Reasons Why You Should Be PROUD of Yourself

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Look at yourself.

You've come so far- inside and out. You've faced challenges, looked them  square in the eye, and said "not today. I won't back down today". You've held the hands of someone whose heart was breaking, and you've healed your own heart when it was breaking. You've come so, so far. You're not the same person that you were 5 years ago, or even one year ago. The you that you are now, isn't even the same as the you that you were yesterday. You have evolved. You have become stronger, and you have adapted to the harsh realities of life. 

And as if that isn't a good enough reason for you to be proud of yourself, I have more...

You have Grown. When you were born, it probably would have been impossible  for your parents to conceive just how much you were going to grow. And while you've grown into a beautiful, physical human being (which in itself is something to be proud of) you've also grown emotionally and mentally. You have grown from being the toddler who didn't really quite understand human emotions, to being this incredible person who can have empathy for the person standing next to them.

Have you ever made a mistake, faced failure, or caused a catastrophe? Of course you have; everyone has! But one of the most amazing things about being alive is that yeah, you make mistakes and all- but you learn from them. So when you burnt your arm in the oven taking pizza out ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, (well done Sara) you'll learn that next time, oven gloves are important. These things happen so that we can allow ourselves to learn through our experiences... and you have learnt so much.

And when you hear the words "battle" or "struggle", what do you think of? In the first instance, my mind dives into all the challenges I'm facing currently... but when I really think about it, everything I have overcome comes to mind. I want you to remember every. Single. Time. that you faced something difficult or challenging, and didn't back down. Those are the things you have conquered

"Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do, even  your mistakes. Because your mistakes mean you're trying"

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