Learning How to Live On My Own

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

I've always considered myself to be pretty extremely extroverted.
When surrounded by people, I become this bright, bubbly, energised version of myself. Since I can remember, even the most basic form of human interaction has both energized and encouraged me. I love spending time with people.
But lately (having moved into my new flat and all) I've been spending more time on my own than ever before...

November Goals and Bloggers to Watch Out For

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I've had a bit of a crazy-hectic week.

In the space of seven days, I have managed to lost my phone at least 5 times, lose my student card, spend almost all my money, and break my laptop. Yes, break... as in I'm never going to be able to use it again. Life as a student blogger just got a WHOLE LOT harder. 

And it couldn't have come at a worse time, with my assignments have started building up and slowly starting to resemble a small mountain. Looks like I'm going to be spending a heck of a lot of my time in the university library. Nice.

5 Happy Things

Sunday, 29 October 2017

First up, before I properly start this post, can I just say a huge THANK YOU to the lovely people who commented, tweeted, and messaged me privately in response to my last post (which you can read here). I talked a little bit about my recent struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I was completely taken aback by the response I got... every little message really touched my heart, and it means the world to me that you guys care

Back in the day, my '5 Happy Things' posts were a regular feature on the blog. At least once a month, I would sit down and make a list of all the things that had filled me with that lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling of joy... and then from that I hand picked the 5 that I could talk about. They were my favourite posts to write, my favourite to read back over, and some of my biggest hits on the blog. 

It's been a while since I last reflected on the things that have made me smile, and I feel like after last Wednesday's post it's even more fitting that I do just that. 

I'm (not) Doing Well, Thanks!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

You know that feeling when you don't know how to write the first sentence/paragraph for an essay/email, but you know exactly what you want to say with the rest of it? That's how I've felt about my blog posts lately... I know exactly what I want to write, I just don't know how to start.

To be completely honest, life has been a little bit like that too.

I know exactly what I want to do with my day, but lately I've found getting up in the morning has become a struggle.

20 Blog Posts To Read This Month

Sunday, 22 October 2017

You know that thing that some/all bloggers do towards the end of the year, where they look through all the posts they've published, and list their favourite/top posts? 

Well I decided to do that midway through October, because I just can't wait until the end of December. 

Year on year, I've seen Sara Louisa grow, grow, and grow. I feel like now, I'm at a place where I can look back on the posts I've published in the last 12 months and actually be proud of the content that I have created. So I'm really excited to be sharing my top posts.

I've managed to split the posts into little sub-sections, so that you can delve right into your favourite topic! 

Am I Good Enough To Be A Blogger

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

I've not done a photoshoot in a good few weeks (yeaaah, about that... you might have noticed I've been using more stock photos than usual. I really wish I had taken more photos during the 'good lighting' summer months, but I didn't, and it sucks), so I'm sorry but you're going to have to deal with a crappy Summer-y photo that I took in July and never used. Soz.

If you've been following my posts lately, or read pretty much any of my tweets in the past month or so, you may have noticed that I'm not really feeling super-confident in my identity as a 'blogger'. 

In fact, I've felt a bit like a failure.

People Don't Read Anymore

Sunday, 15 October 2017

My favourite day of this week consisted of me being super productive and getting shit done, going out for a coffee and a walk with a really nice guy, and celebrating my friends birthday at THE loveliest Japanese restaurant in town.

My least favourite day of this week consisted of me finding out that Glamour Mag discontinued, running out of coffee in the flat, and going to one lecture where the lecturer droned on and on and on about how 'nobody really reads anymore', and another where I was told that the future of written content is roboticized.

My 8 Blogging Commandments

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today's post is yet another last-minute post that I conjured up the day before publishing. Damn do I miss the days that I had posts scheduled months ahead at a time... turns out having a busy lifestyle means it's harder to be on top of everything. And yes, that includes my inability to properly promote Sara Louisa on social media. Does that make me a failure as a blogger?

I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time.

And while I might be 'failing' to do everything that I should be doing to ensure Sara Louisa prospers, I promise to stick by these commandments. I couldn't think of 10, so you'll have to do with 8 for now... maybe I'll think of more another time. 

Why I'm Not Doing Blogtober

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Yup, I know, I'm a crap blogger. You know what, this isn't even my photo. Shock horror, it's a stock photo. Omg I'm such a failure, right? Wrong.

Blogtober -similar to blogmas- is one big month of seasonal blogging. Only, where blogmas is obviously centred all around Christmas, blogtober is all about Autumn. You know, the whole 'hygge' thing, etc.

