December in a Nutshell

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A few of you might remember stumbling upon my November In A Nutshell post, which you can check out right here. I really enjoyed writing it, and it was really nice to have something that kinda tied up all the loose strings of the month, and summed it up. This month, a lot of the content will probably be geared around Christmas- but I'm sure nobody will be complaining! I hope you all had a jolly good month... bring on the New Year!!!

December Positives

I Discovered a New online TV show!
Okay, okay, so it wasn't exactly me who discovered the show- thanks Katie! SKAM ('SHAME') is a Norwegian Young Adult Drama which revolves around the lives of a group of young women/girls. As soon as I started watching the show, I was hooked. I'm not even overexaggerating when I say I watched the entire first season in one day. Yeah- it's that good. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot; I don't usually watch movies/TV shows with subtitles, but this one is a MUST.

Well duh, how could I write a December faves and NOT talk about the best part of the month... Christmas! I spent most of the day messing about with my beloved 10 month old nephew (kinda, he's my cousins son), as it was the first time I'd seen him! I really can't get over how gorgeous he is, aw my days...

My Mum is the best gift giver... the end. Omg. In #LOVE

I'm going to Bedford (kinda)!
On the 25th of December, at approximately 10pm, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to go visit a certain someone. On New Years Day... yeah. As I write this, I've not yet been, but if you follow my social media I'm sure you will have heard all about my adventures...

In my playlist this December

Further - Don Broco

Brother - Needtobreathe

Stay Alive - Jose Gonzalez

Without You - Andra, David Bizba

Hail, rain or sunshine - The Script

December Purchases
As you can imagine, most of my purchases in the past month have been centred around Christmas gifting and such. I've had so much fun buying a number of presents for people, but as well as that I've made sure not to neglect myself. Winter is a difficult season for me, and a gal has to treat herself sometimes!

I bought these gorgeous platform heels by Missguided, which I wore to my Christmas Business Ball

I also purchased a new foundation brush by GOSH- it was a necessity!

I even picked up one of those 40hr candles from Primark- they're such a good buy, and are great to burn when you're having a nice relaxing bath...

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