A List of Everyday Delights

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Every so often, something (or someone) really, really amazing comes around. You can't stop smiling for hours on end, and you can't stop talking about them, or it. In fact, you probably can't shut up about it.

But that's now what this list is about. This list is a salute to the mundane things that brighten your day. The daily joys, like...

1. Being able to take time out to paint my nails

2. Lighting some candles and putting on fairy lights

3. Having a bath to look forward to at the end of the day

4. Getting my makeup perfect in the morning (especially brows and liner)

5. Going out for coffee, drinks and clubbing.

6. Avoiding looking at my bank balance after no. 5.

7. Singing really loudly and shamelessly in the car

8. Talking to my favourite people

9. Coming home with a huge lush haul after pay day

10. Getting a gift that I just know someone is going to adore

11. Making the perfect playlist on Spotify

12. Black tea with honey, ginger and lemon

13. When my matte liquid lipstick lasts. All. Day.

14. Brutally honest, insightful and deep conversations

15. Taxi Journeys with interesting people

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