Pretty much everyone who's anyone in the blogging community gets behind it. It's a big deal... and I'm not doing it.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and I adore autumn; particularly October, which just so happens to be my birthday Month (go me!), but Blogtober just won't be happening on Sara Louisa this year. Tbh, it probably won't be happening next year either.

How Rearranging My Furniture Made Me Feel Happier

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Last month I finally moved out of my parents house and into my flat in the big bad city of Glasgow. 

In the last few weeks, my flatmates and I have had plenty of ups and downs, and we've overcome hurdle after hurdle. Moving out has been a huge learning curve for me, and I feel like it's really opened up my eyes to the world around me. 

My Mental Health... Several Years On

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hey there you lovely person. Are you taking care of yourself? Autumn can be a difficult time for some of us mental-health wise, so it's important that you take the time to look after yourself this season.

Last year I published a post (see: here) that was extremely difficult for me to put out there, especially in the knowledge that I would be broadcasting it to a completely new world of people- many of whom know me personally. Hitting the 'publish' button was terrifying, but at the same time I was so proud of myself for doing it.

Luxe October Wishlist

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

October; the month where it's finally acceptable to go all out on the autumnal candles, the faux fur blankets, and all the other amazing autumnal decorations out there. The month where bloggers -like me- go nuts about #Blogtober. 

Oh, and it's also my.




Three Blogger Babes Literally KILLING It Right Now

Sunday, 24 September 2017

I've LOVED taking part in a number of really lovely, uplifting Twitter chats lately. There is so much love going around the blogosphere- and I am so glad that I get to be a part of such a great community of gals. 

We rise by lifting others.

4 Ways To Make Your Home Autumn - Ready (Hygge Style)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ai-ai-ai, you must be getting SICK of all these Autumnal blog posts... unless you're like me (and 99% of the blogger population) and absolutely love the season and wish it could be Autumn every day.

In that case; I like you, you can stick around. 

Taking Care Of Myself During the Autumn Months

Sunday, 17 September 2017

I came to terms with the fact that I have SAD around two years ago; although I have memories of experiencing it for the past five years. Since then I have seen countless bloggers confess that they too suffer from the illness... which is a bit ironic, since Autumn is known as the 'favourite' season in the blogosphere.

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects everyone differently, every year. I have never had the same experience two years in a row. 2015 was the hardest year I've ever had, whereas last year I only had a few scattered really bad days. 

It's hard, because I don't know what to expect.

My Blogging Goals | September

Sunday, 3 September 2017

I'm writing this in my local library, because I still don't have any wifi in my new flat. I know I said that I'd do a flat/bedroom tour soon, but I seriously did not realise how much would need to be sorted out before I even come close to being able to show off my flat. This is my first time moving into a new flat, so I'm really just learning as I go along.

Sunday Slumber

Sunday, 27 August 2017

August is drawing to a close, and I am spending my first weekend in my brand-spankin' new flat. I've got a homemade Iced Vanilla Latte in-hand, and I'm sat on my bed in a room full of boxes... Yeah.

I can't wait to show you my flat once I've got everything sorted out, but today I just wanted to have a chilled coffee break with you guys before I have to get on with all this unpacking.

Autumn is creeping up on us, and I for one am rather excited. 

13 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Happy Sunday!

It's 11pm as I write this and I've got work tomorrow, and I am REALLY regretting the two vanilla lattes I just drank in the past two hours. I don't think my brain has -ever- felt this switched on.

I've just taken part of a really lovely twitter chat hosted by @Bliss_Bloggers, and it got me thinking about just how much I have benefited because of the wonderful blogosphere... so here are 13 things I love about blogging...

5 Feel Goods

Sunday, 20 August 2017

I've always been a big believer of the idea that people inspire other people to do great things... and blogging is no exception to this ideal. I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the community of bloggers that I surround myself with; especially on Bloglovin.

About a month ago, A Balancing Peach published a post called '5 Feel Goods'- a series she has established on her blog in which she shines light to some of the good stuff that is going on in the world. Inspired by this, I decided to have my own take on things... and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Remembering Auschwitz... and The Lessons I Learnt

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hi loves... Just before I go on with this post, I would recommend you read up about my story- it'll help you understand a lot of where I'm coming from.

This morning, I woke up and went on twitter to promote the post I had just published- A Countdown To Uni. In the past few weeks, twitter has been a place of community for me- and it has given me a great platform to talk about my blog. 

But today, when I went on twitter and saw what people were saying, I cried. 

