Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks

Saturday, 1 October 2016

My fascination with makeup isn't something that is new. One of my best childhood memories is waking up on Christmas day and opening up parcels containing a childs makeup set, and one of those bratz doll heads that everyone used to have. I spent hours on end with my cousins as we gave each-other makeovers, and resented my Dad for making me scrub off the fluorescent pink blush and deep green eye shadow before I went out. 

Now I hope my makeup style has improved at least slightly since I was at that age, and I like to think that I've learnt a thing or two about makeup over the years. My closest friends have taught me so much, as have tutorials from youtube and instagram. My current favourite insta account for makeup is NYX official, it's so gorgeous! *insert heart eye emoji here*

I would really love to share a few of the things that I've learnt over the years with you guys, and I'd love to hear any of your tips in the comments below!

1. To really give your lashes that extra long lasting curl, heat up your curler with a hairdryer before you curl them
2. The best way to take mascara off without damaging your eyes is to soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and hold it on your eyes (over your lashes) for 30 seconds, and then swipe. The mascara should swipe off quite easily after being soaked.

3. Always use a matte contour and a shimmery highlighter. If you ever want to add a bit of shimmer to your contour you can always do so by adding a bit of highlighter on top.

4. The best base for makeup is soft skin that has been prepped with toner and well primed; it'll apply much better and stay on much longer

5. If you ever find you've finished doing your makeup and your face is slightly darker than your neck, sweep some bronzer over both sides of your neck to even it out

6. Applying white eyeshadow (or even a dab of highlighter) in the corner of your eyes opens your eyes up so much and makes them look much bigger

7. Use concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes to erase bags under your eyes

8. Know your skin type, and make sure that you invest in makeup that matches your skin type. If your skin is very dry, then never go for heavy/full coverage foundation.

9. Speaking of investing, you should invest in 3 high end makeup products for your makeup bag; foundation, mascara, and an eyeshadow palette. 

10. Always, always, ALWAYS take your makeup off at night. And then moisturise. And then use makeup remover again. And then moisturise again. Repeating the process twice will ensure your skin is completely clean and makeup free.

What are your makeup tips and tricks?


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