My Favourite Quiet Places

Thursday, 15 December 2016

It's no secret that I adore going out. The majority of the time, when someone asks me what my plans are for the weekend, my answer will comprise a mix of  work and going out. Maybe that comes as a surprise to you; next to nobody would expect people in the blogging community to be the kind of people who go clubbing ect. 

But of course, this post isn't about my love for clubbing and loud music, lol. 

Because as much as everyone needs to let loose completely every now and then, it's just as (if not even more) important that you set aside some quiet time during your week. You know, some time to get stuff done on your own, and reflect on yourself. 

I'm lucky enough to have a blog to run, which forces me to take "time out" of my busy schedule to sit down and quite simply write. But not everyone has that, and it's really important that you make the time when you're not forced into it. Here are some of my favourite quiet places...

The Seaside
Walking barefoot on the sand is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. Just letting your feet sink in as the waves caress your legs.

Cute Little Local Cafes 
There's this one cafe that I used to go to twice a year with my mum when I was in primary school; once when school finished for Christmas, and once before summer. Although I'm pretty sure the original owners have left, the essence of that little cafe has remained, and I still adore going there. It's one of my favourite places to go if I have work to do, or if I want to have a little chit chat with a friend.

Just about a 5 minute walk behind my house is a really nice little country path that goes past the river, through farmland. I used to go running there, but even since I stopped running I've still cherished the area. It's so peaceful and still, and really makes you appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

By The River
Although the river in Glasgow isn't technically quiet, I still find it so peaceful. My friends and I once drove to the Quay just in time to see the sun set on the river, and it was one of the most gorgeous things Ive ever seen in my life.

My Bedroom
Yeah. It's not often I get enough time to myself to actually be alone, in my room to rest. There's nothing I adore more than lighting a few candles, playing a bit of guitar or putting some music on and relaxing on my bed to read a book... or of course blogging. I love my space sometimes, and my room is the perfect place for that.

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