Top 10 Blog Photography Tips...

Sunday, 13 August 2017

...and Why I'm Not Investing In A Proper Camera Any Time Soon

Last Thursday I took part in a lovely Twitter chat hosted on @Cbeechat by @LadyEOnline, on the topic of Blog Photography. And while I don't count myself as a pro-photographer by any means, I am happy with the graphics I put on my blog...

5 Happy Things

Sunday, 23 July 2017

I've felt so inspired today... it honestly feels so good to finally get properly back into my groove. Sara Louisa is back with a BAM!

Over the past few years I've written a lot of '5 Happy Things' posts. Today I had the chance to look back over a few of the posts that I've published for Sara Louisa xo and honestly, my favourite posts to read were these ones. While they're not always super personal, these posts take me back to a different time and remind me of all the different reasons I have to be well and truly happy with my life. I'm going to leave a few links below of some of my favourite previous posts... if you like today's post I hope you will enjoy reading these ones too.

If you read the last post I uploaded, you'll know that I recently went to TRNSMT festival. There, I got to see Clean Cut Kid; the Liverpudlian indie band which -through music- have helped me get through a somewhat complicated break up (aren't all break-ups difficult?), and thus have quickly become one of my favourite bands of all time. But only recently I discovered something about this band that brought them even closer to my heart... Of the four-piece, two are married; Mike and Evelyn Hall- which is significant because one of my favourite songs by them is called (and obviously about) Evelyn. And I thought it couldn't get any cuter... until I found out that their whole album Felt is based around Mike and Evelyn's relationship

Parks and Walks
The weather today has been officially dubbed as 'cloudy with patchy bursts of sunshine' but I beg to differ. My close friend Katie and I went on a  really lovely walk down a park where she lives, and the sun shone the whole way. It was so great to just be able to do something as simple as walking, and talking away just like we used to all the time at school. I really need to do things like this more often.

A few years ago, I started watching Reign; a TV show that is a sort of modern account of the life of Mary Queen of Scotts. It sounds a bit dull, but it really isn't. I watched the first season way back then, and then stopped- but then the other week I saw it was on netflix. I have since binge watched it right up to the end... and yes, I cried a fuckload when it was finished. 

Mum, Dad and my little brother Daniel have went off to travel Belgium, France and Italy -without me- leaving me in the house completely alone for just over a month... and while I am moving out soon, I'm not going to be living alone. I've really not enjoyed being completely alone in the house at night, so because of the way my shifts have worked out, I've been able to book bus tickets to Liverpool to see my grandparents, cousins, auntie and uncle. And it comes at perfect timing- my cousin is having a baby shower during my stay! I absolutely cannot wait to see all the cute baby things!

St Judes & Light
Tomorrow is my work night out, and the love Island finale... and I'm not going to be missing either. I only really started watching Love Island because one of the girls at work recommended it to me, and a group of us have a facebook chat called 'After-Aftersun', with the beautiful Alex as the icon. He is gorgeous, isn't he? We found out that there's a bar in Glasgow -St Judes- which will be streaming the finale, so about 10 of us have booked seats to watch it, and pre-drink together before we go to Light, where our work night out will be!

What have you been happy about lately?

Adios, xo

A Week For Myself

Sunday, 16 July 2017

So... I vented quite a lot in my last post. (Sorry, not sorry) I promise this isn't just going to be another rant.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend three days with my best friend in the whole world, in one of the best places, surrounded by what was certainly then the best atmosphere I had ever been surrounded by.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I went to TRNSMT.

I Want To Go To The Beach

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Today, my friend Nikki flew back home to Hong Kong. My Mum, Dad, and brother drove from Germany -through Switzerland- to France. Another friend is having the time of his life in Magaluf... And another is spending time with her family while in Barcelona. 

I'm in my kitchen eating tomato and bacon pasta and watching Dear John.

And don't get me wrong, Dear John is one hell of a movie... it's just that I'd rather be in a beautiful resort on an exotic island, drinking some fancy fruity cocktail as I lounge by the pool in my Love-Island-worthy bikini.

I'd rather be eating pasta in a proper Italian restaurant, thank you very much.

Yes Mum, Dad, I'm jealous.

You Don't Have To Feel Bad About Rejecting Him/Her

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

One thing I've had to learn the tough way, is that rejection hurts everyone involved; but that sometimes... it's necessary.

I've been on both sides of the firing line, and I'm sure a lot of you reading this post will be able to relate. From experience, I know that being turned down can be one of the most difficult things you can face. It can cause you to question your worth and who you are as a person...

