ago I had a little feature post on some of my favourite new buys from the brand new NYX booth in the Fort, Glasgow. However, I missed out two vital parts of my splurge; my two most lush lip products.
This is one I've been pining over for a good few weeks. I first heard about the NYX soft matte lip cream (sydney, 13) over on Zoella's side/vlog youtube channel, and really liked how it looked on her. I already have a small selection of this product in different shades, so I had a good idea of what it would be like. The colour really comes out with it, and it's one of the longest lasting lip products I own.
The NYX matte lipstick in couture mode (28) is a similar shade to the lip cream but it has more of a rose tint and is much more subtle. It actually goes perfectly with one of my NYX lip liners which I reviewed in this post which is brilliant. It's a perfect lip product for a day out in the sun matched with a more natural look.
On the right: NYX soft matte lip cream in Sydney
On the left: NYX matte lipstick in couture mode

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