My Autumn Bucket List

Sunday, 9 October 2016

We have this candle in the lounge right now that's cinnamon scented and oh my goodness it gives me life. I tend to go a bit overboard with the whole "I love Autumn" thing, but I really do mean it. Autumn is just one of those magical, mystical seasons where everything feels like a movie.

1. Make an Autumn Playlist
You know those slow indie songs that are just made for Autumn? I adore them. They set such a nice atmosphere, and are so relaxing to listen to. Passion Parade Kaurna Cronin would definitely be on my Autumn Playlist, I found it on my Discover Weekly on Spotify a while ago and its such an Autumnal song.

2. Take lots of Autumnal Photos
My house is situated right bang in the middle of two very picturesque settings; the canal pathway which is surrounded by trees, and the walk next to the river that goes past a golf course and farm land. I really need to take advantage of this beautiful scenery and take more photos when the trees all turn golden brown...

3. Drink more Autumnal hot drinks
We all know that Starbucks does a mean Autumn menu. Chai Tea Lattes are probably my favourite Autumnal drink from Starbucks, although Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are right up there with the rest. When I'm at home though, I love making a normal coffee and adding a teaspoon of cinnamon in it, it's so lush!

4. Wear my Autumn Lipsticks
At least 5 times. I'm aiming for wearing them like every day, but knowing me I'll just be lazy and bail. I bought a bunch of really nice lipsticks for Autumn though, and it would be such a waste if I didn't use them.

5. Read more, and Watch more
Who doesn't love cosying up after a long day, and settling down with a warm beverage and a good book? Or cuddling with a cute guy/amazing friend with a cosy blanket as you relax together with a great movie? I certainly wouldn't turn down either of those options, but I want to make myself do each of them more; and treat myself well this Autumn!

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