But being on the other side can be just as painful; as you see someone you inevitably care for struggle because of a decision you have made. The immense guilt and empathy you experience can at times make the decision to reject or knock someone back, one of the hardest. 

Through it all though, it is so important to stay true to yourself.

What's so Bad About Being a Stay-At-Home Mum?

Friday, 23 June 2017

So last week I published a lovely little post where I asked the question; "Where do you stand on feminism?". I had so much fun exploring the topic of feminism, and really airing my thoughts on the topic, particularly with reference to relationships (Yes, I've caught the Love Island bug)... and it was so exciting to see the post attract so much attention. It's ended up being one of my most-viewed posts in the last few months, and I'm so glad that it has.

Moving Out for the First Time

Monday, 19 June 2017

I really wanted to write an "announcement" post to broadcast the fact that I'm going to be moving out in two months, but I already told you guys back in the 5 Happy Things post that I published last month. So rather than unveiling my plans to move in to a flat with two uni friends this coming August, I'm going to give you a little insight into everything that's gone on since I last updated you about this crazy, exciting adventure! 

Where do you stand on Feminism?

"I could never go out with someone who's not a feminist"

I started watching Love Island for the first time last week... it's pretty much impossible to avoid. Everyone at work is talking about this sensational TV show that seems to have the nation hooked. There's so much anticipation over who'll couple up with who, and which couple will outlast everyone else... I love it!

I never really thought that Love Island would be something that I would genuinely get in to watching, and enjoy watching, but I sincerely have.

Despite everyone at work constantly chatting about who Chris has snogged/what happened at the recoupling etc, and Zoe Sugg saying she really enjoyed watching the show; what actually got me watching it in the first place was the clips all over Twitter of Camilla and Johnny's fall-out over feminism.

Life Last Week

Monday, 12 June 2017

This week has had its ups and downs- much like any other week. In many ways, this week is no different than any other... but there are some aspects of my life that have changed forever.

For starters, I voted for the first time ever. As an eighteen year old living in Scotland, I have had the opportunity to vote three times in total, but it has taken until last Thursday for me to exercise my right as a young person in the democratic country I live in.

My High Hopes for June

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Happy June, friends! I hope you all had a great month full of fun and laughter! 

Summer is in full swing (even though the weather isn't always reflective of it) and I'm absolutely loving it. Winter is the hardest season for me- apart from always getting a bloody cold/flu, I also have to give myself an extra bit of TLC in order to take care of myself while my mental health takes a slump due to seasonal affective disorder. I've done really well this year, and I'm really proud of myself for how well I've coped- but I am certainly glad that that period is over and done with. 

Links for a Lovely Day

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Put the kettle on, get yourself all wrapped up and comfy, and sit down to look through a few of my favourite links lately...

5 Happy Things

Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'm writing this a week in advance, because right now its 1:50am and I can't sleep, and for once I've actually got time on my hands.

Reaction: I'm not dressing to look thinner

Monday, 1 May 2017

You know that amazing moment when a really young child catches a glance of their reflection in a mirror? They giggle and squeal, and give themselves these huge, cheesy grins. They look in the mirror, at their own reflection, with amusement- and love.

When did we lose that? When did we start looking in the mirror and pointing out our flaws?

An A-Z List of My Favourite Blog Posts

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all doing well! 

I've been dying to write this post for ages- ever since Erin wrote a very similar post on the A-Z list of Blog Post Ideas back in January, which you can read here. She did such a good job, and her post totally inspired me to write my own A-Z with a little 'Sara' twist on it. Enjoy!

The Best Measure of Self-Worth

Sunday, 16 April 2017

*insert para about how I put a tonne of pressure on myself in school, etc, etc*

You've heard it all before. I'm not going to lie, I did pretty damn well in school... and thank goodness I did; I worked my ass off for those A's. I needed good grades at that point in my life to prove my self worth to myself, my parents, my teachers, my schoolmates, and whoever was going to determine whether I went to uni/got a 'good' job and what not. 

Can I just broadcast this to anyone still in school? It's really fucking important. Get me a megaphone or something cos there are millions of high-schoolers who need to know this;


10 of the Loveliest Food Bloggers

Sunday, 9 April 2017

One of my favourite things about blogging is how you're automatically accepted into this wider family of different people with different passions. Though my blog is primarily a lifestyle blog, I love reading blogs that focus more on food/drink, travel, or beauty. I get so much inspiration from reading other blogs, and just really enjoy sitting down to appreciate how awesome some of these bloggers are.

