Top 10 Christmas Movies

Saturday, 24 December 2016

I've got the best evening planned for tonight. I'm currently wrapped up in my favourite furry pyjamas, with my blanket draped around me. I've set up my fairy lights, and my candles are burning. Oh, and I've ordered a cheeky Indian too.

It's about time I treat myself to a night in. For the past few weeks, I've either been out with friends, working, or in the library trying to study/write up assignments until the wee hours. So I'm really enjoying the chance to get a bit of me-time.

The Holiday is on SKY movies right now, so I think I might give it a wee watch; get me into the festive spirit and all. There's nothing like a  cosy evening in with a Christmas movie in December, right?

Here's a few of my favourite Christmas movies... I've linked each title to the trailer, so if you give it a click you'll be directed straight to the wonderful world of youtube!

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  1. WELL HELLO!!! It has been way to long! Some how we got disconnected but I am glad to have found the place where you blog again! Why isn't The Santa Claus up there? Haha it's one of my favorites! (; Missed ya!


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