How to Stay on Top of Everything (When You Have Too Many Responsibilities)

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Flipping hell. I never could have prepared myself for how busy my life would get after summer. I have literally gone from having a carefree lifestyle with zero responsibilities (okay, that's a lie, I did work over summer... but that doesn't really count) to trying to juggle several. And honestly? It's exhausting.

That's why it's important that I stay on top of everything- now more than ever. I need to keep on top of my weekly schedule so that I attend all of my lectures and tutorials at university (as well as having time to study, and prep for tutorials), and I have also committed myself to working at two part time jobs. On top of that, I run this blog, and I'm sure that any fellow bloggers will appreciate how much time and effort goes in to running a blog, never mind having to juggle blogging with several other responsibilities.

Bearing in mind, that I am not someone who keeps to themselves. Somehow, I have managed to sort out a routine that allows me to manage all of my commitments and still have time to meet up with my friends, and go on nights out, and watch TV shows like Poldark with my Mum. 

Want to know how I do it? Keep reading...

Your Week Starts on Sunday

Technically, it doesn't. But for the purpose of this post, your week starts on Sunday. In the evening specifically, although you can go with whatever time suits you best. Why? Because in order to stay on top of your schedule, you need to have a schedule. 

Don't wait until Monday morning to organise your week, because chances are you'll wake up wondering what you have to do on Monday and might end up missing something out. Be one step ahead of the game, and sort out everything you have to do in the following week, before the week has 'technically' even begun.

I've never really been a calendar person because I feel like calender's don't really have enough space to fit in everything you need to do every day, and they don't really have much space to add in notes and stuff. Paperchase offers the perfect solution to my problem, in the form of A4 weekly planners. 

These are perfect because they have a good amount of space to write things in for each day, as well as a space for notes! Hurrah! My weekly planner even has a little 'to do' list on the side of it for all those daily tasks that I need to remind myself to complete. I'm sure other places do weekly planners too (and are probably more affordable tbh) but I just love my paperchase one so much that I really couldn't think of getting one anywhere else.

You Have Too Little Time Not To Spend It With Your Friends

We all have that one friend who is always "too busy" right? I used to be that friend, until I realised that in reality, you can never be "too busy" for your friends. No matter how many things you have to do, no matter how many places you have to be, you will always have a handful of hours each day of sweet bliss when you don't have anything you need to do.

And yeah, of course it's important to have time to yourself to recharge. But spending time with your friends is one of the best, most effective ways to reboot your energy and get you smiling again! If you're stressed out because you feel like you have no time, that might be a sign that you need to take a break to spend time with the people you love. Even if it's just for a 30 minute coffee break.

Your Surroundings Reflect Your Mental State

Ever heard the quote "tell me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are"? Or what about the saying your Mum would always drone on about- "A messy room means a messy mind"? Turns out each of these hold some truth in them. 

Whether your surroundings affect you, or you affect your surroundings is unclear. However, having a tidy desk has been proven to increase productivity and motivation. You know how satisfied you feel after having a huge clean-out? Use that satisfaction and self-pride, and hone it to push yourself to do more!

Then, when you're wondering what your next class, appointment, lecture or meeting is, you won't have to search through a stack of paperwork and books to find your weekly planner... because it'll be displayed right where you left it in plain view.

Wake Me Up!

If you need to be out of the house by 8am, try setting your alarm for 6am instead of 7. Sure, if you're out of bed at 7am you'll have plenty of time to freshen yourself up, have breakfast and get out the door... But trust me, you'll feel so much better if you wake up and get out of bed earlier.

If you give yourself enough time in the morning, you can give the day a perfect start with a relaxing bath or an energising shower. You can treat yourself to a home cooked breakfast, rather than grabbing an apple on your way out. 

Plus, if you're all ready to go, and your bus doesn't leave for another half an hour, you can start getting some of your work done so that you have less to do in the evening- thus leading to you having much more time for other commitments, or spending time with friends.

What's your top tip for juggling multiple responsibilities?

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