On maintaining a healthy attitude when it all gets a bit too much

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot stress enough how much of a whirlwind month I have had... it's been mental. I'm currently writing this post at work; I've got a half hour gap and I've decided to try to be productive. Tomorrow I  get up at 5am for a 7am start at my second job in Santander, and after that I go straight to the train down to Bedfordshire to see my boyfriend. Mental.

A lot of people ask me how I cope with it all, not believing that it's possible for me to actually keep on top of everything... but I do. At least, I do my best to. Keeping my diary updated is absolutely essential; I rely on it so much! I keep everything from my daily (and weekly) schedule, to my to-do list, to my blog schedule in there. 

Sometimes though, it all gets a bit too much. There have been countless times where I've felt like I never have any time for myself, as the one day a week I have off from work is often spent working on things for uni- if I don't have plans with my family and friends from home. It's just one of those things- it happens, and I have had to develop coping mechanisms that would help me maintain a happy, healthy attitude while still keeping on top of all of my responsibilities.

Number one on this list of coping strategies is breathing. And I don't mean the whole "breathe in, breathe out" thing- although if that works for you, that's great.

I've given breathing a new definition. Breathing: To be present, and to remember to put everything into perspective. To me, breathing is all about reminding myself that yeah, it's tough right now, but that's not going to last forever. Yeah, it's difficult trying to stay on top of all my assignments right now, but in a month or so I'll be finished completely with uni assignments for a whole six months. 

I guess it's a bit like the mindful lifestyle trend which was super hyped-up around 2015. Calm by Michael Acton Smith is an amazing book that really goes deep into incorporating mindfulness (or breathing) into every aspect of your life, and it's really helped me over the years. 10/10 would recommend. 

But of course, there are times when just breathing isn't enough. When I can't do it all, when no matter how hard I try, I just can't. And it's at times like those that I have to take a step back. And when it gets to that stage, I need to be kind to myself, because at the end of the day I am human and I do make mistakes, and I can't do everything- despite how hard I try.

Sometimes I need to let people down, and even though that might annoy them, sometimes I need to. That doesn't make me a bad person. And sometimes I get my days mixed up and end up in a tangle of confusion and stress. Hey, that's okay.

In order to maintain a healthy attitude, I need to know and accept that at times I can't do it all. It's like Tiffany Cooper said; "I am only one person, and I alone can't solve all the problems in my sphere of life".

Sure, I can do my best to do whatever I can, but nothing more.

Note: I wrote this post a month ago so the intro is a lil bit outa date, but the principle still counts...

Links for a Lovely Weekend

What I miss, Home and Away

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the things that I miss when I'm away from home. You know, the little home comforts and little luxuries like having my own space in my room, or knowing the perfect spot for good lighting for when I'm doing my makeup. 

Being in a long-distance relationship, having family dotted all over the country (and continent, and globe pretty much), as well as having a great love for travelling in general, all mean that I am often away from home. So I miss my home comforts quite regularly. 

However, the more I thought about it the more I realised that when I am at home, there are several things that I miss about being away as well. 

So here are some of the things I miss about my home when I'm away...

1. I've mentioned this one already, and it might be trivial to most people, but seriously- knowing exactly where in the house has perfect lighting for doing my makeup is 100% something I miss about home when I'm away. I'm always a bit para that I'll misjudge my makeup due to the lighting and end up going out looking like the White Witch from Narnia, or some kind of orange oompa-loompa

2. Just having my own system. My room certainly isn't the tidiest of places; but I know where everything is and goes, and I know how it works.

3. Lush baths. I have a little stash of bath bombs and melts from Lush, tucked away with my candles and bubble bath bottles which all come together with a bit of TV or youtube to create the perfect atmosphere for a lovely, relaxing night. I have baths around twice a week, and they're honestly so ingrained in my weekly routine- but I never really feel comfortable enough having baths in other peoples houses.

4. Being creative. When I'm away from home, I rarely take my laptop out with me unless I have work to do for uni. And I almost never take my pens or notepads... sometimes I bring my camera, but even then I don't often have the opportunity to use it. It's always when I'm at home in my own space that I feel the most creative.

5. My friends are such a huge part of my life at home, at work, and at university. And to be honest they really ought to be number one on this list because they are my priority- and the thing I miss the most about going away from home.

And here are some of the things I miss about being away when I'm home...

1. The excitement of being somewhere different. Regardless of whether I've been to the place a million times or it's the first time ever, the sole fact that it's different to my usual surroundings makes it immediately so much more beautiful and enticing. And sometimes when I'm at home, I just get sick of seeing the same things and going to the same places all the time.

2. Having a totally different routine. This one is kinda similar to the previous point, but it's slightly different. When I'm at home, I always end up going through the motions of waking up, going to uni, working, possibly meeting up with  friends, and repeat. And sometimes it's so refreshing just to go somewhere new where your everyday routine is completely disregarded and essentially thrown out the window.

3. Not having a plan. Which to some might sound completely backward, but I love not knowing exactly what I have planned. I always have such a laugh figuring it out along the way, making light of my mistakes- like that time I almost ended up taking the completely wrong train.

4. Talking to strangers- because why would I talk to strangers when I'm surrounded by people I know and love at home? But I really do love getting to know new people, and being in places away from home gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that.

5. The people. Because even though I am really lucky in that a lot of the people I love are near where I live, I still have a vast number of people close to my heart that are not so close to my home. That goes for my boyfriend who I see monthly, my family who I see once or twice a year, and my friends; some who I've not seen for up to five years- can you believe that?!

ASOS Shopping List

Monday, 13 March 2017

Who doesn't love spending their Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea, snuggled up in a blanket as you scroll through ASOS, lusting over item after item. 

The last time I "browsed" on ASOS I ended up ordering the biggest, most unnecessary haul ever, so this time I'm gonna be more careful, kind of, maybe... ANYways, here goes!

1. This pair of denim dungarees

2. This crew neck sweatshirt
3. This rose gold open stone ring

4. These chromatic pop on nails

5. This pair of grey sweatpants
 6. This pair of suede ankle boots
 7. This pair of mid heeled ankle boots

8. These slim mom jeans

9. This khaki jumpsuit

10. This lace up sweatshirt/sweatpants duo
Anyone wanna buy these things for me, please do feel free <3 i="">

5 Happy Thoughts

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Happy Sunday, friends! I'm currently at work writing this in advance, because that's the kind of crazy-hectic life that I lead right now... yeah... you can actually read more about that here, haha. 

I have to say though, despite my crazy-busy lifestyle, I've got a lot to be happy for- and I'm so, so grateful for. There have been times before where I have struggled to think of five things that have made me happy; but that isn't the case at all today. To be frank, I live a pretty damn awesome life. And I'm generally quite happy with life in all its fullness. Obviously my life isn't perfect, but it's good. 

I've been pretty productive
And I'm really proud of myself for that! I've had a lot of things to keep on top of, but regardless I could have easily left everything to the last minute. (Let's just say that yes, in the past I have had sleepless nights writing essays and reports due the next day. In the PAST) I've been really proactive lately though; I've set up my priorities list, and now every day the first thing I do when I wake up (after checking my phone) is making a daily list of things that need to be completed. If I get more than the bare minimum, that's a bonus- but I always make sure my daily to do list is easily achievable, otherwise I'd lose all motivation!

I treated myself to a cheeseburger and fries today
It's the little things that count, right? Even if they make me less little, haha! Smack on the calories, right? Genuinely, though, I don't see the need for diets or 'calorie counting' at all. As long as you're happy- that's what really matters.

It's Spring!!!
And while my Mum might disagree (she gave me a telling off for wearing dungarees the other day because it's still the "middle of winter" in her books), I am certainly excited that this new season has commenced! Bring on the blue skies, new flower buds, sunshine, chirping birds, newborn lambs... and after all of this month, it'll be time to bring on the end of university for the next 5 months.

I have an awesome boyfriend
I knowwwwwww- I'm a cheesy fucker, amn't I. ;) But genuinely, even though the distance between us really, really, really sucks ass, I'm really happy. I'm so #blessed, so #grateful for my boyfriend, and I just want everyone to know how appreciative I am of him. And I really do mean it. Last weekend I saw him for a handful of days, and while I do so wish that I could have stayed for longer, I really loved getting to spend time with him, meet more of his friends, and see his family as well! We always have a great time together. 

I love my job (at rookie rockstars)
I am so, so lucky to be in a position where I get to work as a receptionist in one of the best places in the entire universe. I get to work in an environment where people who are passionate about music come together, to spread their passion on to people of all ages. I get to hear kids learn how to play the drums to some epic songs (The Killers, Foo Fighters, and Ed Sheehan have been played), and I've heard kids get vocal coaching and grow in confidence as they sing to some equally epic songs. Not to mention the keys and guitar... I could rave about the music school for ages. It's awesome. Seriously.

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